Bonus Scene - Father of the Bride



“So you want some, hmm?” my pretty fiancée giggles while bobbling her breasts at me.  “It doesn’t matter that I’m pregnant and huge?”

In response, I sweep Carolyn’s legs under my arm and hoist her into my arms as she giggles.  “Fuck no,” I rasp.  “I love your pregnant body, sweetheart.  You know that.”

Then I stalk to the master bedroom and ease Carolyn onto the edge of the mattress, taking care not to jostle her too much.  After all, my woman’s in her third trimester so we need to take it easy.  We’re not doing rough poundings at the moment, although I definitely enjoy her in other ways. 

With a sly smile, my fiancée begins to undo my belt buckle as I stand in front of her, and when my pants are off, I reach around to rip off her dress in one swift motion.

“Preston!” she gasps, her eyes wide.  “Really?”

I merely nod.

“I’ll buy you a new one sweetheart.  I need to see your curves stat.”

It’s true too because now, she’s sitting on the bed before me in nothing but the smallest scraps of lingerie.  My woman looks so soft and supple and I can’t keep my hands off her.

“You’re gorgeous, Carolyn,” I rasp while cupping those huge breasts.  Her tits have gotten even bigger with pregnancy and she’s likely a full F now.  The curvy girl smiles, and her nipples pebble a bit beneath my palms.  Unable to resist, I lean in to kiss her deeply once more, fierce and animalistic.  With a giggle, she ghosts her hand over the bulge in my briefs and it goes rock hard almost immediately.

“Fuck,” I gasp.  “Oh shit.”

But before I can make a move, Carolyn leans down and pulls my briefs off before kissing my thighs. It’s excruciatingly pleasurable as she teasingly circles my hardness before finally taking the enormous shaft in her mouth.  Like a good girl, she begins to suck, making swirls around the tip with her tongue, and bringing me dangerously close to orgasm as a result.  But I can’t have that, so I pin her to the bed, my arms on either side of her body as she giggles once more.

“You taste good, Daddy.  I’ll get some of that semen in my mouth later, if not now.”

“Dirty girl,” I rasp.  “You have such a fucking filthy mind.”

She merely titters again.  “Don’t you love it, too.”

With that, I growl and move down her body and over that distended tummy before grabbing her panties with my teeth and pulling them off.  The crotch is already soaked with her fluids and she smells heavenly.

“Ohhh!” Carolyn moans as I trail her inner thighs with my tongue.  “More, Preston.”

“Of course, honey,” I growl.  “Happy to be of service.”  With that, I bury my face between her thighs, lapping at her glistening slit before pulling her labia open to kiss her pretty pink insides.  Then I thrust my tongue into her tiny hole as she gushes fluids into my mouth.  Fuck.  My tongue swirls in tight, small circles, and her back arches until she finally cries out my name, along with a vehement curse.

“Unnnnh!” she screams, her pussy convulsing hotly on my face.  “Preston, shit!”

After a few blissful moments, Carolyn collapses on the bed, a heaving and panting mess.  But then she pulls me up for another deep kiss. I don’t even remember taking off her bra, but she’s not wearing it anymore and those soft, creamy breasts wobble invitingly.  I can’t resist anymore.  I suck on one nipple hungrily, twirling it with my tongue as she cries out again.

“Ooooh,” my woman moans deliriously as her lashes fall shut.  “Yes.”

But I’ve teased her enough and need to get my fill.

“Carolyn,” I mutter, nudging her tiny hole with the head of my cock. She’s wet and tight, but I’ve done enough to prepare her for the main event.  Now, my fiancee needs it as much as I do and I can tell by her hungry, desperate kisses and rapid breathing.

Slowly, I ease myself inside, both of us moaning at the sensuous penetration.

“Is that okay?” I rasp, looking into her eyes.

“Oh yes,” she mewls, her lashes fluttering closed.  “Don’t worry about me or the baby.”

With that, I begin to thrust inside her, and those wide hips move in time with my own. Her nails dig into my back, the pain enhancing my pleasure.  Meanwhile, Carolyn’s fleshy thighs are wrapped around my waist pulling me close, but I stay slow and steady with my deep, penetrative thrusts. This woman is stunning, and even better, she’s all mine.

“Faster,” she moans, and I smirk.

“My my, what an impatient little girl.”

She shakes her head, but I’m enjoying making her plead.  It’s great because the frustration makes her wetter, and she’s begging me now.

“Please Preston,” she cries.  “Give it to me deep and hard.  I need it!”

Finally, I start to speed up, and Carolyn’s eyes roll up her head, showing the whites.  Once more, her back arches and then her juices thicken ever so slightly as she clutches my shoulders.

“Preston!” my beautiful fiancee screams.  “I’m comiiiiing!”

Her pussy convulses violently, squeezing my shaft as it ripples, and I give it up too.  The contractions from her pregnant body are so strong that I can’t hold back and with a rough growl, my load shoots into her curvy body.

“Fuck!” I roar.  “SHIT!”

The Earth moves as I dump gallons of sperm into my pregnant fiancee, the fluid shooting like lightning down my shaft to spray her with sticky, hot seed.  But my woman loves it and continues clenching her pussy, milking me until my balls run dry. 

Finally, we slow to a stop, our chests heaving and skin sheened in sweat. 

“Preston,” she breathes, looking with those big brown eyes up at me. Her breasts are pushed together, glistening with exertion.  “That was wonderful,” she sighs. 

“Good,” I growl.  “Because you deserve it, honey.  But you know that I always want a second act, right?  So turn over baby girl.  Show me that tight pink asshole because that’s where I want to go next.”

Carolyn’s eyes go wide, but then with a giggle, she lifts herself up and manages to hoist herself onto her hands and knees.  Her big belly is gently cushioned on the mattress, but like a filthy slut, she reaches back to pull her white cheeks apart with both hands.

“This is for you, Daddy,” she moans invitingly while meeting my eyes.  “It’s all for you, Mr. Cahill.”

A growl escapes my chest as I take in my gorgeous, sexy, slutty fiancée.  How did I get so lucky?  All I know is that I can’t wait to marry Carolyn in order to keep her with me forever.




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