Bonus Scene - Claiming His Babysitter



Five years later.

“You’re beautiful Natalie,” Morgan murmurs as his lips wrap around my nipple before beginning a delicious suck.  I moan because it feels incredible.  I just gave birth to our third child, but the requisite three months have passed, and now my husband’s desperate to put his dick in my pussy.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you?” I murmur, stroking my hands through that thick black hair.

He merely grunts and sucks harder before pulling off with a pop while licking his lips.

“Yeah, and you’re still expressing milk,” he groans.  “It’s so fucking hot and sweet.”

I giggle because my man occasionally likes to drink my breast milk.  I know it’s kinky and weird, but it’s actually very sensual too, and I love it.  Trust me, having a man suck from your tit feels nothing like having a baby there, and it adds a bit of eroticism and nastiness to our sex life that I adore.

But Morgan’s desperate to be in me, and he stands quickly, removing his belt and unbuttoning his pants.  I pause for a moment, admiring his Olympian form.  I swear, my man only gets more handsome with each year that passes, and he looks even better at forty-three than he did at thirty-eight.  His chest is wide and broad, and his shoulders solid from carrying our kids around.  Those six pack abs are visible even in the dim light of our bedroom, and I moan at the sight of his cock.  It’s huge, dripping pre-cum from the head, and the vein at the bottom pulses heavily with need.

I spread my legs wide for him in invitation before reaching down to pull my swollen lips apart, showing that glistening pink.

“Take me, Morgan,” I coo.  “This is for you.”

He pauses for a moment and looks me up and down with hungry, lustful eyes. But instead of jumping right in, my man kneels in front of me, taking both of my thighs in his thick hands.

“Oooh,” I moan, my head twisting wildly on the pillow as my husband goes to town.  “That feels good.”

He kisses up the inside of one thigh before his breath ghosts across my core, and I’m shivering in anticipation as he lifts my legs and drapes them over his shoulders.  Then, the big male looks up at me one more time through his lashes before he smirks and slips his fingers down to my little hole, probing gently.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he moans.  “Like a virgin.”

He’s gentle as he stretches me, slipping his finger inside, and I’m panting with need at how slow he’s going. “Please Morgan, I need you inside me!” I beg while twisting my nipples.  “Mmm, please!”

His finger starts moving faster, and after moment he adds a second thick digit in. He’s holding my waist steady as I buck with pleasure, moaning up a storm.  His fingers are so big, and they feel so good, not to mention the obscene sucking sound that rings throughout the room as he finger-fucks me. I can’t even imagine what his cock is going to be like!

But then without warning, I feel his lips on my clit and then he’s licking and sucking me into oblivion.  Orgasm overtakes me with a cry as white light flashes before my eyes.  My back arches convulsively, and my pussy spasms hard on his digits, almost breaking them in half.  But Morgan doesn’t stop.  He finger fucks me through the climax, and then coaxes me into a second orgasm before my first has even finished.

I’m trembling as finally, his fingers slow before he pulls them out from my gleaming folds.  Then, he leans down to give my pussy one last long swipe with his tongue, and I shudder. Without him inside, I start to feel empty and I’m whimpering as he pulls my shaking legs off of his shoulders.

“Please,” I beg.  “Oh God, please.”

Those blue eyes flash.

“God can’t help you now, Natalie.  You know that.”

But instead of fucking me deep, the handsome attorney moves up beside my head and taps the tip of his dripping cock against my pout.  I open my lips immediately, and suck with delight while wrapping my small fists around the length.  I run my hands up and down that massive shaft a few times as he moans and bucks against me.

“Fuck,” he gasps, looking down at my oral fixation.  “Oh shit!”

Continuing to suck, I look up at his blazing blue eyes while moving up and down his shaft, making small mewls of pleasure.  This time, it’s Morgan’s turn to fly off the handle.  His hand is in my hair guiding me, but after a minute he pulls back from me and cups my chin in his hand at my whimpers of protest.  I open my mouth again, trying to catch his cock between my lips, but he backs out of the way.

“Keep that up and I won’t be able to fuck that delicious pussy. Lie back down and spread your legs,” he commands in a rough voice.  I’m shaking as I quickly follow his orders, and my husband settles himself in between my thighs. His thick cock is resting against my core, and I’m shivering with anticipation. “Is this what you want, you filthy slut?” he whispers as he rubs his cock up and down my slit.  My juices coat his shaft and I can almost already feel it inside. 

“Yes, oh yes, please!” I moan, and finally, Morgan enters me in one thrust. I gasp at the sudden fullness, already stuffed to the brim, but then his arms are around me, crushing me against him.

“You can take it,” he rasps in my ear.  “I know your cunt likes getting fucked by big cock.”

My fingers are digging into his back as he slowly pulls out of me, and I whimper against his ear once before he thrusts back in, filling me up once more. I’m gasping for breath as Morgan moans something in my ear while kissing my neck feverishly, and soon we find a rhythm. His hand moves to my ass to reposition my body, and my legs wrap around his waist to draw him closer.

“Oooh,” I moan, my eyes rolling up into the back of my head.  “Fuck yes!”

Morgan starts slamming into me harder than I ever thought I could handle, and I’m clinging to his broad form for dear life.  Then he pulls away from my neck and crashes his lips against mine as his hips start to lose their rhythm.

“Fuck Natalie, you’re so tight! You feel so good, I can’t...” His words trail off and my head falls back as he hits the perfect spot.  After a moment, I’m seeing stars as another orgasm blackens my world.

“Ahhh!” I scream.  “Oh fuck!  Yeah, fuck me hard!”

My pussy clenches around his cock, and that pushes my husband over the edge.  Morgan stiffens for a moment, and then slams back in so hard that I feel like my teeth are going to be knocked out of my mouth.  A moment later, hot semen spurts into my interior, spraying me with blast after blast of virile seed.  My man pumps furiously, working himself through the storm as he roars with pleasure. 

“Fuck!” he rages.  “Shit, this pussy was made for cock!”

We churn for a few more minutes, crying and moaning our ecstasy to the stars.  Then, our climaxes finally begin to decline and Morgan collapses on me, panting with exertion.

“You okay, big boy?” I coo.  “That was quite a workout.”

He grins, balancing on his hands to look down on me.

“It was a workout,” he agrees.  “But I haven’t worked out all of you yet, sweet girl.  You know that I’ll be taking your ass tonight, right?  In fact, now would be a good time.”

I giggle as he pulls out, his cock gleaming and wet in the low lights.  Then he flips me over and spits on my backdoor before massaging my anal pleats.  The pucker contracts as I moan, desire already coursing through my veins.

“Oh Daddy, you treat me so well,” I whisper brokenly into the pillow.  “You always fuck me so good.”

“I do,” Morgan rasps, his breath hot on the back of my neck.  “And I intend to fuck you until the end of your days, baby girl.”

I gasp again as he shafts that length deep into my anus, but after a moment, I sigh with bliss because this is how things were meant to be.  Me, accommodating my man in all three holes as he sates himself using my body.  After all, I was built for Morgan Aston in every way, and I adore my role in life as wife, partner, and lover to the handsome man.




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