Bonus Scene - The Arranged Marriage



Two years later.

It’s been two years since Prim was the runaway bride, and I’m happy to say that this woman is mine now.  We didn’t have a big wedding because that would have been weird, seeing that my fiancée had a big wedding the first time.  Instead, we had a small ceremony at City Hall with only her sister in attendance, and it was great.  My fiancée looked beautiful in a loose white gown that bulged over her growing belly, and the timing was perfect because right after we said our “I do’s,” Prim’s water broke and our son Huxley was born that very day.  So now, our son shares his birthday with our wedding anniversary, and it’s a happy coincidence.

But for our two year anniversary, I wanted to do something special so I’ve rented the penthouse suite at the Hotel Steele for us to enjoy.  Huxley’s with a babysitter, and I plan on ravishing Prim until she screams and shivers.

“This is too much,” Prim coos as she snuggles beside me in bed.  I reach over to the chocolate-dipped strawberries sitting on the bedside table and gently feed one to her.

“No, it’s not too much, sweetheart.  You’ve been an amazing mommy and wife, and I want to show you just how much I appreciate you.”

She giggles, her lush curves nude under the thin sheet.

“Anything in particular you’re going to do?” she asks in a naughty voice.  I nod while pulling down the sheet and skimming my hands over her curves.  She’s lying on her side, those generous hills and valleys spilling everywhere and my cock seeps pre-cum, ready to be inside her.

“Yes, absolutely,” I rasp.  “I want you even more than before and you’re just so fucking beautiful, sweetheart.  Your skin is so creamy,” I breathe while palming her breasts.  “It makes me want to violate every inch of your body.” Goosebumps break out where I stroke her softness and she sighs happily.

Then, I drag a lazy finger down Prim’s spine, but I don’t stop at the round mound of her ass.  Instead, my finger keeps moving lower into her crevice and she gasps.  I chuckle, probing at her little hole.

“You like this?” I growl.

She lets out a low hum, her lashes closing as her anus relaxes.

“I do,” she breathes.  “You’ve taught me how, Mr. Childers.”

My cock throbs painfully at her words, but I want to take my time with Prim.  I tickle her anus a bit more, and then pull out before reaching up to cup Prim’s breasts. My right hand weighs one of the creamy orbs while my left thumb plays with her other nipple. She inhales shakily through her teeth while humming with pleasure once more.

I whisper, “Your tits are the perfect size for my hands. Look down, Prim, and see how your nipples react to my touch.” She bends her head and sure enough, the pink tips are turgid and erect.

“That feels so good,” she whispers.

But Prim wants in on the fun too.  She turns so she’s on her side, and places her palm on my chest, above my heart. The move almost unravels me, it’s so intimate. I fight to breathe, my head dizzy, but I know I can’t wait much longer. She needs to hurry.

With a gleam in those chocolate eyes, my wife drags her palm down my chest until she reaches my cock and the air in my chest evaporates.

“Fuuuck,” I groan.  “Oh shit.”

She squeezes playfully and coos while forming a ring with her fingers and slowly moving up and down.

“You’re so big, Mr. Childers.  Are you going to put this in my ass?”

In response, I tear away from her mouth and kiss up and down Prim’s neck. My lips are burning and every part of me feels on fire. Finally, it gets to be too much and I gently roll her onto her back and climb on top of the curvy woman.

I use my knee to spread Prim’s legs, and then position my hips. I flatten my palm along Prim’s knee and slowly drag it up to her folds before exploring her with my fingers.

“Fuck you’re wet,” I hiss.  “Fucking drenched like the whore you are.”

She grins at me but then gasps when I pinch her clit.

“I’m your whore, Mr. Childers.  Now give it to me like a whore.  I want it.” 

Quickly I stuff a finger into her channel and rub her clit with my thumb. Prim’s pelvis jerks up when I cram in another finger and a whine rips from her throat as my thumb massages her, firm yet gentle.

The slow rhythm causes her hip to jump and her hands to ball up the bedding. Her head thrashes from side to side, unable to keep still.

