Begging For More

Begging For More

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I was watching TV with my stepfather when suddenly, the screen went haywire.  Instead of watching a staid newscast together, we were suddenly getting an eyeful of the filthiest, nastiest p*rn!

There was a buxom blonde on screen, moaning and bouncing as a gorgeous man savored her curves.

Was the man of the house embarrassed?  Did he try to fix the TV?

Hell no!  In fact, Greg didn’t hesitate…

His nine-inch dragon came out…

Bulging with veins and dripping with filth …

And soon, I was the one moaning and bouncing in his lap!


Sure, the TV malfunctioned.  Sure, suddenly the brat and I were watching a porn flick instead of 60 Minutes.  But what Casey doesn’t know won’t kill her because I happen to be good with gadgets … and soon, she’ll have a giant gadget of mine deep inside as she begs for more!

Whew, these girls from Closter Academy are a handful!  But in this tale, our hero is also 100% certifiably insane (not to mention a total a$$hole) because Greg’s accustomed to getting what he wants and he STEALS Casey’s birth control in an attempt to get the saucy brat pregnant. What in the world?!?!  Is this really happening?  Yes, because this is Romancelandia, and we love it!  Get ready and buckle up for a wild ride because your reading journey starts HERE.  This book a follow-up to Jessa and David’s tale in Her Sensuous Journey, but all of my stories are standalones and can be read in any order.