Five Years Later - Double XL



Five years later.

“Bye sweethearts,” Alizeh says as she blows a kiss to our daughters.  “Mommy misses you already.  Auntie June is going to play with you for a few hours, okay?”

Michelle and Morgan pout, but then their cherubic faces light with smiles when June pulls out two lollipops from behind her back.

“Lolly!” screams Michelle, reaching for the red one.  Our younger daughter, Morgan, isn’t much better.  Although she’s still learning to talk, she manages to totter to her feet as her fingers reach forward eagerly.

“Lolly, lolly!” she parrots.

June grins, her brown curls bobbling as she shoos us away.

“Go, go,” she says.  “I’ve got it.  Auntie June is an A+ babysitter, and you guys should have some fun.”

“Thank you,” Alizeh says gratefully.  “And I’ll be babysitting for you, Forest, Finn and Fred next week.”

“Of course,” says June while she hands our daughters the lollipops.  “Our kids are going to drive you nuts, but enough of that for now.  I’ve got this covered.  You guys go ahead and have fun at the pool.”

We laugh as the door shuts behind us.  We never thought we’d be in this position, swapping babysitting with the other families at the Lodge.  But it works out great because all parents need a break sometimes.

Trainor, Alizeh and I start walking down the hall, dressed in swimsuits with towels slung over our arms.  It’s been a long time since we went to the Lodge’s pool, and the break is much deserved.  Being parents is a full-time job, and although there are three of us parenting two children, it’s still difficult.  Michelle and Morgan are dreams, but the two girls have us jumping at their every beck and call.

As a result, I’ve really been looking forward to this excursion.  Of course, it’s late and the pool is already closed but that’s okay.  The Lodge tolerates some after hours skinny dipping because this is Dads and Daughters.  Naughtiness always abounds.

We arrive at the door to the pool, and Alizeh giggles as we jimmy the lock.  She’s put on some weight after two children, and it looks amazing.  Her golden curves bounce and shimmy in the low light, and I feel myself hardening at the sight.

“My lady,” Trainor says, bowing low as the door swings open.  “After you.”

Alizeh giggles again and minces into the hallway.  We pass the men’s and women’s locker rooms and go directly into the pool area.  When the door opens, a warm waft of moisture hits us.  As always, they keep the pool heated at all times, contributing to the luxurious, steamy feel.

The room is dark, but the lights within the pool are on, lending the water a translucent, turquoise glow.  It ripples and sparkles, magical at this late hour.  The pool deck is pristinely white, and the mosaics embedded in the floor and walls manage to shine, even in the low light.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?” I murmur as we drop our towels on a lounge chair.  “I’m hungry for you, and I really want to try what we were discussing.”

Alizeh smiles sweetly, but she’s no longer the young, innocent girl we ravished years ago.  Instead, now we have a mature woman, and she giggles again while slowly untying the top to her bikini.  The red fabric falls off, revealing enormous white breasts and my cock jerks heavily upon seeing those round orbs.

“I’m ready,” she says while jiggling her tits at us.  Then she bends over and slowly pulls her bikini bottoms off.  “More than ready,” she whispers while slipping into the water.

Trainor and I stare, open-mouthed, before jerking into action.  Oh shit.  It’s really going to happen, and Alizeh is ready.  After all, we’ve ravished her every which way until Sunday, but we want something that needs to take place at the pool.  We want double anal with Alizeh, which means that both of our cocks are going to be in her back channel at once.  We could do it in our suite, but for the first time, it’ll be easier at the pool with its warm, slick water acting as lube.

After all, the Lodge’s pool isn’t filled with just regular water.  They add essential oils so that it’s fragrant and slick.  Plus, men and women regularly make love in the waters, so although it’s dirty, we’ll have our friends’ secretions helping us worm into Alizeh’s back end.

“How do you want to do it?” she breathes.  She’s now waist-deep in the water, her enormous breasts quivering in the low lights.  Trainor and I get in, and we surround her on both sides.

“How do you want it?” he breathes while dropping a kiss at the crook of her neck.  I follow with my own kiss, this one on a pert pink nipple.  She gasps breathily, the tip already hard beneath my lips.

“I want it any way you want it,” she says coyly.  “You know my body is here for you to use.”

That’s what we love about our wife.  She’s so slutty, even after two children and five years together. 

“Well, are you ready to do what we talked about?” I growl in her ear.  He sweet form trembles and she lets out a gasp as Trainor fingers her pussy gently.

