Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood

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Dr. Feelgood is alpha AF with a deep, growly voice, a giant stethoscope and a bedside manner that makes me want more.

Summer’s the sweetest thing to ever step into my exam room.  She was hit by a car, but at the hands of a skilled physical therapist, even the most unlikely paraplegics can learn to walk again.

After all, my nickname’s Dr. Feelgood for a reason.

They say that I’ve got talented hands …

… and a talented something else too.

If a woman isn’t shaking and screaming by the end of our physical therapy sessions, then I’m the one who’s come up short.

It’s a good thing I give a hundred and ten percent to my job every single day because when Summer Ames is wheeled in for the first time, there’s only one thing on my mind:

Walk to me, sweetheart.

Run to me, baby.

I can make you feel so good …

  that you never stop coming again and again.

This alpha AF, possessive male is worth every steamy session at the gym because he works miracles on the patients in his care.  Strap yourself in for a mouthwatering ride and let yourself enjoy the exam.  Reader beware.  You might want your own stethoscope for a dose of fun.

As always, my books end with an HEA, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.