About That Evening

About That Evening

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He’s a tattoo-covered bad boy with a sly smile on those sculpted lips and firm, strong hands that make me melt.  And oh yeah, did I mention that we share a bedroom?

It’s not my fault that my best friend moved out.  Gwyneth got a once in a lifetime opportunity to go abroad, and that left me in a lurch.  I had to find a roommate fast, otherwise I was going to be out on the street with nowhere to turn.

Enter Ross Ranger.

The man’s gorgeous, with devilish blue eyes, charcoal hair and heavenly tattoos swirling up and down his forearms and chest.  One day, he tells me that one of the tattoos has a meaning …

… because he’s gotten my name drawn over his heart.


Has Ross been craving me all this time, and I didn’t know?

Suddenly, everything gets a lot more tangled because we’re bed buddies …

… but what happens if I want something more?

Our hero is H-O-T hot with sculpted muscles and tattoos to make your mouth water.  Not only that, but Ross Ranger is growly, huge and artistic too.  Reader beware.  If your Kindle spontaneously combusts, don’t say I didn’t warn you!  As always, my books end with an HEA, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.