“Yes, I think I am,” she sighs, her head falling back, revealing her delicate neck.  We feast on her curves for a bit, enjoying her wails of pleasure before wading into the shallow area.  There’s a horizontal step there that’s only covered by a few inches of water, and Trainor and I lay down on our backs.  It’s a bit awkward because our legs are intertwined, and our asses pressed together, but what’s most important is that our cocks are pressed together too.  Our cocks jut straight to the sky, heavy and thick, with veins that pound along the sides.

Alizeh’s eyes light up with pleasure and she bends over, cupping the two long rods in her hands.  Her fingers squeeze, eliciting a groan from us, and then she begins giving us a hand job.  Her small fists encircle both of our hard rods at once as she pulls up, circling at the tip, before pushing back down again.  My balls rise painfully, and I’m already beginning to crest.

“Sweetheart, put us in you,” I gasp.  “Now.”

She giggles again, sensing my desperation, and slowly levers herself up so that she’s straddling us.  Then, Alizeh throws her head back, that golden hair streaming over her shoulders, and slowly lowers her pussy onto our pulsing shafts.

Oh shit, oh shit.  I’m going to explode.  It’s such a dirty sight to see Alizeh doing a double vaginal.  Trainor and I look up at her with worshipful eyes as she mewls, straining and stretching to accommodate us both.  Finally, we’re embedded in her sweet vag, and she moans a bit. 

“Oh fuck,” is her breathy cry.  “Shit!”

“You can do it,” Trainor growls with encouragement, dark streaks forming on his cheekbones.  “Go with it, sweetheart.”

I’m not sure if she hears, but sure enough, Alizeh begins to ride up and down our shafts.  The huge members disappear into her pussy again and again, and her ring of flesh grips us on every drag out.  I love it, and begin to circle her asshole with one finger as she fucks our cocks.

“Mmm,” Alizeh moans, tilting that dainty profile backwards as her body absorbs our lengths.  “Oh shit.”

But this isn’t what we came for.  We want more, and on the next pull upwards, Alizeh pops off.

“You ready boys?” she asks with a coy smile at both of us.  My friend and I look at one another and nod, unable to speak.  Alizeh smiles again, and this time, angles her pelvis forwards so that it’s her anus bumping against our seeping tips.  Then, she closes her eyes and begins the descent.

“Oh shit,” she cries out.  “Fuck!”

It’s not easy because her asshole is tight, and she’s not just taking one cock into her back end, she’s taking two.  But the beautiful blonde is determined, and sure enough, after some grinding and additional moaning, her sphincter pops open and begins to admit our huge lengths.  It’s a fucking disgusting sight to see her pink wrinkle stretched so hard around our tight shafts.  But if there’s any woman who’s going to be able to do double anal, it’s our wife, and soon enough, we’re embedded in her back end.

“Fuuuuck!” she wails musically, her eyes squeezed shut.  “Shit!”

“You’ve got it, sweetheart,” Trainor gasps across from me.  “Let the water be your lube.”

She nods slightly, and then moves upwards again, our cocks sliding into view.  Then she pushes down, taking the two dicks into her rectum.

“Fuck!” she screams as her breasts shake.  “Oh shit!”

Certainly, our sweet girl is no shy pansy.  Alizeh begins riding in earnest then, her butt milking us with every stroke.  Her tits sway, those luscious pink tips hard with need as her asshole pumps us simultaneously.  It feels so good, and the semen begins to boil in my balls.

“Sweetheart,” I gasp.  “It’s coming … oh SHIT!”

Hot spurts of seed jet into her bowels and my back arches with the force of my ejaculation. Meanwhile, Alizeh reaches her peak as well.  Her climax overtakes her as her eyes roll back, showing the whites, her asshole contracting around us.  Trainor jerks then too, and I feel a hot splash of sperm join my own within our wife, his seed pumping deep into her dark recesses.

We remain like that for a few minutes, pumping load after virile load into our gorgeous, lush wife.  She screams and pants, her body taking it all, and we shout with pleasure.  How did we get so lucky?  How did we meet a woman who has not only borne us two children, but who gives us double vaginal and double anal?

As we sink back to Earth, Trainor meets my eyes.  He’s panting and flushed, slick with sweat, but we both know what comes next.  We reach for Alizeh’s hands, stroking her soft skin.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” I murmur.  “Thank you for everything.”

Trainor whispers his endearments as well.

“We love you, Alizeh.  For everything you do to us, for us, and with us.  You are our everything.”

And even though she’s still got our cocks buried in her backside, our wife looks at us with blue eyes luminescent with love.

“I love you too, Torrent and Trainor.  For you, anything.”

With that, our adoration is sealed, as once again, we’re carried away on the waves of bliss.