Bonus Scene - A Curvy Girl for the Prince



I can’t believe how gorgeous my wife looks.  Matilda’s pregnant with twins now, and yet she’s not afraid to be slutty and sexy, as always.  She’s currently in her third trimester, yet decked out in the laciest of thongs with sheer, thigh high stockings clinging to her ample thighs.  Her tits are ginormous, the nipples a bright red, and I lean forward to suckle one into my mouth.

“Mmmm,” she moans, tilting her head back.  “Goodness that feels good.”

“Not as good as what’s going to come next,” I rasp.  After all, Matilda’s extraordinarily horny now that she’s pregnant, and sure enough, when I stroke a hand through her lush folds, she’s wet.  Drenched, in fact.  My palm comes away soaked with fluid, and I lift my fingers to her mouth for her to suck.

“Mmm,” she mewls again, tasting her own cream.  “God, I need it.”

“You do,” I rasp in a low voice before swiping my hand between her legs again.  But this time, instead of having her suck the fluid, I reach backwards and moisten her dark hole with the cream.

“You like that?” I ask as her anus clenches, the pleats dialing in on themselves.

Matilda moans again, her lashes fluttering closed as she squirms a bit, parting her legs even further.

“I do,” she pants.  But then her eyes open.  “You know I want this, Haakon.  Don’t make me wait.”

I chuckle because my relationship with this sassy woman is always exciting.  We met when I kicked a whore out of my bedroom, only for Matilda to be sent later that night as a replacement.  How does that happen?  Well, when you’re as depraved as I am, you need a certain type of woman to satisfy your needs, and the House of Silk delivered.

But my gorgeous wife is as brave, beautiful and courageous, as she is slutty.  Matilda was kidnapped to the Colonies by an evil family, but I’m not her rescuer.  Instead, my brave girl was going to escape captivity by stealing a droid to use as transportation, and not only that, but advocated for the release of all the women being held in servitude.  Due to her actions, many women found their freedom, and Lysenia is working with its neighbors to put a stop to slave labor in the Colonies altogether.

But now, we’re alone in our royal chambers, and I have something special planned for my wife.

“Oh, I’m not going to back down,” I rasp, blue eyes bright.  “Not if you’re not going to.”

Matilda’s eyes snap open, her brown eyes sparkling.

“Well, you know I’m not going to,” the pregnant woman retorts with a smile.  “So you best be getting on with it.”

With that, I grin and hold my hand over her mouth.

“Spit,” I command.

Matilda obeys, her warm saliva drenching my palm.  Then, I reach down and lube up both of my members.  The double shafts are quivering and pulsing already, hard as ramrods and ready for some deep drilling action.  But tonight, it’s going to be different.  I push Matilda’s knees up so that they’re by her ears, and then kiss her tenderly.

“Hold your legs back, honey,” I rasp.  “The better to fuck your butt with.”

She giggles, both hands clasped under her thighs so that her toes are literally pointed at opposite corners of the room. 

“Do it, Daddy,” she mewls with a wink.  “I’m ready.”  But Matilda’s not some innocent little girl.  She follows the wink of her eye with a wink of her anus, flexing it to tease me, and I let out a low groan.

“Fuck baby, you’re going to be the death of me,” I rasp.  “But here goes.”

Slowly, I position my bottom cock at her anus, slipping the head in.  The size of the glans makes her eyes go wide, and she shivers a bit as her butt’s penetrated.

“Ohhh,” Matilda moans.  “Ah.”

“Just one more,” I say in a raspy voice.  “You look so beautiful like this, honey, but I know you can do double anal.  We’ve been practicing remember?”

After all, I’ve been stretching my wife’s ass out for a while now.  I give it to her good in the asshole, watching as she creams mightily.  But Matilda always wants more, and tonight, I’m going to deliver.

Slowly, I ease my bottom cock into her asshole a little deeper, and then gently point my top cock at that tiny hole as well.  Slowly, I tease the opening, making my wife feel good as she’s penetrated intimately, and finally, I’m able to slip in my second cockhead along with the first.

