Bonus Scene - Playing With Fire



Six months later.

It’s been six months since the grand opening of our new concept restaurant, and things have been insane.  We got a lot of press, and as a result, business has been booming.  It’s a surprise because when we dreamed up Burrata Pizza and Pasta, I thought it would be slow-going.  I figured that our new pasta offerings would garner little interest initially, and that it would just be the pizza carrying us.  But lo and behold, customers have been stuffing themselves with our pasta in droves, and the new concept is a surefire hit.

But now, I want to show my wife how much I appreciate her.  After all, Maggie has been integral to Burrata’s success, and as a result, I’ve rented a hotel room so that we can enjoy ourselves without interruption.

My gorgeous wife is lying on the bed right now, completely nude, and I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight.

“You’re a vision,” I rasp, my eyes running over her ample hills and valleys.

She blushes and covers her breasts with her hands.

“But I’m so big now,” she murmurs.  “I haven’t lost my pregnancy weight yet.”

I merely lean down and move her hands out of the way before pressing an adoring kiss to one nipple.

“It doesn’t matter honey.  You look better with the extra thirty pounds, and I say keep the weight.  I love having more to hold.”

She giggles then, and spreads her legs to accommodate my huge form.  I consider that a green light and lean up to seize Maggie’s lips with unbridled passion before pulling away.

"Are you ready, honey?”

She nods, already dazed with pleasure.

"Oh yeah, Ed.  Take me all the way.”

I groan as I stare at her. Her breasts are huge round globes larger than my hands can handle. Her nipples are a beautiful dusky pink color that beckon to me, and I place both hands on either side of a breast and smoosh them together so that I can suck both nips at once.  The taste is delicious and Maggie moans as twin jolts of sensation pulse from her boobies to her cunt. 

“Oooh yes, Ed,” she murmurs.  “That feels so good.”

Her palms are on my shoulders and I can feel her hold on tighter with arousal as soft mewls erupt from her throat.  Then, I release her tits, and one hand slides up her knee towards her sweetest spot. I need to find out if she’s wet. If she’s ready for me.

Sure enough, Maggie’s absolutely drenched, those swollen folds slick and slippery, and I let out a growl of approval. I start teasing her by edging towards her clit with my finger but not quite getting there, and then sliding back.

Maggie cries out in frustration.

"Ed, please."

"Please what?" I rasp, wanting to hear what she needs.

"Please play with my clit, you damned man!”

I chuckle low in my throat.

"Your wish is my command," I grunt, then add another finger and rub over her tight nub in a light motion.  She lets out a heavenly moan, continuing to scrabble at my shoulders.

“Oh fuck,” she pants.  “Oh yes yes yes.”

I slide two fingers into her channel and use my thumb to continue giving her clit the attention it deserves.

“You like this?” I rasp deep in my throat, unable to tear my eyes from the beauty who is my wife.  Her head thrashes back and forth, and then there’s a familiar clenching from inside.

"Ed, I’m – I’m comiiiing!” she screams.

And she does. I can feel the spasms in her channel as she clamps and ripples, her sweet nectar gushing all over my palm. Then, I slide my digits out and put them in my mouth. Delicious.

Maggie smiles, sated and panting. "Does that taste good, big boy?"

I lean forward to kiss her, letting her taste herself on my lips.

“More than you know, honey.  But now, are you ready?”

She nods, biting her lip as I settle between her legs, notching my huge club at her dripping opening.  Then, I push in as far as I can go. Maggie gasps and then wiggles around, literally impaled on my huge shaft.  She’s panting and stretched from inside, but after giving her a few moments to adjust, I start moving again.  I know my wife can handle it because this particular little filly loves to take cock, and she lets me know every night.  Sure enough, we get into a rhythm and it feels so good. She’s tight and her channel wraps my cock in a delicious squeeze like I’ve never felt before.

As our rhythm increases, Maggie twines her legs around my waist to pull me in.

“Give it to me big boy,” the curvy woman moans throatily, tugging me close.  “Oh yeah.”

I grit my teeth, holding back my orgasm until she’s ready with hers.  But then Maggie surprises me because her hand skates down my back and around my buttocks until she’s playing with my asshole.  I start for a moment, my eyes wide.

“Fuck,” I grunt.  “Did you mean to--?”

She giggles while slowly rubbing my anus.

“I did, big boy,” she breathes.  “You like?”

I pause, unmoving, as she slowly works her finger into my ass, pushing into that dry channel.  It feels strange, but then she hits something inside and my cock literally jerks inside her.

“I think you like it,” she coos.  “You like my finger in your anus.  Say it, Ed.”

I shake my head, circling my hips in her heat.

“Say it, say it,” she chants.

The ecstasy is so great that finally, I can’t take it anymore.  It turns out I like getting butt-fucked while I’m also doing some fucking of my own, and I roar.

“Fuck me with your finger!” I shout.  “Cram your hand in there!”

She lets out a scream as her own orgasm begins, pushing two fingers deep into my anus as I drill her pussy.  We both explode then, my cock spraying Maggie with lashes of seed as her cunt pulses and clamps, milking me furiously.

“Oh Ed!” she screams.  “Fuck!”

I roar like a lion myself.

“Shit!” is my shout.  “Fuck fuck fuck!”

With that, we soar into the heavens, enjoying each other in the dirtiest of ways.  After what feels like hours, we finally begin floating back to Earth, still locked together.  But my wife should never be underestimated because as I lie there, my cock buried in her heat, she pops her fingers out of my ass and then slowly brings them to her mouth, licking those dirty digits.

“I love the way your ass tastes,” she murmurs throatily while looking into my eyes.  “Like musk and man.”

With that, it’s all over.  My dick stiffens in Maggie again, but this time, I won’t just be fucking her pussy.  I’ll be fucking her in every hole every which way because this is the woman that I can’t get enough of, either now or forever.




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