Bonus Scene - Babysitter of Sin



I moan as James breathes hard beside me.  His blue eyes flare as he takes in my nude form, caressing one big palm over the baby bump.

“You’re gorgeous, sweetheart,” he rasps.  “I’m so lucky I met you.”

I giggle and lean back before pulling my legs up, showing my two holes to him.  The huge man stares before swallowing thickly, unable to tear his eyes from my glistening pink slit and the tiny coffee pucker right below it.

“You are lucky,” I coo.  “Especially after you fed me those lies!  I mean, pretending to be your twin brother?  That’s a hell of a whopper.”

He bends his dark head, ashamed for a moment.

“I know, Sav, and I’m so sorry about that.  I guess I just got carried away with the excitement of filming my cooking show, and being alone in that huge house too.  It was fun to take on a different identity and to be someone else, if only for a little while.”

I shake my head at him while winking my asshole.

“Yes, but that’s weird, right?  I mean, why would you want to be someone else?”

James shrugs.

“I think everyone wants a little bit of escapism in their life.  And for me, in that instant, it was easy because Rick’s my identical twin.  So it wasn’t hard to slip right into his life for two weeks.  It’s not like I was taking over his business or anything nefarious like that.  It was really just socially.  When I went out in New York, it was easy to pretend to be him.”

I merely roll my eyes.

“Yeah, but he caught you.”

“That he did,” my boyfriend growls, blue eyes flashing.  “And I’m sorry Sav.  You know I’ll make it up to you,” he rasps while pulling off his own clothes so that he’s fully naked.  “What do you want me to do?”

I swallow hard, taking in this gorgeous man because looking at my handsome boyfriend always gets me so turned on.  I think he does it on purpose too because I can’t think straight when James’s huge cock is out, dripping from the tip.  But it’s not just that nine inch monster.  It’s also the fact that he’s got the physique of an Olympic swimmer with those broad shoulders, tanned, bronzed chest, and of course, the six pack abs which I’ve licked multiple times now.  Not only that, but my boyfriend is a dirty fuck, and that’s part of the reason why we get along so well.

“I want some anal fingering,” I coo, my eyes eating up the male meat in front of me. 

“Of course, no problem,” he rumbles, settling beside me on the bed, one hand already reaching over to stroke my coffee pleats.  “I’m happy to, honey.”

But I pull away a bit and giggle.

“No, I want to do simultaneous anal fingering,” I coo.  “We’ll finger each other at the same time.”

James pauses, his blue eyes flaring.

“Are you serious?”

I nod.

“Yeah, it’ll feel good.  Besides, I know you like it, big boy.”

It’s true too because James isn’t one of those alpha males who doesn’t like to be penetrated.  I’m not saying that he looks forward to it, but if it’s done by the right woman with just the right amount of finesse, he can get into it.  As a result, I lie on my back, my big belly protruding, and then gesture for James to climb over me in a sixty-nine position.

“Put your ass in my face,” I whisper.  “And get your mouth over by my pussy.”

Immediately, my gorgeous man does just that, and before I know it, he’s spitting on my asshole before moaning deliriously.

“I love how fucked up you are, Savannah,” he rasps.  “Meeting you was the best day of my life.”

I giggle before craning my neck up to lick his asshole.

“Meeting you was also the best day of my life, James, and this is why.”

With that, I begin to penetrate his brown pucker with one finger.  The man resists at first, clenching his buttocks, but I reach up to lick around his hole again, murmuring softly.

“It’s fine,” I coo.  “You’re going to love it.”

With that, my man takes a deep breath and relaxes somewhat, and I’m able to worm the tip of my index finger in.  My digit looks so nasty and forbidden jammed into his back hole, but James lets out a deep sigh, his cock flexing as it brushes my chin.

“Fuck,” he bites out.  “What a little slut.”

But before I can reply, my man’s spitting on my little hole again before circling it with his fingertips.  The light touch makes me squeeze with anticipation, a small gasp escaping my lips.  Then, James growls low in his throat and worms his finger into my asshole.  I clench and shriek a little from the penetration, but my lover merely chuckles darkly in his chest.

“Yeah, you can take it,” he croons.  “Fuck your butt looks tasty.”

With that, the anal fingering begins.  I know how dirty this sounds because we’re in a sixty nine fingering each other’s anuses, but this is what we like to do when we’re together.  Soon, I’ve got two fingers in James’s rectum, stirring like a spoon, while he’s got three fingers in my butt, stretching it out as his cock drips wetly onto my breasts.

“Fuck,” he bites out, his buttocks clenching involuntarily.  “Oh shit!”

“I know,” I gasp.  “I’m almost there too.”

Then, my man leans down to bite my clit, and it happens then.  I explode, my asshole dissolving in a series of strong contractions as James jerks and comes as well.  He lets out a scream as those balls lift and shoot, hot cum coursing down his cock before spraying all over my breasts.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Oh shit shit shit!”

I can’t even talk because his asshole is now contracting on my digits so hard that the squeeze is painful. 

“Unnh!” I shriek.  “Oh oh oh!”

But James can’t control it.  His anus is having the time of its life as it clamps and shudders repeatedly, even as I’m bathed in lash after lash of hot semen.

Finally, we both come down from our highs, and James rolls over, his hand still plugged in my asshole.  My fingers emerge from his asshole with an audible pop and I wince a little, shaking them out because they’re sore.  But my boyfriend sees the gesture and merely grins wickedly before reaching for my hand.  Then he gently licks up my index finger before thrusting both of my digits into his mouth and sucking ravenously.

“Fuck, I love the taste of ass on your fingers, baby,” he rasps.  “It’s one of the things I love most about you Savannah:  your utter sluttiness.”

I merely giggle.

“Well, if I’m a slut then you’re a male whore, Mr. Cornwall, because your fingers were just in my butt too!”

He grins and then nods before sucking on his own fingers. 

“You’re right, baby girl, and I do love the taste of your ass wherever I can find it.”

With that, electricity zings in the air as we stare at each other, our anuses still gaping from the mutual fingering.  But you know what?  I already need something in there again, and judging from the look in my lover’s eyes, it’s going to be a lot more than some fingers this time.





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