“You’re doing great,” I hiss, as I take in the dirty sight.  “Fuck, your butt’s stretched so hard.”

Matilda merely mewls, still gripping her calves as they point outwards, giving me the perfect ass to fuck.

“Unnnh,” she moans.  “Oh god, oh god.”

But then, I amp up the sensuality.  Slowly, I push forwards so that both of my cocks are easing into her back door, and Matilda’s eyes roll back in her head as she’s buttfucked by my two huge shafts simultaneously. 

“Mmm,” she moans again, unable to focus on anything but the stretch in her ass.  “Unnh, fuck.”

“Doing great,” I praise once more, my voice rough.  “Oh fuck baby, you look so good like this.”

After all, how many pregnant women in their third trimester are willing to be to engage in such debauchery when they’re on the verge of giving birth?  But Matilda’s never looked more beautiful with her big belly, fleshy thighs, and huge breasts, not to mention the enormous anacondas currently crammed in her behind.

“Ooooh!” she squeals again.  “Ah ah ah!”

“That’s it,” I croon.  “Almost there.”  Soon, I’m balls deep inside my wife’s beautiful body and stop for a moment, panting.

“You did it,” I praise, kissing her full lips.  “Goddamn, baby, you’re amazing.”

My wife merely pants, looking at me.

“Then fuck me, lover boy,” she hisses, brown eyes sparkling.  “I want it deep in my dirty ass.”

“Your wish is my command, princess,” I growl before shafting her especially deep with my cocks.  She jerks at the sensation, but I don’t stop.  I continue pushing into her butt, stretching it out while making her scream and cry with pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that?” I rasp, watching as the woman falls apart beneath me.  “Does double anal rock your world?”

Matilda can’t answer in any coherent way.  Instead, her lashes flutter as she grips her ankles, focused on the sensations in her behind.

“Oooh!” she screams again.  “Mmmm!”

That does it.  I become a raging beast then, fucking my wife again and again with my double cocks.  The pace is furious, and I move like an unstoppable machine between her thighs.  My buttocks clench, my back flexes, and my balls rise.  Suddenly, there’s no pulling back and my cocks pulse with fury before they release two giant loads into my wife’s behind.

“FUCK!” I roar.  “Oh shit shit shit!”

“Mmmmm!” Matilda screams as she comes too, her back arching upwards.  Her asshole and pussy clench and then dissolve into a series of violent spasms, squeezing my cocks tight.  “Oh oh oh!”

I continue to spurt and moan while losing my mind.  I ejaculate so much semen from my two cocks that within seconds, it’s squeezing out from where we’re joined and trailing down Matilda’s ass.

“Fuuuuuck,” I groan, watching the white cream soil the sheet beneath us.  “Goddamn.”

After a few minutes, we descend from our peaks and I pull out of my wife’s body carefully.  A huge gush of semen floods from her asshole, but it’s gorgeous and I watch with approval as her butthole pulses and spews.

“Oh my god!” Matilda cries.  “This is so embarrassing!  And I’m stuck, Haakon.  Help me down.”

I chuckle because it’s true.  It seems that my beautiful girl is stuck in “butterfly position” and gently, I help her lower her legs so that they’re in a resting position on the mattress.

“Are you okay?” I ask in a quiet voice while pressing a kiss to her forehead.  “I hope we didn’t hurt the babies.”

Matilda just smiles at me, her look mischievous.

“I promise we didn’t hurt the babies, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I have charley horses in both legs now.  You wore me out, my prince!”

I merely laugh again.

“And you wore me out as well, my princess.  Now sleep,” I order in a stern voice.  “You need your rest, and so do the kids.”

Usually Matilda argues with me, but this time she snuggles close and closes her eyes.

“I think I will,” she murmurs, already drifting off.  “I love you Haakon.”

I press another kiss to the top of her head while embracing her curvy form.  My heart is exploding even as my eyes fill with tears because Matilda is everything to me.

“I love you too, sweetheart.  Always,” I promise.  With that, we drift off, our hearts content and our lives entwined.




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