Bonus Scene - Tempting Her Guardian



I sigh ecstatically while walking hand in hand with my husband along the bank of the lake.

“It’s nice here, isn’t it?” I murmur, taking in the lapping water and the singing crickets.  The last rays of the sun glimmer over the rippling waves even as a comfortable breeze ruffles my blonde curls.

The handsome man turns to look at me and then slings one beefy arm about my shoulders before placing a kiss on my head.

“No, you’re the one who’s beautiful, honey.  Thank you for everything you’ve done,” George growls.

I sigh again with pleasure because our baby was born a few months ago, and Junie is the cutest thing.  She looks just like her father with his raven hair and sparkling blue eyes.  Even more, she’s got his knack for getting into scrapes, and I’m sure Junie has her grandparents running in circles at the moment.

But that’s not what we’re here for.  Instead, George booked us a getaway weekend at Camp Cheer as a baby thank you gift for delivering his daughter.  When he told me about it, I giggled.

“George, you don’t have to do that,” I said.  “Junie is just as much for me as for you.”

My handsome husband merely shook his head while watching as I nursed our daughter at my breast.

“No, baby, it’s for you.  You’ve given me so much, Romy,” he said in a hoarse voice, those blue eyes emotional.  “I’m an old man, sweetheart, and I never thought I’d get the chance to be a father.  But now, you’ve provided me with that opportunity, and I’m forever grateful.”

As a result, George and I are back in the woods once again, although I’m happy to report that this time, we have a luxury cabin to ourselves.  Having to share with Piper and her husband Stan was unexpected that last time, although I have to say that the four of us certainly made the most of the opportunity.  Plus, we still soft-swing with Piper and Stan sometimes.  It’s been a while because of my pregnancy and subsequent labor and delivery, but I’m sure we’ll hook up with Piper and Stan again.  After all, he’s gorgeous and she’s a sassy, nubile girl.  What more could you ask for?  It’s just a matter of time before we link up for another delicious round of swinging.

But tonight, George has something on his mind.  We come upon a deserted boat house and I hesitate.  The structure looks like it hasn’t been used in years, and is probably dirty and dingy inside.  But George tugs on my hand and then guides me through the dilapidated door.

“It’s fine, baby,” he rasps.  “I spruced this place up before we got here.”

It’s true because when I peer inside, George has brought a sleeping bag that he’s opened and spread out on the ground like a blanket.  Plus, there’s a small selection of picnic items, including meats and cheeses, as well as the soft glow of a lantern hanging from a rafter.

“Oh George, thank you,” I sigh, lowering myself to the blanket.  “This is so nice.”

He growls, those blue eyes glinting in the darkness at me.

“Good, honey, I’m glad you like it.  But check in the picnic basket for a special gift.”

I stare at him before rummaging in the wicker box, and sure enough, I pull out a massive tube of lube.

“Is this …?” I ask.

The alpha male nods, and I notice that he’s already hard beneath his shorts, the enormous monster curling around his waist.

“It is,” he says in a throaty voice.  “It’s the really thick, viscous kind of lube that’s great for anal love, honey.  I want it with you.  I want to see that big butt dicked hard, and for you to squeal as you get it up the ass.”

Another woman would be offended by the disgusting words, but I’m just turned on.  As a result, I have my sundress and panties off in a flash before getting up onto my hands and knees on the blanket.  Then I waggle my big bottom at my man before reaching back to pull my butt cheeks apart and flexing my anus at him.

“Put it in here, Daddy,” I coo.  “I want it.”

George’s blue eyes flare, and he’s out of his shorts and t-shirt immediately.  This man is utterly gorgeous with his bronzed chest, six pack abs, and thick thighs.  But of course, it’s that giant horse cock that has me salivating for more.  I literally let out a small moan of anticipation, watching the tip drip heavily with arousal.  OMG, there’s literally a string of sticky semen falling in a long line to the floor, and I swallow hard.

