Bonus Scene - Obsessed With My Ex's Dad



My eyes go wide as I cuddle against Roland, practically melting into his lap

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” I whisper.  “Everyone just seem so sexy and so … well, forward.”

My boyfriend merely rubs circles on my back before lowering his hand to pinch my ass, making me squeal.

“Yes, we should definitely do this,” he rasps in my ear.  “You look beautiful, sweetheart, so the men are going to eat it up.  Besides, now that I know you like gangbangs, there’s no harm in doing it once in a while.  I know your beautiful brain belongs to me, even if your body is occasionally enjoyed by other men.”

I let out a slow exhale because Roland’s right.  He’s been out of prison for a few months now, and it took a little while to get settled in.  After all, we’d never lived together before, so there were adjustments to be made.  But everything’s worked out fine.  Roland moved us into a big apartment just last month after the government unfroze his bank accounts, and actually, he’s going to become a grandfather any day now.  Rolly’s girlfriend is due soon, and even though Roland says he’s still getting used to the idea of being a grandparent, I know he’s looking forward to it too.

But now that everything’s more or less settled, we’ve decided to visit Club Z.  It’s a club that my boyfriend was a member of before he went to Fishkill, and he was able to reactivate his membership upon release.  He convinced me that being into gangbangs isn’t all that bad, and that actually, Club Z is the place to indulge.  After all, the organization is renowned for its discreet, cultured clientele, and as a result, there could be no better place to live out my fantasy.

At that moment, a handsome man approaches.  The man’s features are in shadows, but I can make out a chiseled jaw, not to mention broad shoulders and a wide chest complete with clearly delineated six pack abs.  The man’s wearing only a towel around his waist and he grins wolfishly.

“Ms. Stanfield?” he rasps.  “Are you ready?”

“Go with him,” Roland whispers in my ear.  “You’ll have a great time, baby.”

Slowly, I stand up, slightly embarrassed to be wearing only a tiny g-string and pasties.  But the strange man looks over my lush figure with appreciation before taking my hand.

“We’ll be using a private room, today,” he rasps.  “Follow me.”

I cast a panicked glance at my boyfriend who merely nods at me, those blue eyes burning.

“Have fun,” Roland says before settling back on the couch.  Then, the handsome man leads me out of the main room, and down a corridor before stopping at a door.  He opens it, and I step inside before inhaling deeply.  After all, there are four men waiting inside, all totally naked with huge, dripping cocks.  I look from one to another, and another woman would be frightened, but instead, I go wet with need.

“Ohhhh,” is my delighted whisper.  “Yes.”

The man who brought me here gestures to a mattress on the floor.  It sounds dirty, but actually this mattress is done up in silken purple sheets and a bevy of pillows.

“We find for gangbangs that it works best to stay close to the floor,” he says in a deep drawl, his blue eyes flashing with mischief.  “There are too many body parts, and of course, we want to stay safe.  Do you want to be on your hands and knees, baby?  Or would you like to be on your back for this first round?”

Immediately, I’m on my hands and knees on the mattress, opening my mouth while widening my legs.

“I’m ready,” I coo, eyeing the men playfully.  “First dibs to whomever gets here first.”

With that, the men descend in a flash.  Before I realize it, my pasties and panties have been ripped off and my mouth’s jammed full with a man’s huge cock.  My jaw aches as he pushes down my throat, but a deep purr escapes my lips because this is what I want.  I love servicing multiple men at once, and can’t wait to get plugged in all my holes.

Meanwhile, a cold, goopy fluid is being dripped on my asshole even as huge, blunt fingers trail through my swollen folds.

“Fuck yeah, she’s wet,” a man in back of me grunts.  “She’s hardly even going to need this lube.”

Then, a massive shaft penetrates my pussy.  It’s so big that my eyes literally fly open with surprise as I’m jolted forwards by the huge fuckpole.  But a pair of male hands grip my waist, holding me in place as another hand fondles my big breasts.

“That a girl,” the voice growls.  “Fuck yeah, she’s tight.”

I moan around the cock in my mouth because this feels delicious.  I can’t believe I’m being taken by five men at once, and the sensation is so dirty, nasty, and raunchy, and yet I want it too.  I moan my bliss even as my pussy gushes hotly, lubing up the cock in my snatch.  My nipples tingle as someone stretches and pulls them, making jolts of electricity run straight from my breasts to my cunt.

But the men aren’t done yet.  The cock in my mouth pulls out, saliva dripping wetly down my chin, before another one takes its place.  Then, there’s pressure on my anus and I let out a low wail of anticipation.

“Yeah, she wants it,” a low male voice rasps.  “Put it in.”

With that, the breach of my asshole begins.  I cry out a little, but it’s impossible to do anything but accept that massive length because I’m already impaled on two cocks, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy.  As a result, the dick in my ass has no trouble working its way in, and I let out another low wail of pleasure as I’m plugged airtight.

“Mmmph!” is my delighted cry.  “Mmph!”

“Shit, she feels good,” comes a low moan from behind me.  “Her anus is so fucking tiny and it pulses whenever she sucks hard.”

“Her pussy’s like a vise,” another man groans.  “Goddamn, and it’s so wet too.”

I know I should be offended by these dirty words, but instead, I’m just turned on.  After all, gangbangs have always been a fantasy of mine, and I’m the lucky girl who gets to live out her dreams, instead of feeling repressed and unhappy.  I moan again, my eyes closing blissfully as the men push and pull in my little holes, getting hornier by the second.  But then, a frisson runs down my spine and suddenly, I know that we’re not alone.  Maybe Roland’s not in the room with us, but he’s watching from somewhere, either from a video feed or the space next door.

The knowledge only turns me on more, and my holes begin to pulse with impending climax.  My nipples harden as my pussy fluid thickens, and then suddenly, I come hard.  I scream while my cunt and ass spasm, my lips sucking furiously on the cock within.  Then fireballs burst before my eyes as I begin to milk those hard shafts involuntarily, squeezing wetly as I soar into the clouds.

“Mmmph!” I scream once more.  “Ummph!”

The men inside me burst as well, spraying me with hot loads of cum.

“Fuck!” one bellows.  “Oh shit!”

“Her ass feels so good,” another groans, jamming that enormous cock deep into my asshole.  “Milk it, honey.”

The man in my mouth erupts like a volcano, spraying my mouth full of virile jism.

“Fuuuuuck,” is all he manages to say.  “Unngh.”

My holes are filled to overflowing with cum, and I cry out ecstatically because this is what I want.  Even better, at that moment, I look straight into the lens of a tiny camera in the corner of the room, and I know it’s Roland looking back at me.  My boyfriend wants me to enjoy this, and the knowledge that he’s here with us, only turns me on even more.

“Mmm,” I moan, swallowing the cum in my mouth.  “Umm.”

My lovers moan and grunt as they empty themselves into my willing wetness.  The two who weren’t buried in my holes stroke my back and ass, running huge hands over those luscious curves.  But once we’re done, one of the two grips my chin in a big hand and turns me to look at him.

“Are you ready for more, Tess?” he growls, blue eyes burning bright.  “Because I haven’t gotten my turn yet.”

I merely open my mouth to show him the semen on my tongue, and giggle at the flash in his gaze.

“Of course I’m ready, Daddy,” I murmur before reaching backwards to pull my ass cheeks apart.  “Put it in any hole you like.”

With that, I’m taken to the edge of bliss again because this is what it’s like to be on the same wavelength as your partner.  Roland Barker loves me, and I love him, and nothing can challenge that.  We’ve already survived so much, and this gangbang is only a manifestation of our adoration for one another.




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