Bonus Scene - My Not-So-Innocent Babysitter



“Oh my god, careful!” I whine breathlessly.  “You know that hooking my ankles behind my ears isn’t exactly the easiest position to get into.”

Brad merely grins, flashing white teeth.

“Of course not, honey.  But have you been doing those stretches and yoga moves from that video?  You know the one that we bought from that porn website?”

I giggle because both Brad and I like to watch porn, but it doesn’t stop there.  We also regularly purchase toys, videos, and comic books, not to mention all sorts of dirty accoutrements that enhance our love life.  We’re disgusting together, but I don’t mind because it keeps our sex life spicy.

“You mean the Yoga for Couples DVD?” I ask in a sweet tone as Brad continues to help me stretch my leg over my head.  “That one?  Actually, you’re supposed to be doing a couple moves yourself.  It’s partner-led yoga, so my question is:  have you been practicing?”

My lover doesn’t even bother to lie.

“No,” Brad growls in a low voice before hooking my left ankle behind my neck.  “But I have been watching another video that’s sure to make you scream, honey.  You’re going to love it.”

I pretend to be angry as he reaches for my right leg, pushing my foot up so that it points straight up at the ceiling before beginning to bend it back towards my head.

“You mean, you haven’t been practicing?  All this hullabaloo about me practicing, and you haven’t done your share?”

My boyfriend just winks at me, his huge shaft trailing gently across my tummy as he hooks my right foot behind my neck, putting me into full-pretzel position.

“No, I’ve been practicing, just in a different way,” Brad purrs, leaning back for a moment to survey me with satisfaction.  “Perfect.  You always look so obscene nude and stretched out like this, Pais, and I love it.  Now, wink your asshole at me.”

I giggle because now, both of my legs tucked behind my ears.  It’s a crazy position, but it does wonders for our sex life because my pussy and ass are totally exposed.  In fact, my pussy lips have even split open on their own, revealing my glossy pink interior and hard, two-inch long clit which practically waves in the air with need.  But first things first.  Tittering again, I do as the handsome man asks and flex my anus at him, watching as his cock stiffens and begins to drip from the head, desperate to get into me.

“Yes, put it in, Daddy,” I say in a coy tone, flexing my back pucker once more.  “Cram it into my ass.”

Brad growls, those blue eyes bright. 

“Sure will, honey,” he rasps before reaching for the extra-thick lube we keep especially for this purpose.  He rubs some onto that massive shaft, my mouth going dry as I watch the veins pulse.  Then, he leans forward to spit on my pussy, watching with satisfaction as the warm saliva rolls down my folds and into my pink wrinkles.

“There we go,” Brad rasps before notching his penis at my back door.  “Take a deep breath, baby girl, because you’re about to be buttfucked deep.”

I let out a gasp as the head of his dick breaches my entrance and grab onto my ankles for dear life.  Oh shit!  I’ve taken Brad’s cock into my ass countless times now, and yet it always surprises me with its length and girth.

“Unnnnnh,” is my helpless wail.  “Oh oh oh!”

“That’s right,” Brad grinds out, staring at where his giant hammer sinks into my tiny hole.  “Fuck, you look so good getting reamed in the ass, Pais.  It never fails to turn me on.”

Then, he slides in all the way, me still stuck in pretzel position as that monstrous horse cock reaches all the way to my GI tract.

“Oh,” I gasp again, unable to move.  “Mmm.”

By now, Brad’s beginning to breathe hard, his abs flexing and thighs clenching as he moves in and out of my dark space.

“Fuck,” he grunts breathlessly.  “Oh shit, Paisley, your ass feels so good.  Squeeze it, honey.  Make me feel how tight your butthole is.”

The dirty words should gross me out, but instead they turn me on, and I clamp my anal walls down on his huge dick.

“Like this, Daddy?”

Brad’s face is contorted with pleasure now, his handsome features prominent and strained.

“Yes,” he rasps.  “Fuck, yeah.”

Then, the pounding picks up the pace as the movement of his hips becomes brutal.  My boyfriend’s pistoning into me now like a giant machine, his huge hammer forcing its way into my backside again and again.  My breasts bobble and shake in time to his thrusts, and Brad leans down to suckle one into his mouth.

“Oh!” I cry out, my vision beginning to blur as hot jolts shoot straight from my nipple to my cunt.  “Oh shit!”

Suddenly, I soar over the cliff as my pussy and ass convulse violently.  The world explodes before my eyes and I scream, my ass clamping and squeezing Brad’s cock in rhythmic pulses.


My gorgeous boyfriend can’t take it anymore either.  Brad pauses for a moment, and then drives once more into my asshole, his cumshoot pulsing with power.  Hot reams of virile semen splash into my asshole, coating me with viscous seed as I scream again, loving the sensation.

“Fuck yeah,” the dark man rasps, groaning as his balls shoot rapturously.  “Oh shit.”

He dumps gallons of cream into my asshole, overfilling me with hot, sticky jism.  But after he’s done, Brad doesn’t just pull out and leave me dripping.  Instead, the dirty man pulls out, watching with pleasure as some of the seed deposited in my anus rises to the top before trickling out.  Then he leans forward and presses a kiss to my back door before looking up.

“You know that video I was watching?  Well, now you’re going to see me felch your asshole, honey.”

With that, he slurps semen from my bottom, gently licking the rim before pushing his tongue in to scoop out trickles of the manly fluid.

“Oh my god!” I exclaim, titillated and excited by the filth going on in my anus.  “Oh!”

Brad merely groans before smiling and looking at me again.

“I love all of you, Paisley,” he moans before dipping his tongue in my bottom again.  “And I always will.”

With that, truer words of adoration were never spoken because how many men will do ass to mouth?  But my boyfriend is one for the ages, and I know that Brad Landry’s always good for his word.




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