Bonus Scene - Two for the Win



Hunter and Trig are currently nude, their bronzed bodies glistening in the low lights.  Two horse cocks wave hello at me, and I moan with anticipation, my pussy going moist.

“Oh my,” is my breathless gasp.  “I can’t wait.”

Trig winks at me.

“Yes, but we’re working on Hunter tonight, remember?  After all, we plug you full all the time, Rae.”

It’s true.  My men and I are constantly engaged in depravity, and I get their cocks in my holes on a nightly, if not hourly, basis.  But Hunter and Trig like to be penetrated too, and in this case, Hunter expressed a desire to be doubly taken.

“How will a double penetration work for a man?” I asked in a puzzled voice.  “In your asshole and in your …?”

My handsome stepfather grins.

“In my mouth of course.”

“Yes, but I don’t have a cock,” I say, still bewildered.  “What should I do?  Put my fingers into your ass?”

Don’t get me wrong because I enjoy fingering my lovers’ buttholes and I do it on a regular basis, in addition to licking, sucking, and kissing those taboo spots.  But I wasn’t sure exactly what Hunter was asking until he came home the next night with a surprise.

“Here you go, sweetheart,” he said, handing me the gift.  I opened the brown paper package, and inside was an unmarked box that yielded a strap-on with a pink cock that had to be at least nine inches long, not to mention being girthy and thick.  I began to laugh then.

“Are you serious, Hunter?  You want me to use this on you?  In your butt?”

But my stepdad wasn’t put off.  “Yeah definitely, sweetheart.  I already take Trig in my ass and he’s ten inches, so this isn’t going to be a problem.  It’s pegging at its very best because I’m getting it from the woman I love, while the man I adore is cramming his shaft into my mouth.”

With that, my pussy began to ache and we decided to try it out immediately.  Now, Hunter lies back on the bed, his thick thighs spread wide and that massive cock already erect and pressed up against his chiseled abs like a huge club.

“Mmm,” Trig hums, gently stroking over the tip and rubbing the pre-ejaculate into Hunter’s sensitive foreskin.  “You ready for this, big boy?”

My two handsome lovers share a heated kiss as I strap the fake penis to my waist, before getting on my knees between Hunter’s thighs.  Then, my lover lifts his legs and winks his asshole at me, the brown pucker so tiny and yet already lubed in anticipation of what’s to come.

“I’m ready,” my stepdad says in a throaty hum, blue eyes glinting.  “Give it to me, sweetheart.”

With that, I point the head of the monster dildo at the handsome man’s ass and begin to push.  His eyes go wide even as he holds his knees up and back to assist in the penetration.

“Oh fuck,” Hunter groans, harsh streaks appearing on those high cheekbones.  “Shit!”

“That’s enough out of you,” Trig rasps beside him, standing so that his cock taps against Hunter’s cheek.  “Now suck, pretty boy.”

Obediently, my stepdad opens his mouth and within seconds, he’s got Trig’s enormous man meat buried between his lips.  My boyfriend’s fingers run through that charcoal hair, caressing Hunter’s skull while bringing his mouth mercilessly down towards the root of his shaft.

“I know you can do it,” Trig says in a hoarse tone, forcing Hunter’s mouth down inch by inch.  “Oh yeah, you love being crammed full.”

Meanwhile, I push deeper into Hunter’s ass, making the huge man jerk with surprise before relaxing his anal canal in an effort to get it in deeper.

“That’s right,” I croon.  “You look amazing with this huge cock jammed in your butthole, Daddy.  It turns me on.”

It’s true too because I love engaging in the utmost depravity with my two men.  Our relationship is partially built on our physical connection, and it only seems to get better with time.  As a result, I work the dildo deeper into my stepfather’s ass while twisting my nipples, my big boobies bouncing as I begin a steady rhythm between his buttocks.

“Ohhh yeah,” I moan again, watching as his pink rim stretches.  “You like being pegged, don’t you?”

Of course, Hunter can’t respond, but Trig does it for him while stroking the older man’s cheek.

“He does,” Trig growls.  “His mouth tightened on me with that deep shaft you gave him just now.”

“Then I’ll do it again,” I giggle, pushing hard into Hunter’s anus again.  The older man’s eyes fly open with shock and a gurgling sound comes out of his mouth, but Trig merely closes his eyes and presses even further down Hunter’s throat. 

“Fuck yeah, the sucking gets intense when you thrust into him like that,” Trig moans.  “More.”

With that, we descend into a frenzy of unmitigated fucking.  I’m giving Hunter a deep pound in the anus while stroking my nipples, while Hunter sucks Trig’s cock.  We watch as Hunter’s dick bobs in the air before I reach down and begin squeezing the veiny shaft with one small hand.  That does it.  The excitement is too much and my stepdad begins to come within the sleeve of my fist, gurgling and moaning on Trig’s hardness.

“Mmmph,” he chokes out.  “Unnnnph.”

Meanwhile, I come as well.  With one last well-timed thrust into Hunter’s ass, I erupt in a wail of ecstasy, tossing my head back while grinding my clit into the soft plastic of the strap-on. 

“Oooh!” I scream.  “Oh yes!”

Then it’s Trig’s turn.  The handsome man puts both hands on Hunter’s skull and basically slams Hunter’s head down on his shaft so that his lips touch his pelvis before letting out a roar of pleasure.

“Fuck yeah!” Trig bellows.  “Shit, shit, shit!”

As I watch, seed pulses into Hunter’s mouth.  My stepdad swallows as much as he can while his own cock sprays all over his chest, but there’s too much and milky male ejaculate begins to trickle from the corners of his mouth before dripping down his chin.

“Ummm,” Hunter moans with ecstasy, his eyes closed as he drinks down Trig’s seed.  “Mmm.”

Meanwhile, I giggle breathlessly while pulling the dildo out of Hunter’s ass.  As expected, the rim of his anus stays gaped from my relentless pounding and ever the dirty girl, I reach up to trail one finger through the cum covering Hunter’s six pack abs.  Then I run my fingers over his gaping asshole before pushing inside and making sure that the semen goes up his rectum.

“It’s your own seed, Daddy,” I murmur with a wicked smile.  “But I know you like it because we always play dirty.”

Hunter and Trig merely return my smile because my words are true.  Our menage began because of an intense physical attraction for one another, and it’s only deepened and intensified as our relationship moves forward.  How did I get so lucky?  I have no idea, but my heart soars each time I share another filthy session with Hunter and Trig.




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