Five Years Later - The Clients



Five years later.

“I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get to the altar,” I whisper as I twirl in my wedding dress before my handsome fiancés.  “Didn’t you propose to me almost five years ago?”

“We did,” nods Gabriel, his hot blue eyes taking in my curvy form with appreciation.  The dress is white lace and very demure.  The neckline is high, with long sleeves and a long train, but there’s a daring open back that shows off my creamy skin.

“Five years almost to this day, in fact,” adds Tom, skimming his hands lightly up my curvy hips to circle my waist.  “But sweetheart, it was worth it.  You’ve been pregnant almost non-stop since our proposal, and our family is everything to us.”

I giggle because it’s true.  After slipping the diamond on my finger, Tom and Gabriel set out to get me pregnant.  Now, in addition to Emerald, we have Everly, Eva, Esau, and Esther.  We’ve had four babies in five years, and I swear that my uterus can’t hold another.

“But now, we’re all done right?” I murmur with a smile.  “We have five kids, and we just bought that mansion with six bedrooms up in Connecticut.  We can’t have another one.  We wouldn’t have space!”

My two fiancés merely growl deep in their throats.  Gabe and Tom look so handsome in their black tuxedos, their bronze skin highlighted by the white of their dress shirts.  We have about half an hour before the wedding begins, and we snuck away from our various attendants for some private time before the organ starts playing.

After all, what matters is our love for one another.  Although we’ve been together for years now, Tom, Gabe and I have a special bond that not many others enjoy.  I fulfill my men, and they fulfill me too.  Now, Gabe leans close, his hands trailing over my curvy hips while Tom breathes in my ear.

“Sweetheart, we want you,” he says hoarsely.

I giggle.

“Not now!” I say, playfully swatting their hands away.  “We’re about to get married!  We have a church full of guests waiting, not to mention the fact that my bridesmaids are probably going insane right now wondering where we are.  Your groomsmen too!”

But my gorgeous fiancés won’t be deterred.  They merely surround me in the small space, and sure enough, Gabe begins to undo the buttons at my hips.

“We have enough time,” he whispers into my ear.  “We only need five minutes with your beautiful body, sweetheart, and then we’ll be done.”

With that, he slips the dress from my shoulders.  The ivory lace pools on the floor at my feet, and I’m left in nothing but my lacy white bra and panties, paired with sheer, gossamer thigh-high stockings and white stilettos.

“Fuck,” groans Gabe, his blue eyes roving over my curvy form.  “You become more beautiful every year, sweetheart.”

I giggle a bit as he helps me off with my bra.  Meanwhile, Tom skims a large finger over my pussy, stopping to circle my nub through the lace of my panties. 

“Oooh,” I moan, my head falling back as my eyes drift shut.  “But I’m about thirty pounds heavier than when you first met me.  That’s what being pregnant five times will do to you.”

The handsome billionaires merely lean in to nuzzle me again.  Gabe takes one of my nipples between his lips and sucks, which makes me shiver.  I gush hotly and cry out, and Tom groans as he licks my cunt.

“You’re gorgeous, Michelle, and even if you put on a hundred pounds, we’d be game.  Do that again,” Tom instructs his brother.  “She gets drenched when you suck her tits.”

Gabe goes at it even harder, and fluids flow from my pretty pussy to spill onto Tom’s tongue.  He swallows heavily, enjoying my nectar, before standing to release himself.  As always, my men don’t do anything halfway.  Their huge staffs are out and utterly rigid, the veins already pulsing with need.

“Oh my,” I gasp, my eyes going wide.  “I don’t know …”

“Yes, you can,” Gabe whispers in my ear.  “And you will.”

With that, Tom slips into my pussy, the huge length making me scream and wail.  I’m stretched so hard by his thickness and my little cunt convulses, trying to adjust.

“That’s right,” he hisses while lifting me up so that I can hook my feet around his waist.  “Take it all, pretty baby.”

Then, Gabe comes up behind me.  He spits, rubbing the fluid all over his cock, and then I feel that enormous head probing my back hole.

“Oh my god!” I moan.  “But the wedding!”

“But the wedding nothing,” Gabe whispers into my ear as his shaft begins its penetration.  “I want my bride walking down the aisle with my seed dripping from her ass, limping from being stretched hard.  That’s what a satisfied bride looks like.”

I squeal again, almost delirious with pleasure.  Am I really getting double dicked right now, airtight and stuffed full?  Evidently so, because my two fiancés are moaning and straining, easing their massive shafts into my little holes in tandem.  One moves forward as the other moves out, so that I’m always crammed with dick.  It feels good, and my breasts bobble as I take the two hard lengths.

“Yes,” I moan with pleasure.  “Use me as your fuck toy.  Fuck me, daddies.  Put it in my ass and pussy.  I love it.”

The two men increase the speed of their thrusts then.  Tom is hitting my cervix with every push inside, while Gabe’s cramming my asshole full with that huge staff.  I’m crying out now, unable to control the volume of my moans.  My nipples tingle even as Tom reaches down to pinch my clit hard.

“Ooohhh!” is my ecstatic howl.  “Fuuuuck!”

My pussy spasms, contracting on Tom’s shaft buried within my womanhood.  Not only that, but my ass ring squeezes, and Gabe lets out a loud growl as he erupts.

“Fuck!” he curses breathlessly.  “Oh shit!”

Hot seed jets into my bowels, filling my butt with sperm.  Meanwhile, Tom releases too, lowering his head to my breast as his cock twitches and sprays in my female channel.

“Mmmph!” he growls, tonguing my nipple.  “Fuck!”

My fiancés have a lot to give, and my body keeps pumping them until their ball sacks are dry.  When they finally pull out, two hot streams of sperm gush from my secret spots to hit the floor with a splat.  I gasp, looking down.

“Oh my god, can you get me a paper towel?” I ask.  “Or maybe a napkin?  I need to clean myself up.”

But my two men merely smile deviously, showing off those movie star grins.

“No, sweetheart, didn’t you hear me earlier?” Gabriel asks.  “I want you walking down the aisle with your asshole dripping semen.”

“Same here,” adds Tom with a wicked grin.  “I want my seed leaking from your pussy while you wear that virginal white gown.”

I look up at them, my eyes shocked.

“I can’t believe you’re so bad,” I say in a whisper.  “We’ll be in front of all our friends and family!  In front of a priest even!”

But my two fiancés merely lean forward to press ravenous kisses to my nipples before helping me on with my wedding gown again.

“It’ll be fine,” winks Gabe.

“It’s our little secret,” adds Tom, his handsome face creasing with a smile.

And then, I giggle because this is exactly what I want from my husbands.  I signed up for a life of adventure when I agreed to be sold to them, and it’s been one adventure after another for years now.  Walking down the aisle with their semen leaking from my body?  Well, it’s only the most recent bit of naughtiness and I laugh again.  This is our life, and I love it, no matter what anyone says.

Finally, I’m all done up and ready to go.  Gabe gently places the veil on my head, and Tom hands me my flowers, which fortunately remain uncrushed after our sensual escapade.

“Pretty as a picture,” one brother remarks with a wink.

“No one will ever know,” the other one adds, and with that, I take their hands in my own.  These billionaire brothers are mine, and now, we are to become husbands and wife … forever.




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