A Curvy Girl for the Prince

A Curvy Girl for the Prince

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I know there are rumors about me.  That I use women.  That I tie them up for my so-called “training.”  That I discard them afterwards, with no thought as to their well-being.

It’s all true.

After all, not everyone can handle a Prince of Lysenia because I’m genetically different from most men.  The average guy out there has one tool … but I have two.

They’re both massive, leaking poles.

Designed to claim.

With no mercy.

And I’m looking for a curvy girl who can take it all.



I’ve heard about Prince Haakon’s anatomy.  The rumors are so wild that they couldn’t possibly be true. 

But after our prince calls for a virgin sacrifice, opportunity knocks.

He’s here …

I’m available …

and I’m eager to receive on both ends.

In other words, I’m perfect for Haakon’s filthy desires. But how do I make him choose me?

This is a follow up to The Prince and His Bodyguards.  Yes, the genetics of the Lysenian royal family are strange but altogether amazing because just like Prince Ragnar, Prince Haakon also has two massive clubs … and a forked tongue that can do wonders!  Impossible?  Not in Romancelandia!  As always, my tales contain inappropriate scenes and are not intended for sensitive readers.  HEA guaranteed.