Bonus Scene - Sitting in Santa's Lap



“Oh my god, you’re such a pervert!” I squeal.  “I can’t believe you want me to do this!”

“Why not?” Brody asks, pointing the camera lens at my spread legs.  “You know I’m a professional photographer.”

I sputter.

“Of course I know, but I didn’t think you were nasty like this!”

My boyfriend just winks.

“Really?  I thought I made that clear the first time we were together, when you sat in my lap.  Remember?  Santa gave it hard to you while you were supposed to be handing out gifts.”

That makes me sputter with laughter because it’s true.  It seems difficult to believe that our relationship started when I helped Brody out with a Santa shoot over Christmas because things did not go as planned.  Oh, I helped kids get their photos taken with Santa, sure.  But I also sat in Santa’s lap and let him slip that stiff cock into my snatch beneath my short skirt.  How’s that for naughty?

“Well, just be sure that no one sees this video,” I murmur while squeezing my pussy muscles.  “Because this is top secret.”

“Don’t worry,” my boyfriend hums, his blue eyes fixed to that secret spot between my legs.  “This is all for my enjoyment alone.  Now what did the doctor say?  How many Kegels are you supposed to do?”

I huff while stroking my bare belly.

“Dr. Connors said maybe a few minutes of Kegels, two or three times a day.  It’s supposed to help me learn pelvic discipline so that I can control these muscles during labor and delivery.  Does that sound right, though?  I mean, can doing these exercises really make for an easier birth?”

My boyfriend merely shrugs, those blue eyes still fixated on my very naked pussy, currently planted right in front of his video camera.

“I have no idea, but I guess we’ll find out.  Come on, baby, let’s start then.  One, two, one two.”

I giggle.

“You clearly have no idea how Kegels are supposed to work because that’s way too fast.  I’m supposed to contract my pelvic floor muscles for five to ten seconds, and then relax, before doing it all over again.”

Brody nods, his eyes still glued to my swollen pink slit.

“Okay, got it.  Let’s see, baby.  I want to witness the magic as it happens.”

With another giggle, I lean back on my hands and spread my legs even further.  It’s so wrong to be fully nude like this during my third trimester with my legs spread and a camera pointed at my cunt.  But at the same time, this is how Brody and I roll – dirty with a side of nastiness.

Taking a deep breath, I throw my head back and internally squeeze, holding the clench, before letting go.  Then, I do it again and sure enough, a low growl sounds from my boyfriend.

“Fuck, you look beautiful doing that.”

“I do?” I blush.  “So you can see it?”

“Yep,” he rasps.  “It’s gorgeous seeing your naked pussy contract and relax.  Don’t get me wrong, the movements are small but it’s definitely there, baby.”

“Oh good,” I smile.  “Because you know what would make my Kegels even better?”

Brody shakes his head, still unable to rip his eyes away from my snatch.

“No, what?”

“A finger in my butt,” I say simply.  “I think it would feel really good to do my Kegels if you tease my butt at the same time.”

My man’s blue eyes glint, but he doesn’t hesitate at all.  Instead, he’s on his knees beside me in a minute, helping me flip over so that I’m on my hands and knees.  These days, I’m as big as a whale and as horny as a bitch in heat, yet Brody loves it all.

“Sure baby girl,” he rasps.  “I’m ready if you are.  Let me just make sure the camera’s pointing in the right direction,” he says, adjusting the lens before spitting hard into his palm.  “Okay, now we’re a go.”

Then, my man leans forward and begins to rub my anus, his cock already weeping cum. 

“Do you want me to suck you while we do this?” I pant as he skims his finger over my dark pleats.  “I’m happy to.”

“No, this is all about you,” my boyfriend rasps.  “Now push out like you’re going to the bathroom sweetheart.  It’ll go in easier that way.”

I obey, and sure enough, the pressure at my anus begins.  Then, his finger sinks into my dark star, sliding easily into my channel as I moan, my lashes falling shut.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” is my keening cry.  “Mmm.”

“Yeah, but don’t forget to do your Kegels, baby,” my boyfriend growls beside me.  “This isn’t just an anal fingering.  This is a calisthenics exercise.”

If I didn’t have jolts of pleasure searing through my ass at this very moment, I would slap Brody for that comment.  But instead, my anus merely contracts on his finger, the pink hole sucking him tight as I begin exercising my vaginal channel too.

“Mmmm,” I moan while squeezing.  “Ah ah ah!”

“Fuck yeah,” my man rasps, watching as my sweetest spots clench and release.  “Fuck fuck fuck.  God, what I wouldn’t give to have my dick planted in your ass right now.”

“You can put it in,” I breathe.  “But later, not now because … ahhhh!” 

Hot gusts of pussy fluid spill into his palm as I begin to come.  My snatch contracts hard and my asshole spasms too, nearly breaking his finger as it clamps down in a death grip.

“Unnnh!” I scream.  “FUCK!”

“That’s it,” Brody growls, even as the blood’s being cut off to his finger.  “Show me how you do it, baby girl.  Fuck yeah.”

With that, I give myself over to the Gods.  The pleasure is too much and I scream, moan, and seize even more, my holes violently spasming, all in front of the camera too.

Finally, the ecstasy subsides a bit and I drop to the floor, panting with exertion.

“Mmm,” is my blissful sigh.

Brody carefully pulls his finger out of my ass before putting it to his mouth and sucking on it.

“Oh my God!” I squeal, watching the dirty act.

“What?” he asks, waggling his eyebrows.  “You know I love how your ass tastes.  In fact, the best part is when I sample your ass flavor on my cock.”

“But how can you taste it when it’s on your cock?” I ask.  “You can’t exactly suck your own member.”

My man merely grins.

“Or can I?  I’m a contortionist at heart, baby.  I have moves that you haven’t even seen yet, I promise.”

With that, I let out a delighted gasp because could this be true?  Is my man going to put his cock into my ass, and then pull it out before sucking it himself?  I can’t wait to try it out because Brody’s exactly the man who makes my filthiest fantasies come true.



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