Boss of My Panties

Boss of My Panties

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I sell lingerie on line, just tiny little scraps of lace.

And now, my boss wants more than just my panties.

I like to call myself an entrepreneur.  Most of the kids I went to high school with went off to college, but I stayed behind and started my own business selling lingerie.

But not just any lingerie.

I sell scraps of lace so naughty that they would make your cheeks blush.  See-through, filmy, and so tiny that they’re not much more than a piece of floss sometimes.

Not just that, but the lingerie isn’t exactly new.

Because I’ve worn them, and the buyers are looking for that “special something” as part of the sale.

It’s not wrong.

It’s not against the law.

It’s just smart and entrepreneurial, is what I like to say.

But then he shows up on the scene.  Bruce Lockhart says he wants to buy my business.  What?  Why would a man want to get into this line of work?

But the boss wants what he wants, and now that he’s literally OWNS my panties, how can I say no?

In this book you’ll find:

A drop-dead gorgeous CEO

A sassy curvy girl

Over-the-top filth

Insta-love that moves faster than lightning

Lingerie, lingerie, and more lingerie!