Forbidden Fantasies Box Set:  Books 16-20

Forbidden Fantasies Box Set: Books 16-20

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Do you like twins?  How about mouthwateringly gorgeous twins who are ready to fulfill your every fantasy?  Then this bundle is for you!  In this box set, you will get FIVE steamy books from the Forbidden Fantasies series.  The stories include:

Filthy Twin Cowboys

Filthy Twin Cops

The CEO’s Baby

The Soldier’s Baby

Filthy Twin Stepbrothers

Not only that, but also included in this bundle is the next installment of the naughty serial, My Scandalous Life.  In this episode, Ginny meets up with her powerful future father-in-law, Julian Kessell, but this is no normal afternoon tea.  Instead, Julian wants to make sure that his new daughter-in-law is “pure” on her wedding night … and he knows exactly how to test her!  Whoo-wee!  Things are getting hot, and you’ll need to fan yourself while also drinking some lemonade to stay sane!  Enjoy!

Note:  all twin stories in this bundle are MFM.  There is no MMF action, so swords do not cross!  Also, my stories are standalones, and do not need to be read in order.