Five Years Later - Off Limits Daddy

Five years later.



It’s been five years since Nella and I were married, and our life is wonderful.  My wife has a thriving career as an illustrator, and she’s releasing her own book soon.  In celebration, we went to dinner tonight without the kids, and now we’ve rented a hotel room to enjoy our privacy.

“Oh Paul, you didn’t have to,” Nella blushes.  “You know I love being with you anywhere.”

“I know,” I growl into her ear while stroking her curves.  “But last time in the closet was dangerous, frankly.  You almost stepped on that mop, knocking me out with the handle.”

She giggles.

“Well, if you hadn’t shouted so loud when you climaxed, then you wouldn’t have startled me, and I wouldn’t have stepped on the mop.”

I merely growl, nibbling at her shoulder. 

“It’s fine, honey.  I came in you hard, and the kids had no idea.  But now, I want to have fun in private.”

Slowly, I pull her thong down to the top of her heels, locking her ankles in place. I slide between her legs, lowering my lips to her pussy and dive right in.  Her female essence is heavenly, and I can’t help but moan with bliss. Apparently, Nella likes the way the vibration feels up against her most sensitive area and her pussy squeezes in on my tongue while gushing more. I only push in deeper.

“Unnh, Paul,” she moans deliriously, those big breasts tipped to the sky.  “That feels so good.”

I smile, wrapping an arm around the top of her thighs before pulling her down against me once more as my tongue licks that hot pink flesh. With my other hand I reach up and hook my fingers into her mouth.  Nella instinctively sucks on them, just as I wanted her to do, but then I pull my hand back and slide my wet fingers against her throbbing clit. She lets out a wild cry of pleasure, and her thighs close around my neck in a spasm.  At that, I decide it’s time to tie her up.

“You want to keep your legs together baby? Fine, we’ll keep your legs together.” I grab my tie off the ground and use it to knot her ankles in place.  Then, I hoist her legs up until her feet are above her head and give her the leftover slack.

“Whatever you do, don’t let go,” I warn.  Admittedly, this is a depraved position.  My woman is buck naked, her curves creamy and aroused as she literally holds her own legs above her head. 

“And if I do?” she teases. I look at her ripe bottom, now fully exposed. I give it a firm smack while grinning devilishly.

“Take that as a warning, that’s all.  I can’t say what’s going to happen if you’re bad.”

Then, I slide my fingers into Nella’s wet pussy once more, watching as they disappear into that gleaming, pulsating slit.  She moans ecstatically, tilting her head back as her hips lift into the air even higher.

“Yes Paul, that feels so good.”

But I’ve always been a dirty motherfucker, and just because we’re married now doesn’t mean I’ve stopped.  Slowly, I pull my fingers out of her twat and run the wet digits around her dark rose, circling those sensitive pleats. She yelps excitedly and then I lean down to run my tongue between her cheeks, once, and then twice.

“You tell me if anything is off limits,” I rasp. Her only response is another throaty moan. Good.  I press harder this time and my tongue pops into her anus, tasting the forbidden canal.  She screams out.

“Oh my god, Paul!  Unnnh, Paul!”  Excellent.  She likes it.

“I know you enjoy having my tongue in your butt, but you need what really belongs there.”  Now I’m revved up, and my cock’s dying to be plugged in.  Unfortunately, Nella’s not ready quite yet, but I decide to give her a small taste.

I press my erect cock into her seeping pussy. With my chest I press her legs down even further against her own body, close enough so that we’re almost face to face.

Then, I take her hands and pin them at her sides as I thrust myself inside of her several times. Her lower back arches and her hips tip forward, sending me even deeper inside.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” I growl.  Nella’s panting through clenched teeth, and I watch as her hands frantically grab at the sheets beneath my grip. I yank her hands up above her head, not allowing her any purchase.

“Mmmm,” she moans loudly as a hot gush of wetness spurts against my balls.  That’s my signal.  She’s ready now, and I pull my cock back out and watch her pussy dripping and pulsating for a long minute.  The liquid seeps down her thighs to coat her asshole, and she squirms impatiently with her legs still hoisted above her head, begging me to enter her again.

But I want more than a quick fuck.  Quickly, I undo the tie and her legs come tumbling down.  Then I smack her bottom.  It’s juicy and round, even fuller since our children were born.

