Bonus Scene - Too Hot To Handle



“You ready, baby?” my husband asks.  I melt inside because we just got married this morning.  It was no big deal – just a ceremony at City Hall with my friend Lorraine as a witness, and yet it means the world to me because Gary and I are officially man and wife now.  We’re legal before the eyes of man, God, and the United States government, and although it sounds corny, it’s kind of nice.  I love wearing my engagement ring, and sigh once again with bliss.

But now, my husband wants us to have a steamy night, and I giggle.

“So what do you have planned?”

The handsome man smiles wickedly.

“Well, remember when you told me what a double DILF is?”

I giggle.

“Yes, so?”

My man literally purrs then.

“Well, I just want to make sure that I satisfy all your needs, and show off my double DILF prowess, that’s all.”

I giggle.

“You always show off your double DILF prowess,” I point out.  “You’re always fucking both my front and back holes.”

“Yes, baby,” he growls, crawling onto the bed with me.  “But I want to fuck them both simultaneously.  Do you think you can handle it?”

I gasp, my cheeks coloring.

“You mean with a dildo?”

He grins. 

“No, not exactly.  I bought something for your pleasure, and I think you’ll like it, Pats.  Here it is,” he says, getting up before standing next to a contraption he’s set up at the end of our bed.  He pulls a sheet off of it, and it looks really strange, to be honest.  Kind of like a stainless steel robot of sorts, except there’s a massive dildo attached to a metal arm that’s pointing at me.

“Is that what I think it is?” I ask in a slow tone.

Gary’s blue eyes gleam.

“Hell yeah, baby,” he growls.  “You think you can take it?”

I swallow hard. 

“I don’t know, Gary.  That dildo’s about ten inches long and fucking thick.  You know I’m pregnant now, and I’m not sure my ass can stretch.”

My man runs his hand over the long length, grinning as his eyes dance.

“Then we won’t put this in your ass.  We’ll put this in your pussy, how about that?  I’ll just fuck your butt at the same time,” he adds.

I squeal.

What?  Double penetration?”

My man grins again, and his smile is positively wolfish.

“Fuck yeah.  Me in your ass and this thing fucking your pussy at the same time.  It’s going to feel great,” he assures me in an excited voice.  “You’re going to squirt so hard that that your eyes cross, baby.  Trust me on this.”

I have to giggle.

“Well, I just hope it doesn’t put me into premature labor.”

“It won’t,” my husband reassures me.  “And of course, we can stop if it gets too intense.  You call the shots, sweetheart.”

I think for a moment because what Gary’s proposing is so raunchy, and yet I’m a slut around my man, and I know it too.  The thought of having his cock deep in my ass as I get a good pounding from the sex machine turns me on, and I reach one hand up to tweak a pink nipple.

“Okay, let’s try,” I agree.  “But if I say stop, then we stop.”

“Of course,” the handsome man reassures me instantly.  “Absolutely.   In fact, I’ll even give you the remote so you can control it,” he says, showing me a black plastic rectangle.  “See?  This is how you start it, and this swivel controls the speed.”

I nod.

“Yes, but how do we get started?  Do I just kind of mount you first?”

My man shakes his head.

“No of course not, sweetheart.  I would never expect you to do anal without some warm-up first.  Come on, baby.  On your hands and knees.”

Within seconds, I’ve scrambled up so that I’m on the mattress, my pussy and ass facing my man, and Gary doesn’t waste any time.  My man’s got his tongue buried in my cunt in an instant, making me cream with pleasure.

“Ahhhh!” I moan, my lashes fluttering shut.  “That feels good.”

“It’s going to get even better, baby,” he rasps.  “You know how much I love the taste of your ass.”

It’s true too because my man is an outlier who actually loves inserting his tongue into my butt.  It’s rancid and forbidden, but it feels so good too, and I love when he does it.

“Spread those pretty cheeks,” Gary commands in back of me.  “I want to fuck your butt with my tongue now.”

Obeying, I reach two hands and pull my big white moons apart, revealing the dripping slit of my snatch as well as the deep pink pleats of my asshole.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moan as he goes to town, licking first around the rim before delicately inserting his tongue inside.  “Buttfuck me.  Do it.  Do it.”

