Bred By The Warriors

Bred By The Warriors

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My dad, the King of Rhodes, is fighting a godawful war that’s gone on forever, and they’re running low on troops.

So he sends me, his daughter, to breed troops for him.

It’s crazy ... yet I’ve never met soldiers so gorgeous.

Stone, Thorn, and Wolf are massive and intimidating, with bulging muscles, broad chests, and swords so thick that I can’t help but get pregnant.

Even more, they fill me until I’m overflowing ... and soon, I want to be bred.


We’re soldiers.  We fight, f*ck, and drink.  It’s our way of life.

But one day, a nubile young blonde shows up on the battlefield.

What the f*ck is this?

Even crazier, Angie tells us her father the king has sent her to breed soldiers for his war.

Like I said ... what the f*ck is going on?

But my buddies and I are only too happy to meet the curvy girl’s needs ...

... because she’s not getting pregnant with just one baby ...

... instead, Angie’s going to give birth to an entire squadron!

Okay, we’ve officially lost touch with reality because who sends their daughter to be impregnated by a regiment of virile soldiers?  Sure, Angie’s fertile ... she’s young ... and she’s got some magical qualities, but still, an entire REGIMENT?  Yes, we’ve officially landed in La-La-Land, and that’s why we love this series.  Throw yourself at the mercy of the gods because anything, and I mean anything, can happen in my books.  This tale is a follow up to His XXL Magic Stick, but my books are standalones and do not need to be read in order.  Enjoy!