A Week To Be Wicked

A Week To Be Wicked

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He wants me to do what?  I may be a beauty pageant winner, but that doesn’t mean that I’m sharing my body with the devilish billionaire. 

Rocky:  What people don’t realize is that beauty contests are expensive.  All the crowd sees are the glittering crowns, the shiny smiles, and the shimmery gowns.  But what they don’t realize is that all that costs a fortune, and now, I have almost nothing in my bank account.  How will I pay rent?

Fortunately, a handsome billionaire says he’ll pick up my expenses … for a sexy price, of course.

Logan Michaelson says he’ll pay for everything, so long as I attend a party on exclusive private island with him for a week.  I can read between the lines.  This isn’t a party – this is an ORGY.

Is Logan insane?!?!?  In fact, has EVERYONE gone insane?

But I need the money …

And Logan’s H-O-T too.  The billionaire’s got chiseled abs, powerful thighs, and a thick tool made of pure steel.  The truth is that the party doesn’t seem so bad now.  In fact, it sounds absolutely *delicious.*

But what happens when our week to be wicked is over?  Will the billionaire still want me although our deal is done?

Logan:  I’ve been invited to a week-long no-holds-barred orgy sponsored by a secretive group called the Circle.  I wasn’t going to bring a date, but then the new Miss Millbrook lands in my lap, destitute and desperate.  It’s perfect because this party is the perfect place to indulge in hedonism with a sassy curvy girl.  But now, Rocky wants more … and she’s getting it, if I have my way.

This is a follow-up to Backdoor of Sin, where we meet Rocky, a small-time pageant winner.  She may be a beauty queen, but that doesn’t mean she’s innocent or naïve!  No, our sassy heroine gives her man a run for his money by showing him just what an adventurous girl can do with a glittery crown on her head, and soon Logan’s begging for more!  Turn up the A/C because this story will have you panting.  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.