Four in the Family

Four in the Family

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Gorgeous twin brothers + a pair of sassy twin sisters = 4 in the family


I’ve had a crush on our neighbor Jason since forever.  He’s tall, with broad shoulders, a sculpted chest, and washboard abs that make all the women in our little town drool with desire.

Too bad Jason’s 45.

Too bad that I’m still in high school.

But that’s not stopping my twin sister.  You see, Janine has been secretly dating Jason’s twin brother, Tucker.  Yes, it’s two sets of twins … who want each other.

What could possibly go wrong?



There’s no way I’m getting involved with the little girl who lives next door.  Emily’s innocent and sweet, even if her twin sister is crazier than all get-out.  You see, my brother Tucker has been dating Janine, except I wouldn’t call it “dating” exactly.  I’d call it dirty as fuck, crazier than a bat out of hell, and filthier than your dirtiest porn fantasy.  Like Emily says, it’s two sets of twins … so what could possibly go wrong?


Is this for real?  Yes indeed!  My romances keep getting more insane, and this book is no exception.  In this story, we meet Emily and Janine, sassy identical twin sisters who set their sights on the handsome identical twin brothers who live next door.  For the umpteenth time:  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  Even worse, they end up going to a naughty festival called Twin Fest where crazy shenanigans happen.  Yes, it’s a wild ride to say the least!  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and an HEA guaranteed.  This book is a follow-up to Obsessed with the Man of the House, but all of my books are standalones and may be read in any order.