His XXL Magic Stick

His XXL Magic Stick

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It happened again.  There’s a warlock on the loose who can halt time.  Even crazier, he’s been doing the unspeakable by stopping time and then having indiscriminate s*x with pretty ladies ... while they’re frozen.

Who does this?!?!

Sure, the ladies love it and chatter non-stop about their aching sweet spots.  They say he’s HUGE, leaving them sore and creamy in the best of ways.

But still, the warlock is committing a CRIME.

So what if he’s massive size?

I have to stop him ... but first I have to try that XXL magic wand for myself!


Don’t get the wrong idea because the ladies want it.  They crave my massive stick, and pray at bedtime that I’ll come to them.

But Jorinda’s something else.

The redhead wants to stop me by offering me her creamy curves...

In fact, she’s using a love potion to “cure” me of my evil ways ...

... but not before the curvy girl gets a taste of my virile magic stick herself!

Holy mother of g*d!  Jory is lock, stock and barrel out of her mind, but that’s why we adore our heroines.  Our feisty redhead is no regular witch, that’s for sure. Instead, Jory’s taking the world by storm and that means battling an evil warlock who also happens to wield a magic wand of the XXL variety.  Will she survive?  Or will she experience sweet death by impalement?  Read and see!  This book is a follow-up to Double Centaur, but all of my books are standalones and can be read in any order.  As always, DO NOT BUY if you’re easily offended.