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Made For Them

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Which gorgeous twin is the father of my baby?

I thought I was lucky to be dating Rev Randler. He’s a handsome billionaire with oodles of money and an empire at his fingertips. So what if he treats me badly? A curvy girl like me is fortunate to be going out with someone so hot and awesome.

But then Rev humiliates me in the worst way possible.

In public too.

So I decide I want to get back at him … by dating his identical twin!

Reed Randler has always been different from his brother. He’s devastatingly gorgeous with the same black hair, chiseled jaw line, and God-like physique.

But there’s also something dangerous in those blue eyes.

Plus, he’s got a special tool in his arsenal that’s just for me.

But when I get pregnant, suddenly everything becomes confusing because which man fathered my child? I love Reed, but is his twin my real babydaddy?

You’ll fall head over heels for this saucy Valentine’s Day tale where a curvy girl gets some of her OWN at long last. Cat is feisty, fierce, and always has a comeback for our gorgeous hero with the penetrating gaze, body made of steel, and alpha OTT ways. There’s a pregnancy, an unexpected child, and of course, a perfect proposal for a satisfying HEA! No cheating and no cliffhangers, but always a happy ending with the heat level dialed up until it's smoking.