That’s all Gary needs to hear.  After another good slurp at my behind, he lies down on the mattress, his giant cock pointing in the air.  Then he helps me get into place so that I’m straddling him in reverse cowgirl. 

“Put it in your butt, pretty girl,” he rasps.  “Sit down on my cock with that tight pink drum.”

I let out a whine as I position his cockhead at my opening and then begin to lever myself downwards.  Oh fuck!  He’s so huge and I wince a little at the stretch, but soon, that enormous shaft has breached my opening and slowly, I slide down his fuckrod using my asshole

“Goddamn,” he rasps from in back of me, those blue eyes fixed on where we’re joined.  “I love seeing your anal rim stretched like this.  Fuck it’s nasty.”

I moan again, rocking a bit so that we both let out grunts of pleasure.

“Yes Daddy,” I whisper.  “Every hole I have is yours to use as you like.”

Gary lets out a pleased moan then.  “Good because it’s time to get busy with the machine. Lie back on my chest pretty girl, and put your knees up.”

It’s a little tough to move, but my man helps me so that my back’s resting against his chest as my vag points at the fucking machine.  Then, Gary pushes something on the remote so that a whirring noise starts, and the dildo begins to extend on its mechanical arm.  Holy shit, is this really happening?  But sure enough, I feel the rubber bull nudge gently at my pink folds, and realize that yes, I’m about to be penetrated by both my man in my ass, and this toy in my pussy.

“Unnnnh,” I grunt as the mechanical arm extends even more, the dildo breaching my pink hole.  “Oh fuck, yeah.”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” my man whispers in my ear.  “I knew my little slut would love getting DP’d in both holes.”

I merely moan while pulling at my nips, both of my holes stretched so hard.

“It’s just tight,” I groan.  “Ummm, I’m so stuffed.”

“That you are,” my husband whispers again.  “Fuck fuck fuck.”

With that, he hands me the remote and guides my finger to the swivel.  Obediently, I turn the knob so that the dildo machine picks up its pace, and soon I’m getting fucked in the pussy hard as my husband enjoys my ass.

“Mmm!” I moan, louder now.  “Oh shit!”

“Yeah baby,” Gary rasps beneath me.  “I knew my little slut would like this.  Come hard for me, honey.  Really blast that pussy juice.”

Suddenly, my vision explodes with stars as my body clenches.  Electricity sears my cunt as it clamps down, and then my asshole follows too.  I squeeze down on the man inside as my pussy and ass convulse violently, the world around me going white.

“Fuuuuck!” I scream.  “Oh shit!”

The shudders of my anal canal push Gary over the edge too, and his cock jerks in my butt before shooting huge, virile jets of cum into my asshole.

“SHIT!” he roars.  “Unnnh, fuck!”

Even though I’m still coming myself, I reach one hand down to feel the base of his cock as it pulses semen into my behind and mewl with pleasure knowing that I’m getting pumped full of sperm.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” I pant.  “Give it to me.  Deep in the butt, just the way I like it.”

Gary groans again, filling my bowels, as we both continue to pulse and moan.  Finally, however, the spasms subside somewhat and I collapse on his chest, the dildo machine at a full stop.

“Oh god,” I moan deliriously.  “I’ll never be the same.  Where did you get this thing anyways?”

My handsome construction worker grins as he places a kiss on the side of my neck.

“The dildo I got from that new sex toy shop that just opened.  But the machine?  I built it,” he announces.

My eyes flutter open.

“You built a sex machine for us to use?”

He grins.

“Yeah, you can order them off Amazon, but you know I’m good with my hands, honey.  It was a breeze, and in fact, I have a couple more varieties of sex machines in mind.  I think we’ll be having a lot of fun for … oh the rest of our lives.”

With that I giggle because this is a man who built me a shed on campus so that we could enjoy each other’s bodies while I was busy in the lab.  Now, he’s built me a sex machine, with promises of even more to come.  What could be better?  I’m in good hands with Gary Hickman, and I’m sated and satisfied because of it.




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