Her Honey Pot

Her Honey Pot

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I fell in love with my friend’s dad and her stepdad.


I always thought my friend Jess’s dad was so hot.

Tex is big, muscular, with wide shoulders and a charming grin.  What could be better?

But Jess scoffs with disgust.  Instead, she thinks my dad is hot and proposes that we do a daddy swap.

What?  What’s that?

Jess explains.  A daddy swap is where we swap daddies for fun.  It’s no big deal.  She’ll take mine and I’ll take hers.

Except Jess actually has two daddies:  her dad, and her stepdad. 

Both Tex and Rex are huge, muscular and charming with smiles that make me melt and lassoes made of thick, bulging rope.

Her dads are both divorced now too, but I still can’t get over this idea of a daddy swap.

Are we really going to do that?

The only way to find out is to try …


Fun, filthy, and delectably sweet romance continues with the Sweet Treats series.  In this story, Marni gets to try on two different sizes to see if she can make things fit.  Not only that, but technology plays a role in the threesome’s love … in a filthily fun way.  Warning:  Swords cross but it makes the story even better!  No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.