“You feel so good, sweetheart. I love touching you,” I whisper in her ear. I apply more pressure until her movements come faster and her breathing becomes more erratic.  Then I back off.

“Barry,” Prim groans.

“What?” I whisper in her ear.


“Tell me you want me inside you,” I growl, blue eyes flashing.

“I want you inside me. I want you inside me,” she pleads.  “Now, now!”

I move my hand and position my cock at Prim’s entrance.  Slowly, I push my tip in just an inch, and then retreat. After a beat, I do it again. Prim’s pelvis jerks up to meet it, but my hands hold her hips down, so that she’s flat against the mattress.

She groans.

“Please Barry,” she breathes.

I merely grunt.

“Should I tease you the way you teased me? Should I go so slow so that you’re edging like a nasty slut?”

She doesn’t answer because I slam into her then, grinding and rolling into her clit.  Her head jerks back, and she cries out as her pussy swallows me whole.

I do it again, and then stop and rest inside her. I want to bottle this feeling. I want my cock to throb inside her forever. I want to come, but not quite yet.

Prim opens her eyes and asks, “Why are you stopping?”

I smile. “Do you want me to continue?”

She whispers, “Yes.”

I smile. “Well, I think you like to be teased and I have just the thing.”

With one arm, I reach to the empty champagne bottle by the head of the bed, and bring it close before dragging the opening over Prim’s lips. 

“Get it lubed sweetheart,” I rasp, “because this is going in your ass.”

Her eyes widen but I feel the gush of pussy juice on my cock, and I know she wants it.  Then slowly, I turn us onto our sides before bringing the bottle down and gently probing her anus with the glass opening.

“You ready?” I breathe.  But she has no time to answer because I’m already increasing the pressure against her anal pleats.  Her butt stretches and flexes, but then with an audible pop, her sphincter opens and the champagne bottle slides deep into my woman’s anus.

“Ohhhhh,” she moans, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head.  “Shit.”

“That’s right,” I growl while moving with my hips once more.  “You’re getting pussy fucked by me while your ass is fucked by a bottle.  You like that, sweetheart?”

A low, guttural groan is all I get in reply and I smile even as the pressure in my balls build.  They’re rock hard now as I plow into my wife again and again, entering her first with the bottle, and then my cock.  Then the other way around.  Then again.  The rhythm is smooth and syncopated and I love the fact that my wife enjoys being violated like this.  My balls raise as her breathing quickens, and then suddenly, we both come.

“Fuck!” she shrieks, her pussy and ass clamping violently.  “Oh shit!”

Meanwhile, I let out a loud roar as jets of cum spurt into her chamber, seeding the beautiful girl.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I curse through clenched teeth.  “Goddamn!”

I fall on top of Prim’s quivering form as waves of pleasure roll over us both.  We shudder and sigh together, our skin sheened with sweat as our chests heave rapidly.  Shit, my heart doesn’t beat this fast even after a ten-mile run.

Finally, I pull out from Prim before removing the bottle and study every contour of her delicate features. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is uneven, but there’s a small smile on her face.  Slowly, her lashes flutter open and my heart lurches with love for this woman.

“What is it, baby?” I ask.

She giggles before straining her neck to kiss me.

“Well, I just want to know one thing, Barry.”

I nod, tracing a nipple with a finger.


Prim reaches over to the bottle again and then inverts it so that the circular base is facing me.

“What do you think of pushing this side into my ass?” she asks.  “Do you think I can take it?”

Oh fuck!  The bottle’s at least four inches wide in diameter, and the glass is shiny and green.  But yeah, I’d love to see my wife’s anus crammed full with the fat base and I growl, blue eyes blazing.

“Well, let’s find out, shall we?”

Then, the nastiness starts all over again, and we fly to even higher heights this time.  After all, this is what you get when booking a girl from an escort agency:  new surprises and new filth, every day of our lives.




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Note to the reader:  my writing is fantasy and should not be interpreted as a true-to-life depiction of BDSM power exchange.  Please play safely, wherever you are!