Bonus Scene - Three Weeks of Hedonism



“Oh god,” I moan while clutching my huge stomach.  “Unnh!”

But it isn’t what you think.  My man’s not giving it to me deep at the moment.  Instead, I’m experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are basically “false” labor pains.  My doctor told me that they’re my body’s way of getting ready for the real thing, but boy, do they feel all too real.

My husband’s hovering by my side in a flash.

“Are you okay?” Ed asks with worry in his voice.  “Should I call the doctor?”

I gasp while shaking my head.

“No, it’s too early.”  Then I pant for a few seconds.  “Okay, there, that one passed.”

My husband sits down by me, his blue eyes still concerned.

“Seriously, Suze, I get freaked out sometimes by your Braxton-Hicks.  Is there something I can do to help?  Ice?  A massage?  A foot bath?”

I lean against the headboard, my body relaxed at last.  “Well, there is something you could do…” I begin.

Ed reads my mind and immediately begins unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a huge expanse of bronzed muscle.

“Of course baby,” he growls.  “I’m more than happy to.”

Within seconds, my man is naked and I gasp because how in the world did I get so lucky?  Even though Ed’s in his forties, he’s in better shape than most men who are twenty-five.  My man works out like a fiend and he’s got the physique to show for it.  Broad shoulders taper down to a trim waist, and he’s got the proverbial six pack abs, in addition to heavy tree-trunk thighs and powerful arms.  Not bad for a guy with a desk job, right?

But my man’s focused on me right now, and he lies down on the bed before gesturing for me to get up on him.

“Put your pussy on my mouth, baby,” he rasps.  “A good lick will make you feel better.”

I giggle even as I scramble to straddle his head, facing his knees.

“OMG, I’m so fat,” I wheeze.  “I can’t even get myself in place—unnnh!”

But Ed’s already found where he’s supposed to be.  He plucks my thong out of my pink folds and gently runs his tongue all the way from my clit to my asshole before forming his tongue into a point and gently fucking my hole with it.

“Shit baby, your juices taste so good,” he moans.  “Goddamn.”

I make to lean forwards so that I can capture his cock in my mouth, but my man stops me.

“No Susie, this is all about you,” he rasps.  “I just want you to enjoy.”

I moan breathily while sitting back up on my haunches.

“You sure?”

He nods into my sweetest spot.

“Hell yeah, I’m sure.  You’re carrying my baby sweetheart, so I don’t want you to exert yourself.  I’m just going to give you a little lick down here.”

Then another squeal erupts from my mouth as Ed goes to town.  He pulls my clit into his mouth, suckling deeply, before letting it go with a pop and then running his tongue up one side of my pussy and then down the other.  Hot juices gush into his mouth as I play with my nipples, moaning with ecstasy.

“Mmm,” I grunt.  “Oh fuck.”

But my man’s a dirty motherfucker, and he knows what I’m really craving.  Grabbing my thighs, he shifts himself back for a moment so that suddenly, he’s right below my dark hole.  His tongue reaches out to lightly lap me there, and I go still with shock as my eyes widen.

“Ed!” I gasp.  “Oh my God, are you…?”

“Yes baby,” he replies, that deep voice muffled by my ass cheeks.  “You know how much I love licking your anus, and it relaxes you too, so why not?”

With that, my vision goes blurry as my husband begins to take deep, long licks of my dirtiest spot.  OMG, it feels so good and I lean forwards a bit, holding my ass cheeks open to give him better access.

“Yes, lick it,” I moan throatily.  “Taste my anus.”

The words spur him on even more, and he trails his tongue over my back pleats before forming a point and then fucking into the little hole there.

“You like that, hmm?” he growls.  “Fuck, you’re sexy baby.”

I can’t imagine how we look:  me, heavily pregnant, kneeling on the handsome man’s face as he licks my asshole.  As my breasts swing, I reach one hand down to play with my clit and the sensation does it. With a sharp scream of delight, suddenly my body seizes and climax hits.  Contractions ripple through my pussy and ass, even as Ed continues licking me through it all.

“Oh fuck,” he moans.  “That’s right.  Come hard on my face, baby.  Let me taste your butt as it gives it up.”

I scream and shriek some more, unable to believe that we’re engaged in such a dirty act.  Hot pulses run through my cunt and anus, and I squirt hotly all over my man’s face and chest even as he moans deliriously.  But then, he shoves his tongue so hard into my anus that I ripple again, before falling face first onto his dick.  Fortunately, my mouth’s open so that huge tool goes straight in, hitting me in the back of the throat and I let out a muffled cry.

“Mmmph!  Mmph!”

Ed groans as the sucking force increases, and within minutes, he too is on the edge.

“You always do this to me, baby,” he rasps.  “Always.”

I sense, rather than see, his balls rising, and then suddenly my man jerks beneath me.  The base of his cock begins to pulse and ripple, and sure enough, hot jets of sperm hit the back of my throat even as I gulp furiously, still rubbing my asshole into his face.

“Mmph, mmph!” I cry again, swallowing as much as I can. “Oh fuck!”

Some of the semen dribbles from the corner of my mouth, but I don’t mind because once it’s all done, I sit up again, and wipe my lips before reaching in back to smear some of his seed on my asshole.

“You drink it too, Daddy,” I giggle.  “See what your sperm tastes like.”

Within moments, Ed’s on it.  He’s licking my back pucker again, but this time tasting his own seed as well.

“Shit, you’re a dirty girl, Susie, and I love it,” he moans throatily.  “Fuck, I’m so glad you showed up on my doorstep last winter.”

I merely giggle again.

“It was the best Christmas present ever, wasn’t it, Daddy?”

He nods and I know he’s smiling even if I can’t see his face.

“Absolutely the best.  You and this baby are the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, and I love you, Susie Turnbull.”

With that, we continue our dirty lovemaking with smiles on our faces, happy to be united in love, laughter, and of course, filthy, nasty sex.




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