Bonus Scene - Filthy Twin Carpenters



A year later.

“That’s right, baby, stroke me,” Liam pants as I take his cock in my small hand. I grip the base and slide my palm up and down, changing the pressure as I move.

The gorgeous man’s eyes flutter shut and he moans with ecstasy, making me giggle a bit.  I certainly know what my husband likes, and I twist my wrist in a special corkscrew motion that always makes him go bonkers.  Sure enough, I’m rewarded by a spurt of gooey pre-cum onto my wrist.

But Liam knows what I like too and he reaches down to press two digits into my cunt, driving me crazy.  Fuck, this is so good.  Meanwhile, my other husband Bart gently probes my asshole before inserting a finger.  I let out a squeal and buck a bit, but he spits on the hole and stirs his fingers around like a pro.

“You always enjoy this,” he soothes.  “You’re a butt slut, remember?”

It’s true because ever since I started dating the two of them, all of my holes have been put into service.  When it was just me and Liam, we experimented with some anal play but never really got there.  Now that I have two men to please, my mouth, ass, and pussy are on-call 24/7.

Meanwhile, both of my husbands are enjoying me to the fullest extent.

“God, you’re so wet, baby,” Liam growls while kissing my neck.  “Just like always.” His free hand tangles in my hair, pulling me closer, and I lie back as Bart worms his finger up even deeper into my ass.

“You both make me feel so good,” I sigh, arching my back. Bart grins and takes a taut nipple between his teeth before biting down gently, nearly sending me over the edge.

“I need you now,” Liam growls.  Then, he gets up to position himself between my knees and my head falls to the side.  That’s when I catch a glimpse of a shadow in the doorway.

I nearly scream, shocked to see a person standing there when I’d thought we were alone, but this is no mirage.  The shadow peels itself away from the wall, and then reveals itself to be not one, but three men.  They’re gorgeous with huge hulking fames, their faces still hidden in darkness.  But even in the dim light, I can see three enormous, aroused cocks already dripping from the tips.

“You wanted a gangbang, right baby?” Liam whispers in my ear. “This is what you wished for as a push present.”

I let out a half-groan, half-cry as he thrusts himself into me because it’s true.  When our baby was born, my men offered me anything in return for the incredible gift I’d given them.  Most women ask for expensive jewelry or a trip to Tahiti, but I indulged my deepest desires and asked to be taken by five men.

Now the three outsiders approach, their eyes gleaming in the darkness.

“Is she ready?” one of them growls.

My two husbands nod and smirk.

“Oh yeah,” says Bart, popping his finger from my ass.  “Go to it.”

“She’s dripping,” Liam adds while withdrawing from my pussy.  “Totally sopping wet.”

The three strangers advance and my heart races.  Oh my God, is this really happening?  Evidently, my husbands arranged it to be a repeat of our first encounter together.  But the three men don’t hesitate as they take their places.  One flips me over onto my hands and knees before pushing his enormous cock into my mouth.  My eyes fly open as my cheeks bulge, even as a second shaft drives deep into my pussy, making me squeal.

“Mfmfmf!” I scream.

Then the third man somehow mounts my behind and presses his tip against my anus.

“Open,” he breathes.  “Let me in, baby girl.”

My eyes squeeze shut even as my body’s pillaged every which way.  But this is what I want, and after a few seconds, my sphincter opens with an audible pop as the stranger slides deep into my back door.

“Mmmm,” I groan.  “Mfmfm!”

The three strangers growl in unison and begin a relentless rhythm in my holes.

“Fuck she’s tight,” breathes one.  “You weren’t kidding.”

“I can’t believe she’s had a baby,” adds another.  “Fuck fuck fuck.”

But that’s when my husbands step in.  Then lean forward and seize my small palms in their own before wrapping my fingers around their oozing shafts.

“Yes, baby,” Liam rasps, his blue eyes lustful as he takes in my jiggling curves.  “Fuck you’re horny.”

“Only a slut asks for a gangbang as a push present,” adds Bart as he guides my hand up and down his veiny cock.  “We’ve really lucked out, haven’t we bro?”

It’s true because our threesome is incredibly satisfying and amazing.  I service my husbands day and night, but it’s not just that.  We also have a beautiful child together and live happily in a huge apartment that the men bought for our family.

But right now, we’re focused on the physical.

“Ummf, ummf, ummf,” I groan as I’m pummeled like an experienced whore.  Suddenly, stars sparkle before my eyes as a great wave of pleasure crashes over my frame.  “Unnnnh!” is my helpless scream.  “MFMFM!”

The five men sense my excitement and come as well, their massive tools spurting gallons of semen.

“Fuck,” hisses Liam as Bart releases a muffled grunt, his cock jerking hotly in my palm.  The three strangers release as well, their fluids spraying my interiors with virile reams of sperm.

“Unnh,” they growl.  “Shit.”

Meanwhile, I suck and swallow as much as possible.  Male jism has always been my preferred drink and I gulp to my heart’s content even as my pussy, ass, and hands squeeze out the last they have to give.

Finally, the six of us collapse in a heap on the bed.

“By the way, sweetheart,” Bart says in an almost conversational tone once we’ve caught our breaths somewhat.  “This is Madsen, Mark, and Mick.  They’re identical triplets, just in case you didn’t notice before.”

The truth is that I didn’t because I couldn’t tear my eyes from their enormous tools, but now I see it’s true.  Madsen, Mark and Mick are gorgeous with chiseled physiques, flashing blue eyes and golden hair.  I guess I was too in awe of their cocks to really focus on their faces, but now that I’m somewhat sane and sated, I smile sweetly.

“Nice to meet you, boys.  Are you ready for more?”

The answering growl from all five men makes my pussy ache and my ass tingle because I know these alpha males have it in for me, and I can’t wait to start our gangbang all over again.




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