Bonus Scene - Sold To My Boss's Friends



Five years later.

It’s been five years since I met Harry, Mike and James, and we’re doing something special to celebrate today.  We’re going to get raunchy tonight, and it’s perfect because the baby’s away with a sitter, although of course, it broke my heart to leave him.

But now, I’m crouched on a pedestal in our personal dungeon.  Yes, my men converted one of the rooms in our penthouse into a “red room” so to say, although it’s not scary at all.  Instead, it’s just the place where we like to keep our sex accoutrements, such as the pedestal, the stocks, and the St. Andrew’s cross.  Imagine having guests come over, and seeing this?  Hell no.  That’s why it’s better to keep our toys locked away in a secret room.

But now, I press my cheek against the pedestal, my big breasts smashed against the padded surface.  Behind me, my husbands circle, their broad forms naked as their cocks drip.

“Shit, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she?” Harry growls.

James nods.

“Even more beautiful than before the baby,” he adds.

“I want to put another baby in her,” Mike adds huskily.  I inhale because my husbands and I have talked about this.  Of course, I’m ready to give them another child but they want me to be sure.  After all, I’m young and our first was a surprise.

But motherhood suits me, and as a result, I lean forward even more, reaching back with both hands to pull my ass cheeks apart. 

“Yes, put your baby in here,” I whisper, pulsing my slit at them.  “This is yours for the taking.”

But the men are holding a dirty auction tonight because we’re recreating the first time we met.  Instead, Harry, James and Mike shake their heads, blue eyes gleaming. 

“Not so fast, sweetheart.  We’re bidding on your asshole tonight, remember?  This is going up for sale,” James murmurs before leaning forward to kiss my dark star.  I squeal a bit at the intimacy, but he just chuckles again while fisting his shaft.  “Fuck sweetheart,” he growls.  “You’re so responsive. And yes, if I want you to come with my tongue in your ass, then you’re going to do it.”

But my other two husbands aren’t going to let James be the star of the show.  Harry leans forward, sliding his tongue into my backdoor and moans a bit.

“Fuck her ass tastes incredible,” he rasps.  “Ten thousand.”

Ten thousand dollars for my back hole?  These men can get it for free every night!  But my husbands merely chuckle, reading my mind.

“We want you to have more spending money, baby girl,” Mike intones while rubbing a hand up and down my spine.  “You can buy yourself whatever you need.”

“But I don’t need anything!” I pant, looking up at him.  “You take care of all my needs.”

“It’s okay,” groans James before leaning down to lick at my butthole a bit.  “Twenty thousand is my bid.”

I shiver and cry out ecstatically as he laps my behind, savoring the taste of my ass musk.

“Fuck,” he breathes.  “Your asshole is so sweet, honey.  What do you do, put perfume on it?”

“I don’t do anything,” I mewl while twisting my nipples, my pussy secreting a bit.  “Oh god, oh god!”

Meanwhile, Mike hasn’t had his due and he wants to do his partners one better.  He reaches down and guides his cock head to my backdoor before smearing his pre-come all over the entrance.  Then he massages the pleats a bit before leaning forward and pressing his lips to my asshole as well.

“Mmmm,” he breathes.  “Perfect.  This is Heaven.  Thirty thousand.”

I can’t take it then.   My husbands are so filthy and dirty, and I love every second of it.  Without any warning, I burst as stars sparkle before my eyes.

“Oh gawwwwwwd!” I cry out as my pussy squirts uncontrollably.  “Mmm!”  Of course, my butthole winks and flexes with orgasm, inviting the men in closer to touch, stroke, and fondle.  But that’s not enough because my husbands need to fuck, and sure enough, Mike eases his cock in, groaning with pleasure. 

“She’s tight,” he pants.  “Like an ass virgin.”

That’s so far from the truth as to be laughable, but I merely clench around him, making him moan.  He pumps a few times before pulling out, and then James eases his way into my butt next.

“Fuck yeah,” he bites out.  “Unnnngh.”  James does a couple strokes too, and then it’s Harry’s turn.  The handsome man shafts me in one go, and I’m taken by surprise, stuck like a pig on that mammoth member.

“Unnh!” I squeal.  “Oh shit, oh shit!”

By now, all of my men are nearing the peak, and Harry and James stand next to me as Mike continues to slam my ass with his cock.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” we chant.  “Oh sheeee-IT!”

Then it happens.  All of us come simultaneously, hot reams of jism spraying all over my nubile body.  I cry out, my pussy and ass clenching and clamping as semen streaks me in stripes of cream.  I moan again as my ass is pumped full by Mike, his seed shooting deep into my anus as I shiver ecstatically around the rod buried within.

Finally, we come down from Heaven, and I pant, eyes wide.

“Oh my God!” I murmur in a dazed voice.

My husbands merely grin, fisting themselves while squeezing out the last few drops.

“That was sweet, Sierra, but we’ve decided we want to get you pregnant tonight, so that was just the appetizer so to say.  We still have the main course to go.  Now are you ready?”

I titter and lean forwards once more, bracing my shoulders against the pedestal to give them even more access to my gleaming, dripping cunt.

“Yes, Daddies,” I whisper.  “I’m ready for it.  Now, give me a baby.”

With that, the session devolves into utter filth, and sure enough, by the time we’re done, I know I’ve conceived again.




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