Bonus Scene - Pregnant and Sinful



I stretch languorously on the big king size.  The baby’s asleep in his nursery, and my fiancé and I finally have a moment of peace to ourselves.  In fact, Mason’s been planning this night for a while now, so I’m looking forward to being naughty.

At that moment, my man appears in the doorway, surveying my lush form.  Like a bad girl, I part my legs before reaching down to hold my pussy lips open, showing him that gleaming pink.

“Are you ready, big boy?” I coo, making sure he sees my bulging clit.  “It’s time to play.”

Mason’s erection jerks as he steps into the room, but he shakes his dark head.

“Not like this,” he rasps.  “Not tonight.”

I pause for a moment, confused.

“Then how?”

My man’s blue eyes glint dangerously.

“I want to play Master and Slave tonight, sweetheart.  With you as the master and me as the slave, of course.”

I giggle while reaching up to tweak my nipples.

“Yes, but Mason, you’re my slave each and every day already.  You wait on me hand and foot, and I swear, no new mother could be more pampered.”

He growls, fisting his cock as he comes closer.  My mouth goes dry because I can see that it’s already incredibly hard and large, the tip dripping with pre-cum that splats on the floor.

“Yes baby, but this slave is going to do you one better tonight.”

“How so?” I ask, fluttering my lashes at him.

With that, he grabs my legs in his hands before pushing them up so that my knees are by my ears.  OMG, I’m so exposed but I love lying here like this, showing him my glistening sex and big breasts.

“You’re going to come on my face,” he rasps.  “Hard.  Now, hold your knees, baby.”

I giggle and obey so that I’m in a crab-position, ready for whatever Mason wants to do.

“Yes, but I come on your face all the time,” is my whisper.  “So what’s different tonight?”

With that, Mason lowers himself to the bed before breathing hotly on my cunt.  My folds quiver and I let out a low moan, already anticipating his touch.

“Tonight, I’m going to lick your ass like a good slave until you come,” he groans.  “I’m going to put my tongue in that pink rosebud and fuck your asshole with it until you explode all over my cheeks.”

I gasp.

“Are you sure?” I ask.  “You don’t have to.”

He shakes his head, blue eyes glinting.

“Yes, but I want to, baby girl.  Nothing tastes as good as your ass and you know how much I love sticking my tongue in your butt.”

I sigh because it’s true.  Mason always licks my rosebud, and to be honest, it was a blessing when I was pregnant.  My false contractions were so painful sometimes, and the only thing that made them bearable was to get on my hands and knees as my boyfriend licked my asshole for me.  Rancid?  Yes, but it’s the truth and I’m grateful I had a man doing that for me at all.

As a result, I’m not surprised as Mason lowers his mouth to my pussy, swiping his tongue through my wet folds before going even further down to toy with my asshole a bit.

“Oh oh oh!” I cry out, already creaming hard.  “Mmm!”

“That’s right,” he mutters while circling my pleats with his tongue.  “Let your butt feel, baby girl.  Relax and let this slave pleasure you.”

With that, my man goes to town.  He swipes at my dark hole a few times before forming his tongue into a point and inserting it into my rectum. I mewl and cream with pleasure, squeezing my tits as he goes to town.

“Mmm!” I cry out.  “Oh god!”

But Mason’s not done yet.  He pushes a finger in, making me squirm a little.


“That’s it, baby,” he rasps.  “Fuck, your butt looks good plugged like this.”

Then, my man inserts another finger before scissoring the two digits, making me squirm even more.

“Just getting your rectum stretched out,” he says with a devilish grin.  After a few seconds of this delicious exercise, he pulls his fingers out of my butt and stares at my red-rimmed back hole.  I know it looks so dirty.  Instead of being a closed pucker, my anus is now gaping a bit, and Mason eyes it hungrily.

“I love how it looks like it’s breathing on its own,” he moans, unable to tear his eyes from my dirty spot.  “You’re so fucked, baby.”

Then, he presses his lips to my anus again and seals them over the hole while sucking hungrily.  Yes, this is what we do when we’re together.  We’re filthy, disgusting, and of course, it always makes me come so hard.  After all, within a minute or so, I’m ready to erupt.

“Mason,” I warn breathily.  “Oh my god, oh my god—”

But it’s too late because I’ve gone over the cliff and shudders are wracking my frame.  Both my pussy and ass clench violently before dissolving in a series of spasms, each one filled with incredible pleasure.  I scream my ecstasy, crying my man’s name to the universe as he licks my asshole through the climax.

“Unnnh!” is my wail.  “Fuuuuuck!”

Mason doesn’t hesitate.  He continues to lick, sucking at my anus and tasting it as it shudders and shivers beneath his tongue.  But after the storm has passed, he gets up on his knees and notches that monster at my opening.

“You ready, baby girl?” he asks.

I smile beatifically at him, pulling my knees even further up while winking that dirty hole at him.

“I’m always ready, Daddy.”

He growls and then pushes forward, impaling my butt on that huge staff.  Another scream rips from my throat, but it feels so good too.  I love being buttfucked by my man, and scrabble at his shoulders as he begins a powerful rhythm.

“Yes,” I pant.  “Buttfuck me.  Buttfuck me!”

Mason’s body is a huge, churning machine as my asshole is ravaged by that enormous monster.  Then he stops for a moment before fucking especially deep inside, and that does it.  We both climax, our moans and wails entwining in the privacy of the room.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Oh shit!”

Hot sperm spurts into my bottom even as my rectal walls convulse, pulling that secret sauce deep inside.

“Mmmm!” is my shriek.  “Unnnnh!”

With that, we soar over the cliff and into Paradise, my fiancé’s stiff shaft buried firmly between my cheeks.  After all, this isn’t everyone’s version of euphoria … but it’s definitely ours.




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