Bonus Scene - Shared By My Ex's Friends



I giggle while staring at my boyfriends. 

“I have to say I’m very tempted by what Tamara North does at the casino,” I purr.  “It’s been so long since I’ve worked the high rollers room.”

Brent and Hunter stare at me.

“Yeah, but isn’t your life better now, honey?  Besides, you’re about to pop with our baby.”

I merely giggle again, tossing my brown curls over one shoulder before shooting them a coy look.

“Of course it is,” I coo.  “But it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, right?  Come on, let’s try it,” I say.  “We don’t have to go to the Corinthian, but how about that new bar downtown called the Blind Tiger?  The one where it’s really dark inside.  No one will know.”

My boyfriends stare at me, their blue eyes bright.

“You must be shitting me,” Hunter growls in a low voice.  “You’re pregnant.  You’ll be the only pregnant woman at the bar.”

“Plus, are you proposing to sit on our dicks in public?” Brent asks in a wondering voice.  “Shit baby, this pregnancy is making you horny as fuck, isn’t it?”

I merely giggle while lifting my skirt and turning around.  My red thong is buried dirtily between my ass cheeks, and the truth is that my ass is even bigger than usual because of my gravid form.  I wiggle my rear end at them, making the cheeks jounce, and my two men groan, already going hard.  But then I drop my skirt and whirl around once more.

“Come on, big boys,” I purr.  “Let’s have some fun.”

* * *

Thirty minutes later, we’re at the Blind Tiger in downtown Vegas.  It’s a new joint, but it was designed to feel old, and as a result, the lighting’s dim, the furniture creaky, and the crowd a little rough around the edges.  This isn’t a bunch of glossy, twenty somethings with shellacked hair and designer clothes.  Instead, this is a crowd of hot people looking to get raunchy, which is exactly our thing.

I sidle over to the edge of the bar, where it’s dark and relatively quiet, save for the jangling country music of course.

“Come on, boys,” I invite.  “Take a seat.”

Hunter and Brent follow me, seating themselves on stools and of course, I immediately clamber into Hunter’s lap.  I’m huge, so he has to scoot back a bit on the chair so that my belly doesn’t get squashed, but I merely wriggle in his lap and shoot him a coy look.

“Tight quarters, hm?”

“Fuck yeah,” he growls in my ear, one big hand already on my thigh.

The bartender comes over at that moment, his eyes taking in our unorthodox seating arrangements.  But he doesn’t say anything and merely nods.

“What can I get you?”

Quickly, my handsome boyfriends order two beers, while I just stick with OJ.  After the drinks are served, the bartender leaves again and I turn to Hunter with a naughty look.  Licking my lips, I reach one hand down to discreetly tug at my thong, baring my holes to him before wriggling gently on that huge erection.

“Pull it out and put it in, big boy,” I whisper.

Sure enough, Hunter pops out in a second and the size of that shaft has my eyes going wide.  But we don’t waste a moment, and my man puts two hands on my waist and helps lift me up in order to notch my pussy at his dripping tip.  Then, I slide down, my head tilting back and eyes closing while sinking down on his enormous fuckrod. 

“Oh shit!” I breathe.  “You’re so big!”

“I know, baby,” he rasps.  “But you’re taking it so good.”

Soon, I’m pumping slow and steady on my man as he groans beneath me, his eyes shut tight.

“You feel so good, baby,” Hunter moans in my ear.  “Fuck your pussy was made for this.”

“Twelve o’clock,” Brent interjects in a lazy voice.  “The bartender’s coming back.”

But it’s too late because my man has already summited the cliff and with a bitten off curse, he ejaculates deep in my waiting hole.

“Mmm!” I cry out blissfully, savoring the feel of warm seed hitting my ovaries.  “Unh, yeah!”

The bartender sees us, obviously in the throes of lust, and halts in place.  Then, he slowly turns and strides away again, which suits us just fine because there’s more to be done.  After Hunter’s finished draining his balls, I lift myself off his cock and shimmy straight into Brent’s lap.

“Oh fuck, you’re dripping,” Brent growls hoarsely in my ear.  “You got a huge load, didn’t you?”

“I did, Daddy,” I giggle while reaching down to drag my fingers through the sticky semen.  “But it’s the best kind of lube because look, my ass is ready for you now.”

It’s true because I’ve caught a handful of Hunter’s semen in my palm, and I’m stroking it over my back pleats now.  Then I lift my rear end a bit, showing Brent the tight pink drum of my anus.

“Put it in, big boy,” I moan headily.  “I want it.”

Brent wastes no time at all.  Within seconds, the head of his cock has breached my asshole and I let out a small shriek, unable to help myself.

“Ooh!” is my scream.  “Oh shit!”

“Shhh,” Hunter hums next to us, using his big body to shield us from view.  “Give it to her hard, Brent.”

My boyfriend doesn’t hesitate one bit.  He circles those big hands around my narrow waist, holding me in place while growling his pleasure.

“Just stay still, baby girl,” he rasps.  “Let me fuck up into you and enjoy this tight ass.”

With that, the drill begins.  Soon, Brent’s fucking my ass like a piston, my white cheeks jouncing and a series of unintelligible moans emanating from my throat as I’m claimed in my bottom.

“Oooh,” I moan.  “Unh unh unh.”

“Yeah, you like it, huh?” Brent grinds out.  “Fuck, milk me with your asshole, sweetheart.  Really squeeze that butthole tight and make my cock suffer.”

I do as asked, and Brent flies off the handle then.  He grunts, his dick jerks once in me hard, and then my rectum is flooded with massive spurts of virile sperm.

“Oooh!” I cry out as my pussy and anus spasm with pleasure.  “Yes!”

“Fuck!” Brent rasps into my ear.  “Oh SHIT!”

Finally, our climaxes taper off a bit and I giggle, shifting on his still hard cock in my asshole.

“Are you ready for round two, boys?” I mewl.  “After all, I don’t think anyone minds.  Even if they see, they won’t say anything.”

Both Brent and Hunter’s blue eyes gleam.

“You’re fucked up, you know that, sweetheart?  Seriously,” Brent growls.

“Yeah, but I’m fucked up in a good way,” I coo.  “In exactly the way you like.”

“So true,” Hunter rasps, already reaching for his cock again.  “So let’s get on it, little girl.  This shaft wants a piece of that buttfuck right now.”

With a giggle, I’m back in his lap as he gives it to me deep in my anus … and I love it so much because now that we’re committed, I know it will never stop.




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