Her Sensuous Journey

Her Sensuous Journey

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The man of the house is a mass of contradictions. 

He loves giving me passionate kisses, but never too deep.

He gives me powerful bearhugs, but backs away when I reach for more.

We’ve even played ‘just the tip,’ but David won't go all the way.

What in the world?

How do I let David know that I’m more than ready … for his baby in my belly!


Jessa has no idea what she’s doing.  The brat invites me to chaperone her class trip to Europe, but what she doesn’t realize is that Europeans are different.  Europeans are laissez-faire, and at ease with their bodies.  Sensuality permeates their lifestyle, and even better, the age of consent is lower across the pond.  Just the tip?  Hardly, because if Jessa’s not careful … we’ll be going all the way on this sensuous journey!

This book is a follow up to My Naughty Babysitter (Mabel and Trevor’s Story).  In this tale, we’re back at Closter Academy, except this time, the girls are going on a senior trip to Lisbon!  Even better, they’re staying at a convent, and ALL the rules are going to be broken right there on sacred ground!  This book is mucho steamy, deliciously taboo, with religious themes that are wildly inaccurate.  It is not meant for sensitive readers, so DO NOT BUY if you’re easily offended!  Best of all, there’s a dirty wedding scene at the end that will have you screaming with disbelief!  Enjoy, my loyal readers, because the best is right here for your reading pleasure.