Bonus Scene - My Sweet Fake Fiancee



Five years later.


After five years, Brent and I have two children, Johnny and Mia, and now, I’m in the second trimester of my third pregnancy.  My gorgeous husband is overjoyed at the news and has taken me to a hotel to celebrate.

“You don’t have to,” I said while we were checking in.  But Brent merely shook his head while those blue eyes flared.

“No, sweetheart, I do.  You’ve given me everything worth having in life, and looking back, my motivations were so fucking wrong initially.  Who the fuck cares about the CEO position when I have you and the kids?” he murmured, leaning low to whisper hotly in my ear.  “You’re everything to me, Sansa.”

Of course, Brent’s words aren’t quite true because Carson’s Sporting Goods provides us with the luxurious lifestyle we enjoy, but I love being the object of my husband’s attentions.

“Well, I better show you how much I appreciate you too, then,” I giggled as he lets us into the penthouse suite.  “Does this turn you on?” I ask, whirling about.  Of course, I’m heavily pregnant already so it’s a slow turn, but Brent’s blue eyes merely gleam.

“I love seeing your tummy full and round,” he rasps before reaching for me.  “Fuck, I want to get you pregnant over and over again.”

With that, I shed my dress, standing before him in only my black bra and panties.  Then, I shuck the bra off as well before sliding the lace panties to my ankles and stepping out of them.  Now, I’m dressed in nothing but a pair of red stilettos, and Brent presses me back into the door.

“Fuck, I love this pregnant tummy,” he rasps, stroking his hand over the giant mound.  “How do you want me touch you, Sansa? Like this?” he asks as one roughly calloused hand cups my breast. I feel my nipple grow hard as the palm of his hand skims over it. My back arches as far as he’ll allow, pressing my tit even further into his cupped hand.

“That’s a good start,” I breathe.

“A start, hmm?” he groans.

“Yes, a start. Remember Brent, there’s more than one way to explore.” I watch as his eyebrows raise in arousal.

“Mm-hmm, I see. Let me experiment with another way of sampling this curvy body then.” He releases my breast and bends before me to kneel on the floor. His lips quickly find their way to my other breast as his tongue traces a wet circle around my nipple. My head falls back to the door behind me as I let out a delighted sigh.

“You’re right, this way is more fun,” he growls, his mouth still full. Before I realize it, my husband’s moving further south. His tongue traces down the center line of my torso, slowly landing kisses all the way down to my navel as those big hands follow, stopping to caress my sides and then my waist before gripping my hips firmly.

His mouth stops just short of my pussy lips, his lips pressed firmly against me. I feel his hands slide over my soft skin, outlining my hips and then his hands reach around and give my bottom a tight squeeze before grabbing the backs of my inner thighs. He pulls my legs apart so roughly it causes me to step outward, opening up to show him my glistening pink valley.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he breathes, blue eyes taking it all in.

“Yes, because of you,” I moan. I’m amazed by the fact that we haven’t even made it to the bedroom yet, and he’s already got his tongue tracing along my clit. His eyes tilt up in my direction.

“I have a good teacher,” he rasps before going back to licking and sucking the hard bulge.  I bend my knees more, opening myself wide for him as moans escape my throat.  His tongue flickers back and forth over my clit, causing a wild sensation to rise in my core and I cry out.

“Oh my god Brent, unnnh!” The crest is beginning to approach and my hands scrabble wildly against the wall.

“Do you want more, baby?” he pants.

“Yes, I want more. Give it to me, Brent,” I beg, and he listens. My husband roughly presses two fingers inside my slick channel as his lips pull at my nub. My fist slams involuntarily backwards into the door frame.

“Fuck, yes Brent. More!” His fingers begins to pulse in and out as my hands take hold of his hair, pulling him into my valley. Already, I’m beginning to come, and I cry out uncontrollably, barely able to stand on my own legs anymore.  The dripping between my thighs turns into a river, and I convulse wildly on his mouth.

