Bonus Scene - Claiming His Call Girl



Five years later.

It’s been five years since Ben and I met through Club Z, and it’s been a whirlwind ride.  After busting the Sim brothers, my husband pulled back from undercover work in order to spend more time with me and our baby.  I know he missed the excitement and danger at first, but he assured me it was worth it because he’s a man with a family now.

Plus, our family has grown.  After giving birth to our daughter Michaela, I got pregnant almost immediately again, and soon, Michaela was joined by her younger sister Jordana.  To accommodate our growing brood, we moved out to Long Island, and now I’m a full-time mom to our beautiful daughters.  Not only that, but Ben’s risen in the department and is now the head of the Special Victims Unit.  I know he finds the work compelling, and he’s more than qualified given his experience busting sex trafficking rings.

Tonight, we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary, and the kids are with my older brother, Keith, for the night.  My relationship with Keith and his wife has improved, and I know it’s due to my commitment to my own mental health.  I’ve accepted that therapy and medication will always be a part of my life, but the stability and loving support of my husband are big factors as well.

We’re in the living room, enjoying having the house to ourselves and I giggle as my husband gets down from the sofa.  I’ve just shown him my moves with my flute (again) and I start to get up, but he holds up a finger, stopping me.

“Oh, baby, you’re not going anywhere yet. There’s still Act Two.”

Ben reaches down and seizes the flute, pulling it from my pussy with a wet sucking sound and tosses it to the floor. Then he spreads my legs wide. My head falls back and my ass comes off the couch cushion as Ben sucks my clit into his mouth, but he grabs my hips and pushes me back down, holding me in place.

My body feels like it’s floating on Cloud Nine as Ben works my clit with his tongue like it’s his favorite dessert.  The gorgeous cop alternates between swirling the tip around my nub, flicking it, and sucking it into his mouth, and my body is so amped that I can’t stop shaking.  In fact, the only thing keeping me from turning to pure jelly is the electric current pulsing through my core with every flick and suck of his clever mouth.  I start to ascend the peak, and my husband’s head lifts for a moment as he senses my need.  Then, he bites my clit, making me scream and rasps, “Come now, sweetheart.  Come for me.”

A second later my lover’s sucking my clit again as a massive orgasm rocks my world. I shriek to the Heavens, thankful that we have the house to ourselves as I raise holy hell.  A gush of pussy juice flows into his mouth, but Ben merely swallows, savoring my taste.

“Fuck your honey tastes good,” he groans after pulling off, his mouth and chin glistening from my climax.  I’m still quaking but then Ben stands and grabs my hips, lifting me off the couch. He maneuvers me so that I’m bent over the armrest and then uses his feet to nudge my legs slightly apart.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” he groans. “You came so hard your nectar’s flowing down your thighs, Michelle.”

I smile.

“Mmm, oh yes.  I’m wet and juicy for you, big boy.”

I can feel him closing the small space between us and then his thighs cover the backs of my own.

“Ah,” I gasp as the blunt head of his cock presses against my pussy.

My husband doesn’t hesitate and starts thrusting inside my needy snatch. I arc up off the armrest from the force, and he catches me before pulling my back against his chest. Keeping one hand on my hip, his fingers digging into my skin, he cups my breast with his other hand and fucks me deep and hard. Letting my head fall back against him, I glide my hand down my stomach and start swirling my fingers around my clit. We are both sweaty, our bodies slapping together, our breathing harsh and erratic.

Ben kisses my neck and nips me with his teeth.

“You feel amazing wrapped around my dick.”

“Mmm, it does feel good.”

He kisses my ear lobe.

“Ready to come for me again?”

My pussy begins spasming.

“Oh! Yes, please.”

“Good girl,” he growls.

Then, he pushes me back down over the armrest, digging his fingers in my hips hard. His pelvis moves faster as he starts to really drive home the drill.  The clapping of our bodies together is erotic as I’m fucked deep, and then it begins.  Pleasure rises in a wave before rocketing through me at full force.

“Ohhh!” I scream, bucking wildly as my pussy shakes.  “Mmm!”

“Shit!” Ben roars as well, slamming into me so hard and forceful that the couch literally screeches forward a few inches.  “Fuck fuck fuck!”

His dick erupts in me, spraying my insides with lashes of virile seed and I moan desperately as my pussy clamps and ripples, milking him desperately.  Every part of me is vibrating as orgasm washes over my frame, making me cry out again and again with ecstasy.

Finally, the waves subside a bit, and leaning over, Ben lowers us to the sofa as we catch our breath.  Our skin is sheened in sweat, and I love how my man reaches to touch my clit experimentally, growling when he feels that it’s still hard.

“Pregnancy has made you even hornier, hasn’t it?” he rasps in my ear.

I giggle a bit.

“Yes, but I’m not pregnant right now.  At least I don’t think so.”

But Ben shakes his head as his hand moves up to cover my belly.

“No, I think you are, honey.  That last time we fucked, I could tell you were fertile.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re pregnant with our third child right now.”

I giggle and crane my head to look at him over one shoulder.

“Yes, but we just made love last night,” I say pointedly.  “Are you saying that you know I’m pregnant already?  Within twenty four hours?”

My handsome man winks.

“Yes, because I know your body, sweetheart.  I worship these curves, and I’m attuned to you.  Plus, let’s just say my police instincts often prove accurate because I have a feel for these things,” he says, skating his big hand up to one nipple before toying with it.  The peak becomes stiff again and I sigh, pressing into his touch.

“Well, if I’m pregnant already, then we should try that other thing right?” I coo.  “You know the one where you lick my pussy every night because it helps me relax?”

My husband chuckles, pulling me close once more.

“You know I’m happy to lick your pussy any time you like, Mrs. Culver,” he whispers hotly in my ear.  “Every night and every morning.  And your asshole too because I just can’t get enough of you.”

With those words, Ben starts doing exactly that and I let out a gasp of pleasure as my eyes close ecstatically because my husband always gives me what I want.  Me and the children are of paramount importance to the gorgeous detective, and I’m so happy that our life together is filled with peace, love, and mutual adoration.




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