Forbidden Fantasies Box Set:  Books 26-30

Forbidden Fantasies Box Set: Books 26-30

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I’m finally married!  Time to celebrate, right?

But this isn’t a regular marriage.  Instead, my new husband won’t be claiming my innocence. 

Instead, my two daddies will do the honors.

Jax is a huge lumberjack with powerful arms, thick thighs, and a chest so broad he resembles a tank.

Julian is a billionaire CEO with a lightning smile, piercing blue eyes, and a knowing look that always makes me press my thighs together with need.

Together, the man of the house and my new father-in-law are claiming my innocence … because Julian and Jax won’t let me leave the marriage bed until they’re well and done enjoying my curves!

Can you say over-the-top, insanely hot MFM menage between a sweet, sassy young woman and the two most important men in her life?  Yes, it’s wrong that Jax is the man of the house, while Julian is her new husband’s father, but that’s how we roll in this serial.  Pick up the next installment of My Scandalous Life as a part of this Forbidden Fantasies box set!  Included in this bundle are:

Pushing Her Limits

Partner in Crime

Father and Son

Dirty Little Secret

Raw and Curvy

My Scandalous Life, Part 5 (described above)

Click “Read” now to immerse yourself in a steamy, spicy romances where anything goes … because our curvy girls get exactly what they deserve and MORE!