My Crush's Father

My Crush's Father

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My crush’s father found me locked in a closet, lush and inviting, with a bottle jammed up tight in my you-know-what!


I could hardly believe it when I was invited to Peter Forsythe’s party.  Peter’s a star lacrosse player and all-around big man on campus.  Popular boys like him never talk to curvy girls like me.

But then Peter KISSED me at the party!  Not only that, but he brought me to a closet for some privacy …

… and then locked me inside!

What the hell!?!?!

Now, the teen boy says I have to demean myself with a wine bottle before he lets me out.  Otherwise, I’m stuck in this prison forever!


I got home late from work and was disgusted.  My son had a party last night, and the mansion was trashed.

But there were weird sounds coming from my walk-in…

… and when I opened the door, there was a lush teenage girl on the floor, doing the unmentionable with a wine bottle!

What the f*ck did my son do?

Nonetheless, I’m a physician, and I knew what came next:  to examine Nicole’s secret spots … hard and unprotected, as she shivers with delight!

What in the world?  Nicole gets invited to a party, only to realize that it’s a prank.  She gets locked inside a closet by her so-called date, only to have HIS FATHER come to her rescue!  But Dr. Forsythe is no soccer dad with a huge paunch.  Instead, this powerful alpha male soon has Nicole crying out loud with ecstasy as she experiences a *real* man’s touch.  Put your seatbelts on because the ride’s about to begin!  Your hair will be on fire from the sheer heat, I promise.  This book is a follow-up to Shared by The Single Dads, but all of my stories are standalone and can be read in any order.  Enjoy!