Daddy's Christmas Gift

Daddy's Christmas Gift

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 I have a special present for Daddy this year ... a secret baby!

I’ve had a crush on Professor Moore for ages. He’s incredibly handsome, with a chiseled body, a square jaw, and blazing blue eyes that make me melt.

Unfortunately, I’m just another student to him. No one special until …

… I stop by office hours one steamy afternoon!

But soon, I’m expecting Professor Moore’s baby. He never wanted this because what happened between us was just a one-time thing.

It’s illicit and taboo and he’ll lose his position at the university if it gets out that I’ve had his child.

But now, his son looks just like him, with the same crystal-clear blue eyes and thick chestnut hair.

Will the hunky professor ever find out about his son?

Or will this Daddy miss his Christmas baby altogether?

Happy Holidays! Professor Moore is just the kind of man to steam up the windows during the Christmas season. Let the bells chime and the mistletoe work its magic because Aria gets her baby, but will she get her man too? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.