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I’ve never had an “O” but my growly, gorgeous doctor says he can help me by doing “Face Time.”

I must be the only twenty-five-year old woman who’s never had a big “O” before. 

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it because it feels like a liability when I go out on dates.

But Dr. Brett Northing says he can help me using a technique called “Face Time.”

It’s not what you think.

Face Time isn’t a messaging app where you can give yourself cute bunny ears and big eyes.

Nor is it “face time” in the corporate sense where employees hang out at the office for management to see.

Instead, it’s a very personal type of face time …

… that always ends with a big “O”!

I went completely bonkers when Dr. Northing told me about his methods.  Is he insane?  You could go to jail for this!  But my physician is absolutely gorgeous with tattoos running up his sculpted arms, lips that were made to be kissed, and thick, powerful thighs.  He says he’s ready to do the honors whenever I feel the need

But am I ready to give it all to my handsome, hunky doctor?

If you like your men growly, possessive, and ready to CLAIM, then you’ll love Dr. Brett Northing.  He doesn’t have an MD, but he has something else that makes female patients very, very happy.  Reader beware:  not responsible for renewed interest in Face Time after devouring this book.