“Ahhh!” is my delighted scream.  “Fuck!”

My husband laps me through the delirium, my pussy convulsing violently on his tongue.  But I want to make him feel good too, and after my contractions subside a bit, I look down at him with languorous eyes.

“It’s your turn big guy.  I want to touch you,” I breathe heavily.  He stands up and takes my hand, leading me to the bed, and then strips off his clothes in a flash before sitting on the edge of the mattress.

“Have your way with me, gorgeous.” The handsome man’s voice is gruff, deep, and it arouses me all over again. I slowly walk up to him, placing a palm to his chest. I bring my lips to his and give him one long, slow kiss before roughly pushing him backwards onto the bed. Then, I climb on top of him, crawling on my hands and knees as my big belly sways.  I begin to explore with my mouth, kissing his collar bone while my hands caress his contoured abs. I dance and grind my body all over his.

His cock is seeping now, and I inhale heavily through my nose while watching a stream of pre-come glisten as it trails down the huge length.  His staff is so massive at nine inches, and yet I can never get enough. 

“Go on, honey, keep exploring,” Brent rasps, blue eyes gleaming.  Moving backwards, I run my tongue across my lips before taking a deep breath.  Then my lips slowly greet the tip of his cock with a soft and supple kiss. My tongue begins to trace the bulbous head, savoring the taste of him, and then I slowly and firmly slide my lips all the way down his shaft. His body tenses beneath me, his muscular physique straining. His hand clutches the back of my head, grabbing a fistful of hair as I begin to bob my head up and down, massaging his cock between my lips.

“Fuck, Sansa. This feels so good,” Brent moans.  I squeeze my lips tighter and feel his cock begin to pulse in my mouth. He grabs me by my shoulders and tosses me onto the mattress.

“Fuck.  I can’t wait any longer, baby girl. I need to be inside of you,” he rasps before sliding one hand beneath my bottom.

But I have a surprise for him.

“Daddy, not like that,” I mewl.  “Like this,” I say, pulling my knees up by my ears and tilting my pelvis up so that both holes are exposed.  With Brent watching, I wink my anus at him a few times, tempting him with the pink pleats.

Those blue eyes gleam. 

“You fucking slutty girl,” he rasps.  “Tell me what you want.  I need to hear it.”

I merely giggle.

“Put your cock in my ass, Daddy,” I mewl, winking my anus at him again.  “Deep in there, Daddy.  You know how I like it.”

The alpha male instantly acts. He takes one of my legs, pushing the knee up even higher so that my ass is fully exposed, and then his cock slides deep into my rectum, touching places that are only ever touched by him. I cry out desperately.

“Yes, right there. Don’t stop, Daddy!”

He begins to thrust harder and faster, and my asshole convulses in pleasure.  Within a few strokes, I’m climaxing again with the big man crammed in my butt.  I can’t help it.  Anal feels so good when I’m pregnant, and I seem to be able to come endlessly with Brent’s cock in my bottom.  I mewl, squirm, and spasm, and it’s too much for my husband as well.  He shouts, his dick jerking in me, and then hot sprays of come lash my insides, spurting deep into my bowels as we both reach climax.

“Give it to me,” I pant heavily as my anal walls squeeze him again and again.  “Oh yes!”  After several more minutes of hot pumping, his balls go dry and I giggle, clenching hard on him one last time for good measure.

“Fuck baby girl,” he groans.  “What have you done to me?”

I merely giggle again as he pulls himself from my asshole, that huge rod glistening with our lust.

“You know how I love it these days,” I murmur.  “And you always deliver, Daddy.”

With that, Brent seizes my mouth in another devastating kiss, even as I feel his sperm drip down my thigh.  What could be better?  I’m already pregnant with his third child, and as a result, our loving has reached new heights of ecstasy and fulfillment combined into one.

“I love you, Sansa,” he murmurs into my ear as one big hand caresses my swollen belly.

“I love you too, Brent,” I say.  “Forever and ever, husband mine.”




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