A Curvy Girl for the Cowboy

A Curvy Girl for the Cowboy

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I’m all alone on my family’s homestead.

I milk the cows, tend the garden, and feed the chickens.

But I can’t manage the property alone, so when a handsome cowboy appears out of the blue, I accept his offer of assistance.

As for payment?

I have nothing of my own … except a home, a heart, and my generous curves.


Darcy thinks I’m a penniless journeyman who goes from farm to farm, cobbling together a living.

Little does she know, but I’m an industrial billionaire who happens to want her property.

In short, I’m here for her land … and not her body.

But soon, we’re head over heels with desire and unstoppable attraction.  Darcy Fields is sweetness personified, with big brown eyes and a trusting nature. 

But what happens when she finds out about my true identity?

Even more, Darcy’s pregnant with my baby … and I won’t let her go without claiming those curves for myself!

Hold onto your horses!  This book is a follow up to A Curvy Girl for the Prince, where we reunite with Darcy, a sassy woman who’s since returned to her family farm to guard it from ruthless land barons.  But in this game of hearts, Darcy’s met her match because Ranger McLeod doesn’t just want her property … he wants the curvy girl herself!  It’s laugh out loud romance with a heavy dose of steam, and of course, a HEA for my readers.