Bonus Scene - His House, His Rules



It’s funny how time gives you perspective.  Back when my wife and I got together, we were so worried about what other people would think.  After all, I was technically Selena’s stepfather and she was my long-lost stepdaughter. 

But now, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  I suppose time smooths all rough edges, and with our twin daughters growing and developing every day, the origins of our taboo relationship seems to matter very little.

But I still adore my wife, and want to show her how much I appreciate everything she does.  After all, Selena gave up a career in merchandising to stay home to care for Esme and Emme.  She’s the woman behind the man, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

As a result, now that our daughters are asleep, I’ve locked the door to the master suite and have Selena spread out on the bed.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” I rasp, my eyes roving over those luscious curves.

She colors a bit and smiles.

“Yes, but I put on quite a bit of weight because of the pregnancy,” she murmurs.  “Here, here, and here,” she says, her hands skimming her waist, hips and then thighs.

I shake my head.

“No, you’re gorgeous baby.  There’s more of you to love, and you know I’ve always adored your full figure.  Hell, if you put on another twenty pounds, I think you’d be even more delicious.”

“Oh Clancy!” my wife giggles.  “You’re always complimenting me.”

“But it’s true,” I growl, leaning forward to pin her to the mattress, my arms on either side of her body as she squirms a bit against the pillows.  “You’d look better even bigger, baby.”

As I kiss my sassy wife, she sighs and undoes the buttons of my shirt, and when it’s finally off, I move down to her mini skirt, tugging it down.  Fuck, I love that my wife still wears minis, even after having a baby.  But things get even better when her panties are revealed, the crotch already damp.  I run my tongue over the wet spot, making her moan, and then I pull the lace down with my teeth. 

“Clancy,” she sighs breathlessly, her head tossing as her back arches.  I feel her muscles tense with pleasure, but rather than moving back up to kiss her, I bury my face between her thighs while lapping wetly at her center.

“Mmm!” she squeals.  “Oh God!”

Ever the dirty asshole, I snake my tongue into her wet center and then press on her lower stomach to enhance the pressure.  I reach deep into her pussy with my tongue until she finally bursts, crying out my name.

“Unnh, fuck Clancy!” Selena bites out while gripping my hair.  “Shit!”

A gust of juice floods my mouth and I swallow it down, enjoying the taste of tangy female nectar.  But then Selena reaches for my face and pulls me toward her for another deep kiss, her body still shuddering with ecstasy. Her creamy breasts are heaving, and I can’t resist any longer. In a trail of messy, wet kisses, I duck my head and suck on one nipple, twirling the hard nub with my tongue so that she comes again.

“That a girl,” I hiss as my wife bucks and squeals once more, the essence between her thighs thickening a bit.  “I know you like it.”

But even after she collapses, panting, on the mattress, there’s no rest for the weary.  I trace back up her neck with my lips and tongue, and nibble lightly on her earlobe before shifting her hips and stroking her quivering hole.  Oh yeah, she’s soaked now, and I notch the head of my fuckrod at her opening.

“Selena,” I rasp, unable to ignore my own desires any longer. My woman’s pleasure is always my priority, but at the moment, I’m close to bursting.  Meanwhile, she’s wet and relaxed, and I can tell I’ve done enough to prepare her for the main event.  Slowly, I slide in, eliciting low moans from both of us.

“Damn you feel good, baby girl,” I grunt before beginning to thrust.  Her fingernails, manicured but short, dig into my back, the sting of which only serves to enhance my pleasure.  Meanwhile, my woman’s legs are wrapped around my waist, pulling me close while trying to increase the pace, but I stay slow and steady, fucking her with deep, satisfying strokes.

“Faster,” she begs, and I smirk.

“Be patient, sweetheart. Don’t worry, Daddy will make sure you get what you need.”

Selena shakes her head, but I’m enjoying making her wait, and fuck, but the wet sucking sounds from her pussy are so obscene.  My abs tighten and my balls raise, the seed already boiling in my testicles.  But then, I do what she adores most.  Instead of coming in her pussy, I pull out at the last minute and shove my dick into her ass.

Selena’s eyes widen in surprise as a gasp erupts from her throat from the unexpected penetration.

Clancyyyy!” she cries out as orgasm overwhelms us both.  “Oh SHIT!”

“Oh shit is right,” I growl as I thrust deep into that pink asshole.  “Fuck fuck fuck.  You love being buttfucked, don’t you, my little whore?”

My wife loves it when I talk dirty and she cries out again, her asshole squeezing me tight as waves of pleasure course through her body.  Meanwhile, I continue to pulse, dumping gallon after gallon of hot sperm into this woman’s clenching bottom.

Finally, the pleasure subsides a bit and I slow to a stop, still breathing hard. Selena’s panting and so am I, but when she moves to pull away, the sensation makes me spurt once more into her back chamber.

“Oh my God!” she giggles teasingly.  “You weren’t done, were you?”

“No, I’ll never be done with you, sweetheart,” I moan before pulling out from her white cheeks.  A trail of semen runs from her raw and ravaged anus, and I lean down to kiss it.  “You’re mine, remember, baby girl?  I’ve already given you two children.”

“I know,” she sighs happily as I lap at the male seed leaking from her bottom.  “But Clancy,” she breathes, spreading her thighs wide so that I can really get into her back door, “remember to come in my pussy next time because we want to try for another baby, remember?”

I merely shove my tongue up her rectum while groaning.

“It’s fine, baby girl.  We can always adopt if it comes to that.  Hell, I’ve been enjoying anal sex so much lately that we might have to adopt.”

With a giggle, Selena pulls my head even deeper into her ass.

“Me too, Clancy.  I love it as well.”

With that, I know my wife and I are perfect together because both adoption and natural conception work for us.  We’re open-minded, giving, and adore children, no matter where they come from.  What Selena doesn’t realize?  That I’m hoping to knock her up at least a few more times, while also putting in several more adoption applications.  Why not?  The curvy girl’s the perfect mommy, and I couldn’t be happier with our life together.




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