Forbidden Fantasies Box Set:  Books 31-35

Forbidden Fantasies Box Set: Books 31-35

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Ginny Hargrove’s going on a steamy honeymoon with her new husband … and her stepdad and father-in-law. 

Come again? 

Why in the world are the two alpha males in Paris during the curvy girl’s HONEYMOON?  Yes, it’s exactly for the reasons you believe! 

Julian and Jax are in the City of Love to claim the sassy woman as their own with the most depraved acts possible.  They’re going to adore Ginny … as her new husband watches.

Are you serious? 

Yes indeed! 

It’s no holds barred fun in this episode of My Scandalous Life, so let your hair down and prepare to get wild!  Plus, in addition to the short story described above, this box set also includes FIVE full-length steamy romances!  The books in this bundle include:

Big Neighbor Daddy

Dirty Sexy Daddy

Dirty Boss Daddy

Filthy Twin Mechanics

My Stepsister’s Dad

Don’t wait!  You’ll love these tales of debauchery, depravity, and of course, lots of good old fashioned fun.  No cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my heroines.