“Yeah, this is for you, baby,” my lover rasps, fisting that massive barrel.  “All for you and deep in your ass too.  But first, I want to do this.”

Then, to my surprise, George disappears for a moment before reappearing with a plexiglass oar.  I squint.

“Is that…?”

He nods, grinning lasciviously.

“Think you can take it in your butt, honey?” he asks.  “Of course, you don’t have to.  I’m just asking.”

My husband knows me better than anyone else, and most of all, George knows that I can’t resist a challenge.  As a result, I press my cheek against the ground while reaching back to part my ass cheeks once more.  My butthole is a raw, ravaged pink, but it’s ready and already pulsing a bit with anticipation.

“Put it in,” I murmur.  “I want it, Daddy.”

George grins like a motherfucker and reaches for the lube before dousing the plexiglass oar in the slimy liquid.  Then, he gets it all worked up until it’s shiny and glistening before lining up the handle with my anal opening.

“You ready, baby?”

I inhale through my nose as my lashes flutter shut.  OMG, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but then again, our sex life is utterly depraved so I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Do it,” I murmur.  “Give it to me, big boy.”

With that, George starts inserting the oar into my asshole.  It presses against my pleats insistently, and then with a loud pop, my sphincter gives way and the oar slides in a few inches.

“Oh fuck!” I pant.  “Unnnh!”

“That’s it,” George encourages, those blue eyes gleaming as he watches my anus clamp on the intruder.  “Fuck, your butt looks good getting fucked like this.”  Without waiting, he eases the oar in another few inches even as I moan melodiously, taking the plexiglass in my ass.

“Unnh!” I cry out.  “Oh oh!”

“You’re doing great, honey,” George intones.  “This is so fucking wrong, but you’re a slut so I know you’ll love it.”

With that, he nudges my mouth with his cock even as he begins to fuck me in the ass with the nautical equipment.  I have no idea how my man is so flexible, but all I care about is the dicking I’m getting in my ass, along with the huge piece of meat in my mouth.  Sucking hard, I moan around his shaft, saliva dripping down my chin as George fucks my butt.

“Mmph!” I grunt with my cheeks bulging.  “Ummph!”

Meanwhile, George is staring at my rear end as it’s violated again and again.

“Fuck baby, you look so good like this,” he rasps.  “Oh shit, oh shit, fuuuuck!”

With that, the man explodes in my mouth.  I literally feel the cum shoot at the base of his shaft pulse with power as reams of hot seed spurt down my throat, filling my cheeks to overflowing.  Then, I lose it as well.  It must be the salty taste of his cum because suddenly, my body’s jerking as my ass pulses around the oar, squeezing it tight.

“Mmmph!” I squeal through a mouthful of semen.  “Unnnh!”

My bottom hole grips the plexiglass spear, rippling along the hard length as I come again and again, shaking with the force of my orgasm.

“Mmmph!” I scream again.  “Ooooh!”

But the deep dicking and the cock sucking doesn’t stop just because we’ve both climaxed. Instead, we keep going, riding through another orgasm before finally subsiding into a heaving, panting mess of sweaty, tangled limbs, and a sorely used anus on my part.

“Are you alright baby?” George asks, getting up to exam my gape.  “Fuck, you really got it this time.”

I merely flex the red and ravaged hole at him, unable to close it at the moment.

“I’m fine George.  Just kiss it and it’ll be better.”

But my husband does me one better because he doesn’t just press a quick kiss to my anus before moving on.  Instead, the filthy man gets down and presses his face into my ass, gently licking over the tender pleats before forming his tongue into a point and inserting it into my butthole.

“Yes,” he groans.  “I love the taste of your ass, Romes.”

With that, I let out a half-sigh, half-gasp of bliss because this is how George and I roll:  totally depraved, with no holds barred when it comes to enjoying each other’s bodies.  Even more, this is what I signed up for, and this is how I want it to be, forever.





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