Her Lovely Curves

Her Lovely Curves

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Robbie:  I have generous curves, and I like to share them with handsome men.  Is that wrong?  A girl’s got to sow her wild oats somehow, right? 

So I participated in an A2M party at Club Z one night ...

That’s right, a man comes and puts it in my rear ...

Before taking it out and feeding it to me!

It’s dirty.

It’s filthy.

It’s utterly insane.

But it’s even crazier when you’re doing A2M as a round robin with multiple men ... one of whom is your best friend’s dad!

Marcus:  WTF?  I knew Robbie Stanton was no angel, but I had no idea that the sassy girl would engage in a A2M merry go round.  We three dudes crowded around the young woman, dripping with need.  But was Robbie afraid?  Did she hesitate?  No, because this feisty filly likes to party ... and now, her lovely curves will serve us all!

This is a follow-up to The Measure of a Man, where we meet up with Robbie, James Stanton’s daughter.  Yes, James is now happily partnered with Tess, but his daughter is the opposite of “settled.”  Instead, Robbie’s working full time as a hostess at Club Z while offering her generous curves for all sorts of shocking parties, and the filthier, the better!  This is a book that breaks the rules of romance, so DO NOT READ if you’re easily offended.  As always, HEA guaranteed.