Five Years Later - Trailer Park Daddy

Five years later.

I lock the door to Kaylee’s Sweets and turn to survey the scene.  It’s a colorful, fun little store.  The walls have pink and white stripes, and the floors are a black and white checkerboard.  But best of all, there are candy displays everywhere.  See-through plastic containers line the walls, and there are multiple islands in the middle, filled with candy for customers to buy.

I sigh because this is my dream come true.  Originally, I wanted to work in the restaurant industry, but the pandemic made that difficult.  Instead, I settled on opening a candy store, and business has been good.  We do a lot of delivery, and I had no idea the people of Millbrook had such a sweet tooth.  But I’m glad to be the one to satisfy those cravings.

Plus, my home life is better than ever.  After Ezra, Elliot pretty much kept me pregnant non-stop.  Although it’s only been five years, we now have four children, and Ezra, Emmeline, Esme, and Eckhart are the loves of my life.

However, Elliot is still my everything.  Even though we’re parents now, we still find time to be naughty together.  I’m the girl from the trailer park after all, and I never let him forget it.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the glass door, and I peer outside.  A huge figure looms in the evening dusk, and I know who it is.  It’s my handsome husband.

I unlock the door and throw my arms around his broad shoulders as he comes in.

“Hi,” I whisper breathily before we kiss.  “I missed you.”

He pinches my bottom, dazzling me with a charming smile.

“Really, that soon?  Sweetheart, we just had sex this morning.  I thought that would be enough to tide you over for a little while.”

I merely pout and press my breasts against his chest.

“Yes, but that was this morning.  That was a full eight hours ago, and now I’m horny again.”

Elliot’s brows go up even as his blue gaze darkens.

“Oh really,” he growls.  “Did you have anything specific in mind?”

It’s the perfect opportunity.  I dance towards the back of the store, pulling my handsome husband in my wake.  He’s still as gorgeous as ever with that jet-black hair, the piercing blue eyes, and the body of a warrior.  I can’t get enough, and I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough. 

But this is a time to be naughty together.  I disappear into the closet in the back for a moment, and then come back with a mop in hand.  It’s just a regular mop with a sleek wooden handle, and white strings forming a fluffy puff at the end.

“Remember how I used to be your maid?” I ask coyly.

Elliot’s eyebrows go up.

“I remember,” he growls, harsh streaks forming across his high cheekbones.  “In fact, I still think about it every day.”

I giggle.

“Well, I’m ready to be your maid again,” I sing-song.  “Except, I want you to hold the power now.”

I hand him the mop, and then bend over before flipping my skirt over my hips.  There’s no one in the store, but there could be people outside the glass doors and Elliot inhales quickly, looking over his shoulder.

“Sweetheart, are you sure?  If anyone comes …” his voice trails off as I wiggle my bottom at him.

“No one will come,” I say coyly, pulling my panties to the side to show him my steamy asshole and tight pussy.  “Besides, we’re hidden behind the display of Tootsie Rolls, so they won’t see anything.  It’s fine, Elliot.  Now take what belongs to you.”

With that, I lean over fully, pulling my butt cheeks apart for his pleasure.   The creaminess spreads and my husband groans as he takes in my tight coffee pucker with the swollen pink slit below it.  He kneels behind me, slipping his tongue up and down that groove before pressing it into my pussy channel.

“Shit, you’re such a dirty little slut,” he groans.  “So fucking wet, like always.”

“I know,” I mewl, sighing with pleasure as he begins to tongue my vaginal channel.  “After four kids too.  I think having those children only makes me want you more, Elliot.”

The handsome man groans with pleasure, unbuckling his pants to pull out his shaft.  It springs out hard, hot and veiny and my mouth literally waters when I see it.  But never underestimate my husband because he’s not one to sit back and let me get away with murder.  Instead, he stands up again, and caresses my pussy, dousing his hand in my wetness.  Then, he rubs it over the wooden shaft of the mop, getting it all lubed up.

“I knew you’d find something to do with that,” I say with a coo, my lashes fluttering.  “Now give it to me big boy.”

Elliot knows exactly what I want, although I’m making it obvious at this point.  I lean over, pulling my butt cheeks wide so that my asshole is open wide.  You can practically see my brown walls pulsing, waiting to be violated.  Then, Elliot slowly begins pushing the wooden broom handle into my back pucker.

“Unnnnh!” I squeal, unable to believe I’m getting anally fucked by a mop.  “Oh shit!”

“Yeah, you dirty girl,” my husband hisses.  “Taking all sorts of nasty implements inside of you.  How does your asshole feel now?”

To be honest, it’s fiery with pain, but after a few minutes, the sting subsides a bit, and I’m left breathing hard, my breasts swaying below my tiny torso.

“Unnnh,” is all I’m able to manage as my ring contracts reflexively around the wood handle.  “Oh fuck.”

But Elliot’s not done with me yet.  Keeping the mop handle stuck firmly in my backside, he maneuvers his veiny cock to my pussy.  Then he eases it in, so that I’m filled with cock and mop at once.  The stretch is so intense that I let out another hissed moan, every nerve on fire.  One hand reaches to a nipple to corkscrew off the tip, as I furiously begin to touch myself between my legs.

“Yeah, rub that kitty,” my husband rasps behind me.  “Get that clit good and raw.”

Then, the pounding begins.  There is no fury like a man with a mop in hand.  Elliot fucks my cunt with his cock, while maneuvering the mop with his hand.  My asshole gets inch after inch of hard wooden shaft buried inside, and the double penetration feels so good that I erupt after only a few minutes.

“Oh shiiiiiiit!” I squeal.  “Fuck fuck fuck!”

That only makes Elliot drill even harder.  Soon, I have ten inches in my butt, as well as ten inches in my pussy.  I scream again, stretched to the max and come heavily with the two implements buried inside.  My pussy clamps around Elliot’s hardness as my asshole jerks off the mop with convulsive spasms.

It’s too much for my husband too.  After all, I know what Elliot’s seeing:  my huge, milky ass, violated by two thick instruments of pleasure.  He explodes too, shooting deep into my fertile fields and covering my ovaries with creamy male semen.

“Mmmm,” I moan, heaving gently after it’s all over.  But Elliot’s not done yet.  Even though he just ejaculated a full load, my husband has the stamina of an Olympic athlete, because in a quick switch, he pulls the mop handle from my anus, and then buries his cock in that dark star.  Then he inserts the mop handle into my pussy, and as a result, I’m double penetrated all over again.

“Oh shit,” I groan.  “I never asked for this.”

“No, you didn’t,” my husband rasps as he leans over to kiss my shoulder.  “But this is what the girl from the trailer park gets.  She’s a trashy whore, after all, and I’m going to treat her like one.”

With that, our path is set.  I let Elliot use my body any way he likes because that’s how our relationship has always been.  But in the end, I know that we’re always surrounded by love.




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