About My Daddies

About My Daddies

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My mom’s been married and divorced twice, but I still call both men “Daddy.”

My mom has always been really beautiful and charming.

In fact, men can’t stay away.

As a result, Vivian’s been married and divorced twice in the last few years alone.

Her first husband was Jared.

Huge.  Tall.  He’s a professional photographer with blue eyes and a sense of possession about him that makes my heart pound.

Her second husband was Vlad.

Russian.  A tycoon.  Obsessed with expensive wines, beautiful women, and the finer things in life.

Now my mom is divorced again, so what are these men to me?

My ex-stepdads?

My ex-daddies?

Or maybe something even more forbidden?

About My Daddies is a collection of taboo romances featuring growly, possessive OTT alpha males, curvy girls, and lots of pregnancies and babies!  The collection includes three standalone, full length novels and one short story.  The books are titled:  About Last Night, About This Morning, About That Evening, and About My Daddies. They don't have cliffhangers or cheating. They do have very happily ever afters and plenty of steam!