Bonus Scene - 2 Obsessed With The Brat



I never know exactly what to expect because the truth is that MMF bisexual love is relatively new to me.  Of course, my men and I have sex all the time, yet Hunter and Alex surprise me still.

Then again, seeing gorgeous men service one another is an incredible turn-on.  I love watching two muscular alpha males sucking each other’s dicks or even taking each other in the ass.  It’s titillating to see Alex or Hunter straining, as another man’s cock worms its way up their asshole.  Even worse, sometimes I like to fondle the recipient’s cock as he’s being penetrated, so that his shaft is stimulated as he gets his back-end crammed full. 

In fact, I’m watching as my men enjoy each other right now.  Hunter has Alex in his lap, and both men are sitting upright in a chair with Alex facing away from our stepfather.  It’s a sturdy chair, obviously, and one the men specifically purchased for this purpose.  After all, man on man sex can get really rough with a degree of heavy pounding that doesn’t happen when a woman is involved.  As a result, this chair is reinforced.  Not only does it have four legs, but there are also heavy-duty steel bars welding the legs to one another, and the seat is a wide, comfortable, but most of all sturdy, brown cushion that’s neither too hard nor too soft.

“Sit on it,” Hunter whispers in Alex’s ear as my stepbrother throws his head back.  Both men are fully nude and I watch with appreciation as Alex raises himself as my stepdad points his dick at my stepbrother’s tiny, puckered anus.  Hunter’s length is veiny and throbbing, and I can see how the pre-cum’s already dripping copiously along his shaft, coating his balls and lubing it up for action.

“Oh shit,” Alex groans as the blunt tip of Hunter’s cock brushes against his asshole.  “Fuck fuck fuck.”

Hunter merely presses a worshipful kiss to Alex’s shoulder as he watches my stepbrother from below.

“You can do it, sweetheart,” he rasps.  “You’ve done it before.  You can take hot cock in your tiny asshole.  Breathe out and it’ll be fine.”

I watch with avid eyes as Alex obeys.  The younger man takes a deep breath, and then throws his black head back, closing his eyes.  Then he begins pushing down on Hunter’s cock, straining with the effort, as his asshole parts.  The rim stretches almost painfully, and both men let out low groans as Alex begins sliding down our stepfather’s throbbing meat.

“Ohhhhh,” Alex moans as he’s spread and taken.  “Oh shit.”

“You’re doing great,” Hunter says in a strained voice in back of him.  “Fuck, you’re tight.”

Pretty soon, my stepfather is balls deep in my stepbrother, and it’s a rancid sight.  Alex’s anus is stretched viciously by the massive monster buried within.  Not only that, but I can see two sets of heavy balls dangling, both of them churning with seed as the men begin to move.

“Fuuuuck,” Alex gasps as Hunter pulls out before pushing back in.  “You’re so big.  I never get used to it.”

“I know, baby boy,” Hunter rasps, pressing another kiss to Alex’s shoulder.  “But you’re doing so well taking it.  Having you in this position turns me on so much.”

My pussy’s dripping as I watch the men move, and I let out a small whimper of desire as Hunter’s fuckpole continues shuttling in and out of Alex’s ass.  But the noise disturbs them, and suddenly there are two sets of blue eyes looking at me.

“Baby, do you want to join us?” Hunter growls as he continues to pump.  “We could use a vag here, or maybe another asshole.”

“Give us your back door, sweetheart,” Alex adds breathily as he gets pistoned from below.  “That would be hot.”

Obediently, I move towards the men and climb into Alex’s lap, facing them.  I lock lips first with my stepbrother, and then my stepfather, enjoying the masculine taste of their lips.  Then, I reach down and swipe the tip of Alex’s dick, catching his pre-cum on my fingers before smearing the fluid all over my taut, waiting asshole.

“Put it in, Daddy,” I coo.  “My anus is ready.”

Alex grins almost sadistically as he aims his cock at my waiting pucker.

“Good,” he grunts.  “Because it’s coming.”

Then, Hunter gives him a particularly solid pound from behind, making him moan.  The force of the movement pushes Alex’s shaft forwards, and before I realize it, his dick tip has entered my back door.

“Unnnh!” I cry out, throwing my head back.  “Oh oh oh!”

Hunter growls with pleasure beneath us.

“There’s nothing like a double anal session to get things going,” he rasps.  “Oh shit!”

I can only guess what’s happened.  Alex has probably tightened his anal walls on our father’s dick, and I can feel, rather than sense, Hunter’s orgasm approaching.  Harsh streaks appear on the older man’s cheekbones, and his hands grip Alex’s rib cage, holding tight as his thrusting becomes frenetic.

“Oh shit,” he breathes.  “Oh shit, oh shit.  Fuuuuuuck!”

Suddenly, Hunter bursts beneath my brother, his penis pumping as his cumshoot pulses.  Hot streams of semen erupt inside my stepbrother, filling Alex with male seed as both men cry out.

“Unnnnh!” Alex wails.  “Oh shit!”

Suddenly, the dick in my ass erupts too, and I get a stream of semen inside my anus, painting me with the filthy white.  It feels hot, raunchy, and altogether wrong. 

“Oh my,” I pant.  “Unnnh.”

But the men aren’t done yet.  As they come, they pull their dicks out, still spurting sperm.  Then, they point their dickheads at my pussy and ass and begin coming all over my clenching holes.  Warm streams of cum bathe my private parts, and the sight is rancid.  I have two huge cocks, both of which were buried in different anuses not two seconds ago, unloading gallons of virile sperm on my hungry holes.

The dirty sight puts me over the top, and suddenly, climax erupts in my belly.

“Ahhhhh!” I wail.  “Oh oh oh!”

Stars burst before my eyes as I scream and pant, unable to control my body as my back arches, and my pussy and ass shudder.  Alex reaches down to stimulate my clit, and the solid rub enhances the experience, making me come even harder.

“Yes, come,” he hisses, his blue eyes fixed on my features.  “Come hard for us, Elle.”

I shriek again as Hunter reaches forward to pull and tug at my nipples, both men caressing my curves as I soar over the peak, screaming so loud that I’m sure our neighbors can hear.  But nobody cares.  Instead, Hunter and Alex continue to stroke and caress me, seeing me through this incredible orgasm.

Finally, the tsunami passes and I open my eyes, totally stunned.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Hunter chuckles in a low voice.  “We weren’t sure there for a second.”

“Did I pass out?” I mewl in a soft voice, slightly embarrassed.  “Oh my god.”

“You did, honey,” Alex growls.  “We had to hold you up because otherwise, you would have fallen onto the floor.”

Belatedly, I look down and see four huge, masculine hands circling my waist and back.  The embrace is firm, and makes me feel incredibly safe.  I smile as my men, even as my holes drip with their seed.

“Well, thank you, Hunter and Alex.  I wouldn’t want to become a puddle on the ground, even if it did feel amazing.”

“No problem,” my stepfather rasps, giving my waist a squeeze.

“We’re always happy to be of service,” Alex adds with a mischievous wink.  “Now how about sitting that pretty asshole down on my cock to squeeze out the last few drops of sperm?  What do you say?”

“And my cock next,” Hunter grinds out, his shaft already stiffening again.  “I want to be totally empty before we start again.”

With that, I giggle and position my bottom for another anal reaming because being with these two men is what I love … and what I deserve.




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