Bonus Scene - Satisfying The Biker Gang



“Hey big guy,” I coo while running a finger down the muscular man’s chest.  “Are you nervous?”

Drake throws his head back and laughs, blue eyes flashing.

“Hell no,” he rasps.  “If these four fuckers can take you, then I can too.”

I merely giggle while looking over the shoulder at my lovers.  We’re in the big bedroom at the Cannon Biker Club, and John, Nicky, Sam, and Joe are observing as I climb all over my new plaything.  Well, maybe Drake’s not my plaything quite yet because we’re still in the tryout phase. 

To make a long story short, after Arthur’s expulsion from the club, things were great.  I had lots of dirty sex with my four lovers, and we settled into a satisfying routine.  The problem?  That I’m a total whore.  After a while, I began begging for more.  I pointed out that I often had a hand free when I was being gangbanged, or an empty hole.  As a result, I begged the club to consider admitting another member, and after some pouting and pretty tears, they relented.

“You better not make us regret this,” Sam hissed, his blonde hair swept back in a messy coif as he pushed deep into my ass, making me moan deliriously.  “Another man could throw off the balance of our fuck sessions.”

I sobbed with pleasure, barely getting out a reply.

“Of course,” was my choked answer.  “I would never pick someone who didn’t fit in.  Plus, you know I like big cocks and there just aren’t that many guys who fit the bill.  Oooooh!”

The guys growled, but after a couple months of hunting, I finally landed upon Drake Keystone.  He’s a biker looking to find a new club in Chicago.  We’re not clear about his motivations yet because what happened with his old gang?  The mystery will take some time to unravel, but as a first step, I decided to move forward with the physical interview.  After all, why wait?  I’m desperate for a new dick, and I want to feel myself carried away on the enormous fuckshaft of a new man.

Now, Drake and I are totally nude in the large bedroom, with the four members of the Cannon Biker Club watching us from the shadows.  I don’t know if my men have taken off their clothes, but I’d bet that they’re stroking their shafts as they observe my seduction of the handsome stranger.

“So, what do you like in bed?” I coo while climbing onto Drake’s body.  Goodness, he’s drop dead gorgeous with deep brown hair swept off a high forehead; strong, patrician features; and lips so mobile that they could belong to a woman.  Broad shoulders and the physique of an Olympian champion make my mouth water, but of course, it’s what’s between his legs that gets my pussy wet.  This man has a staff that’s ten inches in length, and girthy like a Coke can.  My cunt’s already leaking copiously in anticipation, and I giggle again while tweaking at one of my pink nipples.

Drake watches my gesture with bright blue eyes, his cock flexing a bit with anticipation.  But he keeps it under control, growling, “I like whatever you like, baby.”

I swat him lightly on the chest.

“Oh, don’t be so modest!” I coo.  “Every man has something dirty he likes, and this is your chance to let it out.  I promise, I won’t be offended.  I sleep with four men on a regular basis, so there’s nothing you’d say that would scare me.”

Drake’s eyes gleam almost black, and his big hands come to encircle my narrow waist.

“Is that right?” he rasps, eyes glinting.

I nod innocently.

“Yes, absolutely, Daddy.  Just tell me what you want,” I breathe.

That’s when the handsome biker reaches beneath the bed to come out with a clear dildo shaped like a cucumber with small protrusions all over it.  The thing’s ten inches long and massive and girthy, but I’m not scared.

“Is that all?” I coo.  “A dildo?  Trust me, I can take it.”

But before I can move, Drake has me over his lap, his big hands already spreading my butt cheeks.

“You can handle it, hmm?” he growls, the man’s enormous shaft jabbing into my tummy from below.  “We’ll see about that.”

Then without any notice, he shoves the huge cucumber into my asshole and I let out a shriek.

“Ooooh, ooowwww!” is my scream.  “Unhhh!”

But then my cries become muffled because another dildo appears in his hand, this one like a giant sausage.  Drake crams it into my mouth as I scream again, muffling my outraged cries.

“Mmphph!” I holler.  “Ummmph!”

“Yeah, that feels nice, doesn’t it, sweet pea?” he croons.  “But of course, we have the finale on the way.”

Then, the man pulls out a third dildo, this one at least fifteen inches, huge, black and enormous.

“I call it the Black Dread,” he says in a silky tone.  “I find that some girls get addicted to this shit because it feels so good.”

Then, the enormous black dildo is crammed into my cunt and I’m stuffed in all three holes.  This isn’t anything new to me because with my four lovers, I’m often airtight when we have sex.  But Drake ups the ante again.  He pulls out another three dildos, and before I realize it, he’s pushing the three dildos in with the other three into my holes.  Holy shit!  I’m being double-stuffed every which way by six massive toys and the truth is that I love it.  Even as tears run from my eyes, my pussy creams hotly as my ass clenches and trembles. 

“There there,” Drake rasps, pulling my anus open a bit to edge a thin pink dildo in next to the clear one.  “You like being stretched, right?  Well, this is it, sweetheart.”

It’s then that I come.   I can’t help it.  Drool is leaking from the corners of my mouth as I’m taken brutally by six different dildos, and it feels like I’m being torn into two even as my asshole and pussy convulse with pleasure.  Drake isn’t immune either.  The handsome man squeezes his shaft while watching me scream and shriek until he finally unloads, spurting hot semen onto my face and hair.  I close my eyes, but it gets stuck in my lashes, oozing down my cheeks and even dripping off my chin because there’s so much.

“Fuuuuuck,” the handsome biker moans, his eyes closed with pleasure while he pumps a few last squirts onto my breasts.  “Hell yeah.”

It’s then that my men come out of the shadows to spray their semen onto my body too.  It’s an explosion of hot jizz and I come again and again as I’m bathed in the milky, viscous fluid.  I’m practically in a waterfall at the moment, but the fact is that I’m the biker club’s whore … and we’ve finally found a new member who fits me just right.




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