Big Daddy To Go
Big Daddy To Go
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Big Daddy To Go

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Kane looks just like the man who broke my heart, but there’s one part of him that’s at least THREE times as big.


I was jilted at the altar.  I was embarrassed and humiliated in front of three hundred guests when my groom ran off.

So I let myself act out afterwards.  It was totally out of character, but also totally worth it.

Call it the grief speaking, or a revenge f*ck.

Because I hooked up with the next available hot guy … who happens to look exactly like my old fiancé!

Kane was supposed to be a substitute, like alcohol that numbs the pain.

But baby, alcohol can make you go up in flames.


The curvy girl swung those hips and beckoned with a pretty pout.

What red-blooded man could say no?

So we connected, on a very intimate level.

But now, Lexi says our night together was a mistake.

Our hook-up was something she did to bury her problems and make them go away.  She tells me I was used.

Hell no.  I’m not going away …

Because the curvy girl has my baby in her belly!

It’s a rom-com gone wrong when your new fling is a doppelganger for the fiancé who ran off!  Lots of laughter, lots of tears, and always a happily ever after for my readers.