Bonus Scene - A Princess for Daddy



“What is this?” I gasp, opening the gift.  “Oh my, rose-scented body oil.  Thank you, Daddy, this is the best present ever.”

Bart grins, flashing even white teeth.

“Did you notice how I got you an extra-large bottle, sweetheart?”

I nod mischievously.

“I did.  Is it for the hunt?”

His blue eyes flare.

“It is, Christy.  Now smear that body oil all over those sweet curves.  Especially on your ripe rear-end, honey, because I’ll be taking you in your bottom hole tonight.”

I giggle as I pour some of the rose-scented oil into my palm before smoothing it over my lushness.  After all, it’s been two years since our daughter, Haley, was born, and Bart wants to re-enact a dirty hunt that took place early during our courtship.  Of course, it wasn’t a “hunt” per se.  Instead, I was caught in the clutches of an evil man who was hell-bent on watching my curves bounce and jiggle while chasing me through the forest.  Fortunately, Bart stepped in, and not a moment too soon.  My gorgeous man rescued me from that horrendous situation, and ferried me to safety in the nick of time.

But that’s in the past, and we’ve created a new life for ourselves in Nebraska City now.  Bart has a good union job at the local meatpacking plant, and we recently moved into a two-bedroom cottage with our baby girl.  Not only that, but I’ve even started volunteering at the local library, just to spread my wings a bit.  I’ve been so happy here in Nebraska, and I know it’s because I have the two most important people in the world with me:  Bart and Haley.

“Are you ready?” I giggle, wiggling my behind at my man.  “I think I got it everywhere you asked, but do you want to check?”

Without waiting for an answer, I bend over to show my boyfriend my backside.  Then, with my head between my knees, I use both hands to pull my white moons apart, revealing my glistening pussy and winking asshole.

“Are they lubed up enough for you, Barty-boy?” I coo.  “Is this what you want?”

My man doesn’t even answer.  Instead, he rings a bell in his hand, and that’s my signal.  I take off through the brush, my nude form jouncing as I dart this way and that.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been athletic and I know capture is imminent.  Within a few minutes, I shriek with half-laughter, half-delight as I hear his loud footsteps charging through the woods behind me.  The blood rushes through my veins and then it happens.  With a leap, Bart tackles me.  He rolls so that his big body cushions our fall, but within half a second, we’re flipped over on the ground with my nude body pressed face first into the ground.

“Gotcha!” he rasps before forcing my legs straight and my arms out.  Then, I feel his huge penis nudging my anus before he pushes it in, deep and hot.

“Oooooh!” I scream.  “Unnh!”

“Too much?” he rasps, pausing for a moment.

I take a deep breath, panting like an animal.

“No, it’s good,” I gasp.  “I’m good.  Keep going.”

“I knew you’d say that,” Bart snarls.  “What a little butt slut.”

Then, he begins fucking my ass in a savage rhythm.  He pulls out all the way before slamming again into my rectum, and I let out a delighted yelp.  Then, he reaches beneath me to tug at a nipple while continue to bottom-bang me, and I’m caught in a wave of pleasure.

“Unnnnh,” I groan, my cheek pressed into the dirt.   

“That’s right,” he grunts like a beast into my ear.  “You like getting this sweet ass fucked, don’t you?  You like being butt fucked and taken every which way like a little whore.”

Any other woman would be offended by his words, but it just makes me go hot and needy inside.

“Yes Daddy,” I pant breathlessly.  “I’m your little whore.  Use my bottom.  Fuck it any way you want.”

“I’m glad you offered,” he grunts in my ear.  “Because I’d take it anyways.”

Then, he ratchets up the pace and pressure in my rear end.  My anus is going to be red and sore by the time this is over, but I don’t care because I’m with my man.  Bart Cranston is everything to me, and that’s all that matters.

Suddenly, lights sparkle before my eyes, and I let out a scream.  My entire form convulses in a full-body orgasm, and my back arches against Bart’s greater weight as my anus squeezes tight on his cock.  That makes my boyfriend yell out as well, and I literally feel the vein at the bottom of his cock pulse.  Then, hot jazz sprays into my rectum, dousing my ass in virile semen.

“FUCK!” the handsome man shouts.  “Oh shit!”

“Mmm, Daddy!” I squeal.  “Yes, fill my bottom with your seed!”

Bart moans as he comes, again and again, shooting a giant load in my asshole.  Meanwhile, my butt pulses on his rod, milking that huge monster for every drop he’s got. 

Finally, we stop moving for a moment, our forms sweaty and glued together.  Bart presses a kiss to the back of my neck before murmuring, “Did I hurt you?”

I merely giggle lightly, still panting and out of breath.

“No, I’m okay, Bart,” I whisper.  “Thank you for not putting it in my pussy.  You know I’m not ready to get pregnant again.”

“I know,” he growls, pressing a kiss right behind my ear.  “And I won’t get you pregnant before you’re ready, Christy.  But I won’t wait forever, sweetheart.  You know I want your belly filled with my babies … again and again and again.”

I sigh with happiness, although I’m literally lying on a dirt floor with my man pinning me to the ground.  He’s just fucked me in the ass, and I can literally feel his hot seed trickling from my asshole and seeping into the forest floor.  But I don’t care because everyone has their own version of happiness, and this is mine.

“I know, Mr. Cranston,” I murmur in a throaty voice while gazing into those blue eyes with adoration.  “And I can’t wait to have more of your children.  Maybe in another month,” I promise.  “Then you can put your cock back into my pussy.”

My man shoots me a dark look.

“Oh, I will, baby girl.  Trust me, it’s only a matter of time,” Bart growls before pressing his lips to mine in a commanding kiss.  I sigh with pleasure because this is the life … creating a family with this man, and living our very own happily ever after.




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