Bonus Scene - Corrupting Her



I squeeze my buttocks together and moan deliriously.  Stone’s got a finger plugged deep in my bottom and I love how it feels.  My hands and knees tremble weakly and my round rump lifts in the air as Stone stirs his finger around.

“Do you like that, baby?” he rasps, those blue eyes fixed to my asshole.  “Can I slip another finger in?”

My buttocks clench involuntarily as I press my cheek into the bedspread, trying to relax.

“Yes, add another finger,” I pant.  “I can take it.”

After all, I gave birth to our son a few months ago, and we’ve resumed conjugal relations.  But we haven’t done anal sex yet, and tonight’s the big night.  With a hiss, Stone tilts his hand to the side, stretching my rim before adding another finger so that he’s now got two digits crammed in my rectum.

“That’s it,” he moans throatily while stirring them again.  “I want to get you stretched and ready for me.”

I cry out while my hands scrabble at the coverlet because oh god, the two fingers feel so big!  Yet I force myself to inhale through my nose, before exhaling through my mouth.  One hand reaches down to toy with my clit, while the other one pulls at my nipples.

“Yes, I can do it,” I breathe, still focused on the penetration in my behind.  “I know I can, I know I can.”

“Of course you can,” Stone rumbles in a reassuring voice before bending to press a kiss to one big white cheek.  “You’re my good girl, after all.”

With that, he begins scissoring his fingers in my asshole, really working his digits so that my anal canal gets stretched and I gasp deliriously.  Fuck, how did we get so dirty?  Is this what married people do?

But of course, Stone and I are no average married couple.  After all, I used to be a virginal young woman, intent on saving myself for my wedding vows.  But this man burst through that wall of resistance, and now I’m a huge slut, only for my husband of course.  I don’t think Stone would consent to share me with another man, although I have hinted at it.  After all, with three holes, there’s more than enough to go around, and I love the thought of being plugged in all my sweet spots at once.

But right now, that’s not on the table.  I’m postpartum, and I’ve gained about thirty pounds, which makes me self-conscious, but my husband says he loves it.  In fact, he leans down to kiss a big buttock once more while slipping a third finger into my ass and I start before letting out a shrill scream.

“Oh my God!” is my shocked cry.  “Fuck!”

“Fuck is right, baby,” my husband hisses, almost punching his fist in now.  “Because we’re doing the Mormon Ass Soak tonight.”

I gasp and turn to look at him over one slim shoulder.

“But what is that?”

He merely grins, his handsome features stark as a harsh flush stains those sharp cheekbones. 

“I think you know what it is, baby girl,” he rumbles.  “After all, we’ve been preparing for it.  I’m going to be bathed in your ass fluids, that’s what.”

I stare at him, shocked and titillated.

“But I don’t have any ass fluids,” I whisper as he thrusts his fingers particularly deep inside, forcing me forward on my knees.  “What are you talking about?”

With that, Stone grins devilishly, and reaches for a bowl that he’s placed beside our bed.  My eyes widen.

“Oh that,” I breathe.

“Yes, this,” he agrees.  “It’s time to bathe your asshole in this, and then I’m going to lick it all up, straight from your anus.”

I suck in my breath, shocked, because inside the bowl is a messy goop made of Stone’s cum.  I know it’s gross, but instead of discarding his condoms after sex, he’s been emptying them into this bowl and then keeping the mix inside the refrigerator.  I was petrified that our housekeeper would find it and throw it out, or even worse, swallow a spoonful unwittingly, but he assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Now, my husband pops his fingers out of my butt, licking them lasciviously while still grinning at me.

“You know I love the way your ass tastes,” he intones.  “Now, I’m just going to give it some seasoning.”

Then, he dips his fingers into the leftover semen in the bowl and begins caressing my pussy and asshole, coating them with his sperm.

“Oh yeah,” he growls, watching with avid eyes as I get lubed up.  “Fuck, this is nasty.”

But nasty is our middle name, and once he’s done, Stone lies back and gestures me to straddle his face.

“Let me drink from your sweetest spots, Tanya,” he moans.  “Give it to me.”

With that, I get up and squat so that my pussy is poised over his lips.  He grunts as his tongue flicks out, licking the semen off my folds.  I let out a shrill scream, grabbing onto the headboard as my husband laps and slurps mightily.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunts.  “Oh shit, you taste good.”

Then, he shifts down so that my asshole’s positioned directly over his mouth, and leans up to sample that as well.

“Mmm,” he moans.  “God, I love tasting your ass mixed with my sperm.”

I can’t reply because this is dirty beyond belief.  I’ve always known that we took things to the next level, but it feels like we’ve skipped Go and collected two hundred with this new, nasty interlude.  Yet it feels good, and I begin gyrating my hips on Stone’s mouth as he licks my anus repeatedly.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” he groans, fisting himself as I begin to quake.  “Oh SHIT!”

Then it happens.  Both of us come, my pussy and anus quivering spasmodically as his dick pulses and then ejaculates, spraying us both with lashes of cum.  It’s hot, wet, and so goopy, and yet I love it, encouraging him to give me more even as I quiver with release.

“Oooh yeah!” is my scream, breasts bobbling as he tongues my anus through the earth-shattering climax.  “FUCK!”

Finally, the tremors subside a bit, and I roll off Stone, panting as my breasts heave.

“Wow,” is the only word I can manage.

Meanwhile, Stone sits up, his chin and cheeks a mess of glossy fluid, but does my husband wipe himself clean?  Hell no.  Instead, he merely leans down to nuzzle my clit again, giving it a quick suckle and then a kiss.

“That was good, baby,” he rumbles.  “Sorry I got cum in your hair.”

“And all over my back too!” I cry out.  “But it’s okay, Mr. Thompson, because I love it so much.  Besides, we’ll have to start up our collection efforts again, right?  I think we just used up the supply of your cum.”

With that, we both laugh while looking over at the bowl because indeed, it’s empty now, which means that the hedonism must begin again.




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