“Get on your knees,” I say. She’s startled, but immediately swings her legs behind her and climbs up onto her knees as directed. I pull her legs apart, and then lie on my back and shimmy underneath that curvy form. Nella knows just what to do and lowers her crotch to my face. The taste of that seeping pussy is heavenly.

“Oooh Paul!” she cries out again.  “More!”

Smiling, I slide my tongue over her clit and her body shivers on top of me.  She lets out a low cry of pleasure, the hum vibrating on my lips.  Meanwhile, as I go to town on her pussy, her lips wrap around the tip of my dick. Her soft tongue circles around the tip before she begins to work her mouth slowly up and down my shaft, going further and further down until every single inch is in her mouth.  Fuck, how does my woman do this each time?  I know her cheeks are probably bulging, saliva trickling down my balls as that huge rod worms down her throat.

But I have my own magic too.  I spread Nella’s cheeks wide and then slide a finger into her asshole. Her body immediately jerks, tensing and then relaxing.  But the pressure of her mouth doesn’t relent, and if anything, the suction around my dick grows.  I can’t take it anymore, and it’s time to give this woman a good assfuck.  I swiftly slap her bottom but she only presses her hips harder against my face, moaning and grinding while sucking me deep. I chuckle, amused at my horny little wife.

But an alpha male always gets his way, and I manage to pull her mouth off my cock with a loud pop.

“Come on, baby.  It’s time,” I growl.  She’s still on her hands and knees, and I get in back of her, pushing her chest down so that her torso’s flat on the bedspread.  Those big breasts squeeze out the sides, and I tweak one nipple for fun. 

“What now, Daddy?” she pants breathlessly.

“Spread your knees.” She listens, but I reach around and smack my hand against her clitoris anyways. She jumps and a deep lust grows inside of me. I spread her cheeks wide and give her one more good, long lick from her clit to just past her asshole.

“Oooh Daddy, yes!” she cries, wiggling her pussy in my face.  “Yes, yes!”

I straighten and press my cock deep into her twat, making her cry out again.

“You’re getting Daddy good and wet with your pussy juices, aren’t you?  So I can fuck your butt after?”

“Yes, yes!” she almost screams as I enter her again.  “Put it in my butt!  I want it!”

After all, this is part of what binds us together.  I have a deep need to be in my wife’s anus, and Nella always indulges me.  She’s able to stretch to accommodate my length and girth, and she lets me take it anytime I want.

“Come on Paul, fuck me,” she pants.  “In the ass this time.”  Damn, she’s a dirtier girl than I expected. I pull her hips hard back against me as I circle my hips against her. “Fuck yes, fuck yes,” she cries.  “More!  Now!”

“As you wish, my lady.”

This time, I slide deep into her asshole.  The pink pleats contract in shock, but it’s too late because I’m already embedded in her bowels.  To my delight, Nella begins to tremble and starts grinding her bottom against my cock, making my balls rise as my shaft stiffens even more.

I bring one hand to her lower back and the other to her pussy. While my cock penetrates one hole, my thumb and forefinger titillate the other.  Nella slams her hips back against me faster and faster.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to come. Are you ready?” I growl.

“Yes, come for me Paul.  Fill me with your seed.  Unnnh!”

At that, I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back towards me, grunting forcefully. I dive as deep as I can and hold myself still as I explode.  Meanwhile, Nella comes too, screaming and shrieking like a banshee.  Her curvy body pulses spasmodically, clenching on my fuckrod while milking it dry.

“Yes, give it to me!” she shouts.  “Give me all your semen,” she moans as I empty my virility into her butt. 

Finally, we finish and I pull out, my shaft dripping with our combined fluids as she collapses onto the bed. I pull her in close, kissing her neck.

“Do you feel good?” I ask her.

“Oh my, Paul. You have no idea. I feel all sorts of things when my bottom’s full of your sperm.  In fact, I don’t feel complete unless I have one of your deposits in there.”

I tuck her hair back behind her ear and chuckle.

“That’s because you’re Daddy’s little cumbucket and fuckhole.  You know that right?”

But instead of being offended, Nella merely turns and smiles coyly at me.

“Of course I’m your cum receptacle, Daddy.  My butt, pussy, and mouth are all yours to use anytime you want.”

With that, we laugh together, and I pull her curvy body close.  After all, we’re on the same wavelength, and that’s what really matters.  I may be a depraved alpha male, but fortunately, my wife is with me every step of the way.




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